Korean Man With a 7/3 Hairstyle

Hair parts can end up changing your overall look.

However, like many men, you probably need clarification about the best hair part for your facial structures.

Hair parts come in all shapes and sizes, there is the 5:5 part, 6:4 part and the 7:3 part.

These are classic K-pop hairstyles in the K-pop fashion and music scene daily.

The 7:3 part is a favorite among men who want to try K-pop haircuts, you can wear it up and down.

The hair part helps accentuate your jawline and makes one’s face look smaller.

It is an ideal haircut for men with round faces.

There are so many ways to style your 7:3 haircut, as we are about to find out.

4 Most Popular 7/3 Haircuts

The male grooming scene is saturated with many different hairstyles, some come and go, while others leave a lasting impression that lasts decades. The 7/3 haircut is excellent for men who like changing things occasionally.

Like most two-block haircuts, the style calls for experimenting with different parts until you find the right fit.

Here are some of the most popular 7/3 haircuts for the modern man:

Slicked Back Style

Slicked Back Style

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Slicked-back hairstyles date well over a century. However, the style gained immense popularity in the 1950s with classic styles like the pompadour.

Today, the hairstyle is loved by classy guys who are into the retro vibe and contemporary gentlemen who prefer a sophisticated hairstyle.
The hairstyle is quite versatile and can be applied to various haircuts. On top of that, it works for almost all hair types and face shapes.

You can sport either a slicked back side part, slicked back fade style or a slicked back undercut – the only limitation is your imagination.

Classic Side Part

Classic Side Part

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Nothing screams “gentleman” like the classic side part hairstyle. Sported on icons like David Beckham and Cary Grant, it is one of the few styles that have survived the test of time.

The haircut is popularly known as the classic side part haircut, but your barber or hairstylist might refer to it by a different name.
That includes a traditional cut with a side part or the businessman’s haircut. Either way, they’re referring to the same hairstyle.

Dating back to the 1910s, it is a versatile hairstyle ideal for casual and formal events.
It doesn’t take a lot to style, just a little work in the morning before you step out and you’ll have a dapper cut ready to go.

As the name suggests, the haircut relies on a side part, but there is more to it than that.
The top and the sides are cut traditionally to give the haircut its overall timeless look resulting in a short, neat style.

To achieve the look, make a side part and then comb one side over, letting the remaining hair fall naturally.
Secure the style in place with hair gel if you want a wet-look finish or hair pomade for a matte finish.

7:3 With Undercut

7:3 With Undercut

Photo @kaito_kawasaki_

If you are going for a stylish Korean Oppa, the 7:3 undercut will do. The style is typical in the K-pop scene. 
All Korean Oppas usually have a 3/7 parting where the hair is parted with a 3:7 proportion rather than a center part or the classic side part.

To stand out, get an undercut with it. It is a trendy hairstyle that makes the hair feel less baggy.
 If you consider varying the look for special occasions, use wax or pomade and twist your hair to add mini curls or a wavy feel.

To add more volume, blow-dry your hair upwards but ensure you maintain the 3/7 parting.
You can even get a Korean perm if your hair permits it.

Long Fringe Hairstyle

Asian Man With a Long Fringe Hairstyle

The fringe is one of the most popular hairstyles for the modern man. It has transitioned into various styles over the years, resulting in an endless choice for every type of man, hair length and texture.

From top fringe haircuts like the French crop to long bangs, there is a fringe hairstyle to match you and your needs.
The long fringe, in particular, is for men who don’t mind a bit of maintenance. The hairstyle puts a fresh twist on a traditional haircut.

While you may choose to go with a full fringe, doing so means having an extra length that might impair your vision.
Instead, you better sweep the hair to one side or fan it into an angular bang.

What Exactly Represents a 7/3 Hairstyle

The 7/3 hairstyle is a popular style in the K-pop scene. It features bangs parted either on the side or at the center, best done in a 3:7 ratio, hence the name. The long fringe is necessary for this hairstyle, but so is some level of hair texture and volume.

In other words, you’ll require perm and decent hairstyling skills.

Different Hair Parting for Guys

There are several hair parts that you can go for when you need to change your overall look.

They include but are not limited to the following:

5:5 part

This is a style typical in the K-pop scene. It is an ideal hairstyle for fashionable men who want to add that all-important touch to complete a great outfit.

6:4 part

The part is a little off-center, thus giving off a soft and natural vibe. It is the most popular and the easiest to pull off since it suits all face shapes.

7:3 part

This is a versatile hairstyle that you can either wear up or down. It is perfect for men with round face shapes.
At the same time, the 7:3 part helps accentuate your jawline features and makes a long face appear smaller.

How to Style and Maintain 7/3 Hairstyles

Here is how you style and maintain a 7/3 haircut:

Step 1 – Choose the best style

First things first, ensure your hair has the proper density and thickness. The 7/3 hairstyle requires some parting, which won’t look good if you have thin hair.

Step 2 – Crucial styling tips

One of the unique things about a 7/3 haircut is that you require a perm. Once you have your perm in place it isn’t complicated finessing the look at home. Start applying hairstyling mousse, ensuring the hair is damp before doing so.

Blow dry it in the opposite direction of where you want it to fall to create volume and shape, and add definition to the fringe with light hair wax. Finish off with an appropriate hairspray.

Step 3 – Maintain your chosen hairstyle

Maintaining your 7/3 haircut means ensuring that the hair volume and texture are top-class. 
Therefore, maintain the perm as you go. If you want to change things, use the best hair highlights for men to add color.

Step 4 – Best products to use

You must apply an appropriate hair perm before even styling your hair. Use a light hair wax or hair pomade to add definition to the fringe after parting. To finish off the look, use quality hairspray. You’ll also need to use natural hair shampoo and conditioner for ongoing maintenance.


How much do barbers charge for a 7/3 haircut?

Haircut prices vary depending on where you are and the experience of the barber. On average you can expect barbers to charge between $20 to $30 for a 7/3 haircut or any haircut for that matter. Of course, there are places where you might get it at an even lower price.

How long does a 7/3 haircut last?

Depending on your hair growth rate, a 7/3 haircut can last between 6 to 8 weeks.

How often should a 7/3 haircut be performed?

You can perform a 7/3 haircut every few weeks, depending on how fast your hair grows.

What type of hair is best suited for a 7/3 haircut?

The best hair type for a 7/3 haircut is one with significant length and volume.

How do I know if a 7/3 haircut is right for me?

The 7/3 haircut is ideal for men with round face shapes, but it works for any face shape, it just depends on your particular style.

What are some alternative haircuts to a 7/3?

Some great alternatives are the 5:5 haircut or the 6:4 hair part.

Where can I get a 7/3 haircut?

You can get a 7/3 haircut at any barber shop if your barber knows how to do it. At the same time, if you have the right tools, you can get your haircut home, saving you the barber fees you would have incurred.

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