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25 Most Popular Zayn Malik Haircuts

The former One Direction singer, Zayn Malik, has always been seen as a rebel, and his hairstyles show it.

Here are 25 of his most popular haircuts:

Textured Layers

This is among the current styles that Zayn wears. This shaggy haircut may look messy when you first see it, but the multiple layers and textures make it quite chic and versatile.

Blonde Buzz Cut

When Zayn got a blonde-dyed buzz cut, his fans did not know what to feel about it. However, because this new look framed his face and exquisite facial features nicely, his fans quickly liked it.

Zayn Malik’s Short Spikes Haircut

This is the hairstyle that he originally wore during his One Direction days. You can already tell back then that he had quite a wild side to him, and it is one of the things that endeared him to many people.

Wavy and Spiky

In this Zayn Malik haircut, you can see that he got his lower sides trimmed without touching the back. It was the style he wore in 2022 during a group performance.

Zayn’s Swept Back Medium Hair

This is yet again one of the hairstyles that Zayn used to wear regularly during his boy band days. He grew his hair to a medium length, then brushed it up and held it in place using hair products.

Shaggy Haircut

This is the quintessential Zayn Malik hairstyle. The perpetually messy hairstyle is a good fit for Zayn, who has a bad boy image.

Quiff Hairstyle

This is the hairstyle that Zayn usually sports during the awards season. If you have medium-length hair, you can copy this style by styling your hair and holding it using wax or gel.

Light Purple Short Hair

This quirky and playful hairstyle Zayn used not too long ago. The color is relatively light and you wouldn’t notice it that much unless you look closely.

Comb-Over Fade Haircut

This short comb-over style provides a lot of contrast between the tops and the sides of the head. If you want to copy this Zayn Malik style, you need to grow out your hair a bit on the top and have the sides cut to a high taper.

Zayn Malik’s Crew Cut Hair

This classic haircut will never go out of style. When Zayn sported it, the crew cut immediately received renewed fervor.

Bald Fade Hairstyle

With this style, Zayn kept the top of his hair quite long. However, you will also notice the sides being cut with a bald fade. This is a clean yet very stylized haircut.

Zayn Malik With a Messy Bald Fade Haircut Wearing Sunglasses

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Zayn Malik Punk and Cute Hairstyle

Reminiscent of the punk hairstyles of the 80s, this Zayn hairstyle got a modern touch. It is a very endearing and charming style that many would like to mimic.

Half Taper Silver Hair

With this, Zayn kept the hair on top long and dyed ash silver. He also kept the sides tapered thin. Meanwhile, he kept the back long, like a mullet.

Short Layered Haircut

With this haircut, the sides are cut with a thin taper. The top is then cut with multiple layers to give it a lot of texture.

Malik’s Undercut

Zayn kept the top of his hair long, but the sides were styled with an undercut and a high taper.

Two Colored Hair

By now, you can probably tell that Zayn likes to change his hair color quite often. There was a time when he sported two-tone hair and it looked great on him.

Yellow Buzz

Zayn loves his buzz cuts and he also loves coloring his hair. He combined these two in one with his yellow buzz cut. This is not bleached blonde hair. He colored his hair a flat canary yellow and pulled it off.

Zayn’s Icy Blue Hair

Zayn has almost collected all the rainbow colors, and he came one step closer when he got one of the famous blue hairstyles for men. It is like an updated version of the frosted tips from the 2000s.

Curly Hairstyle

Zayn has naturally curly hair. This is even more visible when he grows his hair and lets it hang down naturally. Even if he cuts it relatively short, the curls still look great on him.

Pink Zayn Malik’s Hairstyle

If you want to show off your playful side, take a page out of Zayn’s style book. Get a medium buzz cut and dye your hair a pastel pink color.

Pink hairstyles can be challenging to pull off. However, if you have the same facial features as Zayn does, it is almost effortless.

Zayn Malik With Pink Hair

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Icy Blonde

Zayn Malik is not just all about the wild, crazy hair colors. Sometimes, he also chooses some of the “traditional” hair colors. For instance, the stretch where he sported icy blonde trendy hair highlights was memorable.

Side Swept Medium Hairstyle

The former One Direction singer does not always messily style his hair. There are several times when he styles his coif neatly. One example is when he grew his hair and styled it in a side-swept manner for the red carpet.

Blonde Highlights

Sometimes, Zayn likes to keep his hair colors on the tamer side. He wants to add subtle blonde highlights to his medium-length hair to give the illusion of more volume.

Head Tattoo

In the ultimate form of self-expression, Zayn had the side of his head tattooed with a mandala. He wore a sharp bald fade to showcase it better.

Zayn has always been a fan of tattoos, so having the side of his head tattooed should not come as a surprise. He could always grow the sides of his hair to cover up the tattoo if he wanted.

Hair Band

Sometimes, Zayn would not have time to style his hair when he went out. These days, he would wear a wide headband to keep his hair under control.

How to Get and Maintain Zayn Malik Hairstyles

Step 1 – Pick the most suitable Zayn Malik hairstyle for you

Remember that he has worn dozens of different hairstyles, so you must be specific when telling your barber what you want. First, do you even have the same hair type as Zayn to pull off his look? If you think you do, choose a hairstyle you want to emulate.

Step 2 – Use hair styling products

Most of Zayn’s hairstyles involve styling the hair into a quiff, so you will need a good-quality brush and hairdryer. Also, expect to spend a lot of time just styling your hair, as it takes a while to get it styled up.

Step 3 – Use the appropriate hair care products

Zayn’s hair is always luscious and never dry, no matter how often he dyes it because he uses the right hair care products to keep it healthy. This means you at least need to use a good quality hair shampoo and conditioner.

Also, do not use hair styling products that are too harsh. Speaking of hair care products, if you want to emulate Zayn’s thick crown, use hair volumizing hair products. If your hair is nourished correctly and you don’t wash it too often, you will make it look shinier and healthier.


What is Zayn Malik’s haircut called?

Zayn has worn many different textured haircuts during his career, so attributing just one hairstyle to him might be difficult. However, if you are pertaining to his hair during his One Direction days, you might think of the medium-length textured curly undercut.

Does Zayn Malik have thick hair?

Due to his Pakistani bloodline, Zayn has naturally thick and curly hair. His scalp is not highly visible, even when he sports a closely cropped hairdo.

Is Zayn’s hair curly?

Yes, due to his East Asian blood, Zayn’s hair is naturally curly and wavy. On certain occasions, he does have his hair curled up a bit more.

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