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Blue hair is fun. It grabs eyeballs, it’s a bit punk and it announces your arrival wherever you go. And the best part might be that no matter your gender, this could be your color if you know what you’re doing.

12 Best Blue Hairstyles for Men

We look at 12 styles that go great with different hairstyles that suit men.

Disconnected Undercut

This is more about the shock value and both white and bold blue are excellent choices for this unique look. It needs some maintenance because the roots are blue.

Dark Blue With Black Beard

Check out the darker shades if you have a beard and want to go for blue. But make sure the sideburns are mixed with the blue for coherence. And also, get a premium beard balm.

Side Swept Undercut

This one is for those who want to keep it bold but easy to color and style. The undercut will keep the sides short and the top has the blue dye.

Midnight Blue and Short Cut

It’s a terrific color and is close to black unless you look closely. So, you’re not a distraction, but those who have their eye on you will undoubtedly pick up on your style choice.

Super Curly

Since curls bring depth and volume, this is a fun color. You want to keep the sides short and the roots black. The top is where the blue goes.

Man Bun With Beard

This will need some upkeep, but it’s worth it. Man bun makes room for a lot of fun and must be paired with a beard.

Dark Undercut With Beard

This style is for those who want to keep maintenance to a minimum. The tapered undercut makes that possible but also gives depth to your head. And make sure the beard blends in.

Spiky Blue Mess

If you have a fohawk, spike the top and add a splash of color and product like a gentle hair tonic. Also, look up ‘world’s best hairspray for men’ for ideas. It will make you unique and add volume to your look too.

Young Man Wearing Spiky Blue Mohawk Hairstyle

Undercut Fade With Blue Spikes

Another option for those who like spikes is to couple it with a fade on the sides and the color is bright blue. It’s fun and will get you attention. If you have scalp problems, look for effective natural DHT blockers.

Aqua Blue Top With Bald Fade

This is a great color for those who have the confidence to pull it off. Keep the bald fade high and the top hair long. Hair gel is an excellent option if you want volume. You should also look at waxes but remember that optimal usage of hair wax is key.

Long Blue Locks With Dark Roots

This is an easy hairstyle for blue hair. Make sure the hair grows long and tuck it behind your ears. The roots will also be colored, so you’ll need to keep tabs. If you want to tie it up, get an affordable hair clay.

Pompadour Fade

And finally, icy white is the color for a pompadour. It will be in the front and the sides will be faded.

How to Choose the Best Hair Dye


This one is one coating of color that is easily washable when you’re done. That means it’s a good choice for a short time. It takes only a couple of hours to put it on and you can remove it at the end of the night.


How long this one lasts depends on the brand. So, you must read the description on the label. They can last anywhere from many weeks to about two months. If it comes in a tube, you might have to mix it before applying it.

Avoid chemicals like PPD, peroxide and ammonia because they are harsh. And always do a patch test for allergic reactions.

Man With a Blue Hair Wearing a Hood

What Are Blue Hairstyles For Men

It’s not very complicated. It’s just dyeing your hair in shades of blue. There are various short hairstyles for men that suit this hair dye and a few long hairstyles too in many shades. Let’s look at all that.

How to Get and Style Bule Hairstyle at Home

Step 1 – Patch test

About 24 hours before you plan to dye your hair, apply a little bit to an area like the elbow that’s easy to hide to ensure you don’t react. If there’s inflammation or soreness, try a different brand.

Step 2 – Strand test

Apply it to about half an inch of your hair. If it’s not good, you can always cut the strip off. This works better if you have long hair. There’s no other way with a semi-permanent dye because it will last at least a few weeks.

Step 3 – Wash hair

If the strand test was a success, wash your hair with a gentle shampoo and skip the conditioner. Once it’s dry, apply the color.

Step 4 – Apply the dye

Read the instructions on the package to see if you need to mix it. Put on some gloves and get started. You might need a tray and a brush to mix it. Do that using the brush end, not the bristles. After that, apply the dye with the gloves still on and wait.

Step 5 – Wash and rinse

Wait for about 40 minutes (or whatever the package says) while the dye settles in and then wash your hair. Check the package and see for how long you should rinse it. Use lukewarm water until the water runs clear. And it’s done.

Quick Tips on How to Make It Last Longer

If you’re only dealing with temporary dyes, there isn’t much to do. But otherwise, you can do a few things to keep it on a little longer. Here’s what.

  • Use a shampoo that doesn’t have sulfates and try to shower in cold water.
  • Add a little bit of the dye to a conditioner free of sulfate. This will counteract the fading and brighten the color after a shower.
  • Don’t do heat styling treatments if you can. This makes color fade quicker. It applies to blow dryers too, but if you have to use them, keep it on low.


What does blue hair fade into?

Interestingly, it goes into a light green shade. So, you want to think hard about that before you dye your hair blue.

Businessman With Short Blue Hair and Glasses

Do you have to bleach first before dying your hair into blue?

Not really. But if you do, your blue color will be more prominent. Check out bleached hairstyles for men so that you can work it out when the blue starts to fade.

How long does the blue dye last?

If you use temporary dye, it can last from a night to a few days. If it’s semi-permanent, that’ll be a few weeks to 2 months.

What can you wear with blue hair?

Any shade of blue clothes. But also blue cufflinks, ties and Oxford shirts are good choices.


Blue can be a tricky color for working individuals. But if knowing what styles are unprofessional can go a long way in helping you blend this eclectic color into your work life. And now you know where to begin. Good luck and have fun.

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