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Tom Brady is an absolute legend of the sport.

He is one of the greatest football players that has ever lived and one who will be remembered as an all-time great.

At the age of 40-something, he left the New England Patriots and won another title with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers is astounding.

We are lucky enough to live in the same era as he does, as we can witness greatness first-hand.

With all the titles, MVP awards, touchdown passes, and stats, we tend to forget how stylish he is.

Tom Brady Haircut: 13 Amazing NFL Hairstyle IdeasWhen Tom takes off his helmet, there is something to behold.

He is exceptionally attractive and can pull off some fabulous-looking hairstyles even at the age of 45.

Since Brady’s sports achievements are very much documented, we are here to talk a bit more about his style and how it has changed, improved, and developed over the years.

13 Most Popular Tom Brady Haircuts

Tom Brady has won the number 12 short all his life.

Today, we are going one step further and bringing you 13 of the most famous styles that look truly amazing on him:

Mid-Parted Long Hair

Tom Brady had long hair during his younger days, both with the Patriots and during his college days. He made it work with a classic mid-part and had all kinds of surfer-boy vibes to him.

Butch Cut

As an NFL player, you expect somebody to look many and serious. Tom Brady does have some boyish charms, but his chiseled chin is where his appeal lies. His facial features help him pull off a butch cut, which is not that different from a military-style haircut.

Side-Parted Comb Over

Tom Brady does not shy away from a modern side-part haircut. It is a look that is more appropriate for his current age and does may him look like an all-American hero, which he truly is to most football fans.

Brush Up Style

Tightening things up is what Brady does. He can provide passes with laser precision and his mind is as sharp as a ninja showed. It is also how he treats his hair, as it looks as clean as it gets.

Crew Cut

With such beautiful hair, you would never want to see Tom Brady shave it off. At one point, he did have a stylish crew cut. He has a great head shape for it, making him look even manlier than he is if that is genuinely possible.


Tom Brady can rock an incredible quiff hairstyle. It is an all-time classic and you don’t get to see him so often with it. Once he is in for a formal occasion off the pitch, he can wear it with flying colors.

Tom Brady Applauding

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Tom Brady has also tried out a couple of popular fade hairstyles. Unfortunately, they didn’t stick by them so much. It is not quite something connected with his look but is an appearance that he can have if he wishes.


If you are wondering how to grow a mullet, you should ask Tom Brady. You would think he would never resort to such a style, but he did. And to tell you the truth, if you ever decide to go for a mullet, you should look at how Brady wears it.


The helmet style cannot look flattering on a person, especially if you are wearing an authentic helmet throughout most of your professional career. Brady could pull it off, thanks to his chin and facial features.

Classic Caesar

All age groups now wear a Caesar haircut, but in the past was something that was more associated with older gents. Brady is already getting close to retirement age, so a Caesar cut is something that he can consider. He can also quickly get a modern version of it as well.

Brady Ponytail

Brady has also rocked some of the coolest ponytail hairstyles. He didn’t have time to style everything when he had long hair. So a quick fix was a ponytail and it looked fantastic. Whether he wanted it or not, he could get some of the best ponytail looks around.

“The Dynamo”

The Dynamo style is Brady’s creation. One time he appeared at a social event dressed formally and wearing a cool haircut that nobody knew the name of.

When asked, he called it “The Dynamo.” It looked incredibly cool and only required a bit of styling and confidence to wear.

English Soccer Player

It’s called football, not soccer. People in England will disagree. If they call Brady a soccer player, they are making a mistake. He is not as skilled with his feet as his hands, and boy, can he throw a pinpoint pass at the right second.

What he can do is pull off an English soccer player look that can get him confused with the chaps getting on the plane for the next World Cup sporting an England shirt.

Bearded Tom Brady in NFL Jersey

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How to Get and Maintain Tom Brady Hairstyle

Step 1 – Go through all the styles

Analyze each one thoroughly and determine which one you want to get based on your style and personal appearance.

Step 2 – Grow out your hair a bit

What you are going to need here is a basic set of tools. If you would instead go to a barber, show them a picture of Tom Brady and he will know what to do.

Step 3 – Maintain it

Tom Brady’s hair is not so difficult to maintain, which makes it a perfect everyday look. We suggest going for regular washes, though, preferably with natural shampoo.

Step 4 – Use some hair product

As far as products go, you will want to have some hair balm close. His hairstyle does not require so much styling, so you will be able to do it without consuming many products.


Why did Tom Brady cut his hair?

His move to cut his hair was noble as he did it as a sign of support for the National Pediatric Cancer Foundation’s Cut and Color for a Cure.

Why did Tom Brady change his hair color?

Brady colored his hair red and orange to support the pediatric cancer cause; it was not any media attempt on his part.

Who did Tom Brady’s hair transplants?

There is no way of knowing who did Tom Brady’s hair transplant, nor if he did it. As reports state, Brady is all-natural and has never resorted to making such a move.

What does Tom Brady use in his hair?

Tom Brady uses quality and natural shampoos, hair balms, and water-based gels to style his hair.

What hairstyle did Tom Brady have in high school?

The best way to describe his appearance in high school is the pile of wet seaweed look.

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