Shia LaBeouf and His Many Beards

Shia LaBeouf is a popular American actor, artist, and filmmaker. He first gained popularity in his role as Louis Stevens in the Disney Channel TV series Even Stevens during the early 2000s.

His performance in the Disney Channel movie Holes also garnered him attention. Soon after, he began starring in successful feature films such as Disturbia and Transformers.

He made his directorial debut with a short film titled Let’s Love Hate and later directed another short film starring American rappers.

More recently, LaBeouf has been involved in several performance art pieces, controversies, and legal troubles.

Notable Work

LaBeouf had his career breakthrough when he starred in the thriller Disturbia in 2007.

Keeping the ball rolling, LaBeouf starred in both Transformers and Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.

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He continued to star in the rest of the Transformers franchise movies, and his status grew with them. In 2014, he starred in a war movie co-starring Brad Pitt and Logan Lerman, Fury.

He gained praise for his performance as Boyd “Bible” Swan, with critics citing that it was his first role he was able to sink in to without his image distracting or overpowering him.

He directed a few music videos for rapper Cage, and through Cage he met Kid Cudi. He went on to direct a short film starring both Cage and Cudi, called Maniac.

He also directed a music video for Kid Cudi’s song Marijuana, which was filmed at the 2010 Cannabis Cup.

Then he switched from directing music videos to starring in them. He was featured in Sigur Ros’

“Fjögur Píanó” video in 2012, in which he appeared nude. In 2015, he starred alongisde Maddie Ziegler in Sia’s video for her song “Elastic Heart.”

alongisde Maddie Ziegler in Sia’s video for her song “Elastic Heart.”

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In his latest career turn, LaBeouf submerged himself in the performance art world. Notably, he starred in a video titled #INTRODUCTIONS in conjunction with Central Saint Martins Fine Arts students.

The video was comprised of short monologues performed by LaBeouf in front of a green screen. One monologue, nicknamed “Just Do It” turned into the 2015 most searched GIF on Google.

The monologue consisted of LaBeouf screaming motivational phrases over and over again.


LaBeouf won a Daytime Emmy award for his role in Even Stevens, and was nominated for a few others for that role. He won two Teen Choice Awards for Disturbia and then a BAFTA Orange Rising Star Award later that year.

Other films LaBeouf was nominated for include Holes, Transformers, Eagle Eye, and American Honey.

Style and Facial Hair Style

LaBeouf’s style and facial hair style have become increasingly crazier as time has gone on. He has become more and more unkempt, and less sleek.

Depending on which phase of Shia’s style you identify with the most, you may also prefer a certain facial hair style.

Shia Labeouf Style and Facial Hair Style

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There are a number of famous bearded men, but Shia LaBeouf is one of the few infamously bearded men. The Shia LaBeouf beard is often scraggly and ungroomed.

Not all of his fans love it, but Mr. LaBeouf doesn’t seem to care.

He wears what he wants, even if it’s a paper bag over his head. (He did this on a Berlin red carpet.) He shaves when he wants, and doesn’t shave when he doesn’t want to.

Social structures don’t shape his life choices, and often times he goes against the norm as part of his bold, against-the-grain demeanor.

How to Grow Facial Hair Inspired by Shia LaBeouf

Shia LaBeouf has sported all beard styles, from a five o’clock shadow to gnarly neck beard to total lumberjack big beard. He’s rocked sideburns, stubble, and full facial carpet.

Depending on which look you’re hoping to achieve, there are different ways to grow that coveted facial hair. To grow a beard faster, leave the razor and trimmers in the drawer for at least 4 weeks.

How to Grow Facial Hair Inspired by Shia LaBeouf

If you’re aim is to go full-on Shia LaBeouf beard and grow a thicker beard than your average woodsman, just keep those trimmers locked away for even longer.

If you want to stay in-between, let’s say, somewhere in between the stubble shadow and neck beard, then just trim as you go in the spots you don’t want to be taken over by facial hair.

One little-known trick to growing out a faster a thicker beard is exercise! Exercise in men will increase testosterone, which supports healthy follicles and promotes hair growth.

Other tips that may help include reducing stress to maintain cortisol levels, getting plenty of sleep, improving diet and taking supplements if needed.

Grooming and Styling Tips

As the beard begins to grow, you must decide if your aim is to score as many man points as possible or to develop a polished beard look. If you’re hoping to grow it out as big and manly as possible, then do as little grooming as possible.

If you want something that looks more sculpted, grooming and trimming will help to keep you looking fresh.

Tools Needed to Maintain

When you want to stay groomed but don’t have the proper tools in your medicine cabinet, it can feel like a dead end. Stocking up on the essentials before embarking on your beard-growth journey is a good idea to ensure you’re ready to go.

Some things you may want to look into include a beard shaper, beard dye, beard combs, and beard shampoo. A new beard shaper will serve as a stencil of sorts to help get clean lines on your face when shaving or trimming.

Beard dye may come in handy if you have light hair or graying hair and wish to have a fuller, youthful look to your facial hair.

How to dye your beard is up to you; you can purchase a box of dye in the grocery store or drug store to dye it yourself, or you can go to a barbershop or hairdresser to get it dyed professionally.

The best beard combs are ones with wide enough teeth to easily run through your facial hair. You’ll want to use your comb with a beard oil to keep the hairs well conditioned, shiny, and healthy.

Lastly, just as dandruff or oil can build up on your scalp, the same can happen underneath your beard. Use a beard shampoo to keep the skin underneath clean and your beard will thank you with luscious locks.

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