Olive Oil for Beard

Olive oil is great for a lot of things.

Apart from cooking and making healthy food, it also has a number of elements that affect our bodies in a positive way.

One of the assumptions about this magic oil is that it is capable of helping our beard grow.

However, if you think that this means you can simply take a bottle of virgin olive oil and start applying it to your facial hair, hold on a second.

Things are not that easy.

There is a specific way of using olive oil for facial hair and growth and we are here to talk about it.

We will tell you how important olive oil is and if it can really help your beard look as thick and healthy as you wish it to be.

We also talk about the various ways you can apply it properly so it can have the best effect on your beard’s growth.

What Is Olive Oil for Beard

Olive oil has increased in popularity among beard lovers. The healing properties of olive oil have been known for centuries, but its usage in grooming is relatively new. We have been missing out. But not anymore. Read this outstanding guide, and you will find out everything about using olive oil for a healthy beard. Is olive oil the world’s best beard oil? Perhaps.

Benefits of Using It

Helps Beard Growth

Miracle? No, just vitamin E. Olive oil is full of vitamin E, which is remarkable for beard growth. It won’t make you a member of ZZ Top, tho. 

Beard Moisturizer

When used regularly, olive oil will make your beard shiny and soft. And not just beard. It does wonders for dry skin under your beard, too.

Helps in Preventing Dandruff

Regular usage of olive oil repairs damaged skin tissue under your beard. Combine that with olive oil’s natural anti-fungal properties, and you can kiss your dandruff goodbye!

Reduces Itchiness of Your Beard

Wanna know how to stop an itchy beard? Olive oil will soften your beard, as well as your skin. Add some lemon juice for extra vitamin C and anti-bacterial properties, and your beard will itch no more.

Easier Styling

We are all fans of beard waxes and gels. But if they are out of your reach, go for olive oil. Although not the perfect solution, it will make your beard more obedient and easy to style.

How Does Olive Oil for Beard Work

Our body usually produces all the necessary oil beneficial for our hair and skin health. But sometimes, it needs a little help. That’s where olive oil comes in as a perfect solution. Olive oil is full of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and anti-bacterial properties. We will point out the effect of vitamin E, which moisturizes your skin and beard and helps in beard growth. Not to forget three main ingredients:

  • Oleic acid
  • Palmitic acid
  • Squalene

They are called emollients. In ordinary people’s lingo, they make your beard and skin softer.

Pros and Cons


  • Natural remedy for your beard, as well as your skin.
  • Always available.
  • Cheaper solution.
  • Proven positive effect on your beard.
  • Safe, without any side effects.

Pros and Cons of Using Olive Oil for Beard


  • Shorter shelf-life than most cosmetics.
  • Not every olive oil provides the same level of protection and care.

How to Properly Apply It

Step 1 – Wash your beard thoroughly 

Use specialized beard shampoo. There is no point in applying olive oil on a dirty beard.

Step 2 – Dry by using a gentle towel

Avoid using a hair drier, as it might damage your beard.

Step 3 – Pour the desired amount of olive oil on your palms

Then, spread it out evenly on your beard.

Step 4 – Finish it

Use a premium beard brush so that the olive oil can reach every part of your facial hair.

How to Make It at Home (DIY) 

Step 1 – Prepare 1 oz of olive oil

Extra Virgin would be the best, but the usual one will also work.

Step 2 – Mix it with other oils

 Use an equal amount of jojoba oil and coconut oil. Stir, so the oils don’t separate. Add 10-12 drops of lavender oil. 

Step 3 – Pack it and storage

Pour your new, healthy beard oil into a small glass bottle. Keep your beard oil away from heat and sunlight.

Olive Oil Natural Alternatives for Beard Growth

Olive Oil Natural Alternatives for Beard Growth

Coconut Oil

Coconut oil makes your beard impressive, as it is full of fatty acids. They penetrate straight to hair follicles, stimulating and moisturizing them. Coconut oil is your savior if your facial hair looks thin. Mix coconut oil with rosemary oil for the best results.

Eucalyptus Oil

Eucalyptus oil is full of health benefits. It cleanses your blood vessels and stimulates your hair follicles for better growth. On top of that, eucalyptus oil is:

  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Anti-bacterial
  • Great against infections

Mix it with sesame oil or olive oil. 

Vitamin Intake

A healthy beard can grow only on a healthy body. Hence, you need to take vitamins in your diet, especially vitamins A, C, and E. If you want to know how to make your beard thicker, the answer lies in fruits and veggies.

Amla Oil

Amla, or Indian gooseberry, is full of nutrients that can increase the growth of your facial hair. It keeps your beard healthy, balances the pH level of your hair follicles gives your body a dose of vitamin C.

Cinnamon and Lemon

Make lemon juice and grind some cinnamon sticks. Then mix them to make a thick paste. Apply the mixture to your beard and let it work for 20 minutes. Wash with cold water after. 

Do’s and Don’ts


  • Distribute olive oil on your facial hair evenly. Leave no clumps behind.
  • Make sure your beard and skin are dry before applying olive oil.
  • Inform yourself before choosing the right electric razor or a blade. Don’t damage your beard with low-quality products.


  • Don’t overapply olive oil on your beard. Less is more.
  • Never apply olive oil directly to your beard. Use your hands.
  • Don’t stop applying beard conditioner just because you use olive oil.


FAQ About Olive Oil for Beard

Is olive oil good for your beard?

Olive oil is one of the best choices for your beard. It will make your beard look healthy, moisturized, and shiny. 

Which oil is best for the beard?

The 100% extra virgin olive oil is the best choice for your beard. No other olive oil has that amount of valuable ingredients.

Will olive oil will soften my beard?

Yes, it will. Olive oil softens your beard, as well as the skin under your beard.

Does olive oil increase beard growth? 

Olive oil is full of vitamin E, which helps in beard growth. 

Can I use extra virgin oil for my beard?

Using extra virgin olive oil is the best choice for your beard. This oil has the highest concentration of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants for your beard.

Are there any risks to using olive oil for beard?

The only risk is the feeling of oil on your beard (and face), which can sometimes be unpleasant. However, if you dilute your oil with some water, that feeling will disappear.


Olive oil is your best choice if you want to take care of your beard with natural remedies. Treat your beard with some quality oil, and watch it grow and shine like never before.

Anthony Giannotti

About the author: Anthony Giannotti

Anthony Giannotti is a senior writer and editor for Beardoholic and a licensed barber for more than 13 years. He owns 3 barbershops and has his own hair care product line that is sold in barbershops worldwide. Known for his impeccable technique and skills, Anthony is an expert in hair and beard care and he knows the best products and tools to get rid of all beard problems and have an amazing beard.

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