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Massage Luxe Price List

The Beardoholic team reached out to the Luxe team to verify and confirm their prices in December 2023. Making sure that all prices are up to date.

Service Category Member Rate Non-Member Rate
Massage (Intro/Member) $66 – $77 $105
Facials (Intro/Member) $72 – $109 $105 – $154
Facial Waxing $11 – $17 $11 – $19
Body Waxing $28 – $62 $33 – $66
Add-Ons $13 – $39
Membership Price (Monthly) $79 (First month $10)

Membership Price

You can get a Massage Luxe membership for an average monthly fee of $79. Note that during the first month, you will have to pay only $10, which is already a good starting point if you want to try this spa.

If you avail of the membership, expect it to cover most of the services in the spa, including a one-hour massage, Luxe facial, and unlimited HydroLuxe sessions every day.

Being a member also allows you to get a 15 percent discount on various Massage Luxe products and their hair removal and waxing services.


  • Intro/member rates – $66 to $77, depending on the type of massage.
  • Non-member rates – $105.


  • Intro/member rates – $72 to $109.
  • Non-member rates – $105 to $154.

Our study shows customers aren’t willing to pay more than $10 for premium beard oils.

Sure, facials aren’t the same since they require a whole treatment, which is why Massage Luxe’s loyal visitors are willing to pay a true premium price and keep coming back.

Facial Waxing Pricing

  • Member rates – $11 to $17.
  • Non-member rates – $11 to $19.

Body Waxing

  • Member rates – $28 to $62.
  • Non-member rates – $33 to $66.
Waxing in Massage Luxe Salon

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Add-Ons Price

Massage Luxe also offers many add-ons for its clients’ convenience. They have a scalp treatment that costs around $13, which is helpful in improving your scalp’s health and making your hair healthier and dealing with other issues, like frizzy hair.

Other add-on services, along with their prices, include the following:

  • Lamina lift mask – $13.
  • Papaya enzymatic – $25.
  • Opti firm eye treatment – $25.
  • Glycolic treatment – $39.


To take advantage of the services offered by this incredible spa and salon, including dealing with your ingrown facial hair, getting a massage, and taking advantage of other body and skincare treatments, visit Massage Luxe from 9 am to 9 pm, Mondays to Fridays.

It is also open every Saturday from 9 am to 8 pm and Sunday from 10 am to 6 pm.


Massage Luxe also offers their clients the products they use in their facial and spa treatments. These include the Repechage products that make use of various seaweeds as a means of drawing out toxins from your skin.

You no longer have to make your grooming and skincare products, like, for example, a DIY beard wax, since the products in Massage Luxe are suitable for your skin and body.


Massage Luxe is a famous spa brand that offers affordable massage services. You are still assured that these massage services are of top-notch quality despite being offered at reasonable prices.

Massage Luxe also has other add-on services to make their clients feel and look their best.

In general, you will be able to enjoy the following services at Massage Luxe:


The primary focus of this spa is offering massage services that help deal with all kinds of issues. The most popular offering of Massage Luxe is the Swedish massage. There is also the deep tissue massage, which many clients find highly relaxing.

Other types of massage offered by Massage Luxe are dry water massage, aromatherapy massage, hot stone massage, prenatal massage, reflexology, and trigger point and sports massage.

Massage in Luxe Salon

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In addition to massage, the spa also caters to the needs of those who need facial and skin care treatments. In this spa, you can take advantage of various facial treatments, masks, and peels.

All these treatments aim to renew the cells of your skin and enhance texture. Facials and the other skin treatments you can take advantage of at Massage Luxe also seek to eliminate various signs of aging.

Facial and Body Waxing

You will also like the many various waxing services offered by Massage Luxe. With the help of this spa, you can finally say goodbye to your unwanted hair. You can take advantage of their beard waxing or mustache wax services.

Their hair removal services also cover your entire body and face, allowing you to avail yourself of the one you truly need. Among the services you can take advantage of in this category are back hair removal, nose hair removal, and chest hair removal.

This spa even gives you the service of shaving arms and legs. This can prevent you from dealing with significant grooming mistakes since professionals will be the ones who will be doing it for you at Massage Luxe.


What is the proper amount to tip at Massage Luxe?

Like other beauty salons and spas, the most appropriate amount to tip would be around 20% of your bill. You can give more or less within that range, depending on your level of satisfaction.

Alternatives to Massage Luxe

There are many beauty salons that would be a great alternative to Massage Luxe. You can check Ultra Salon, Beach Bum, Planet Beach, Fiesta, Dashing Diva, Great Clips price list and compare their overall list of services as well as working hours.

Do they have coupons and discounts at Massage Luxe?

Yes, especially if you are a first-time customer. In that case, you will enjoy a significant discount via a coupon that you can access online. This coupon will let a first-time client enjoy an hour of massage for only $53 instead of $81.

You can also get coupons to enjoy discounts for dry water massage.

Do Massage Luxe gift cards expire?

You will be glad to know that the funds in your Massage Luxe gift certificates and gift cards will not end. This is unless you redeem it. Note, though, that you can’t save it for cash.

How much is the Renew package at Massage Luxe?

Massage Luxe has a renewal package, which you can avail of based on the following costs:

  • Eye renew treatment for $22.49.
  • Lamina lift mask for $11.49.
  • Face Lux Glyco peel for $81.99 (non-members).
  • Scalp treatment for $11.49.

How much does a Swedish massage cost at Massage Luxe?

The amount you will be paying for a Swedish massage at Massage Luxe will depend on whether or not you are a member. You will be spending around $44 per session if you are a member. Meanwhile, if you are not a member yet, the price would be $83.

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