Oh, brother, it’s Hulkamania time!

Hulk Hogan became one of the most famous WWE wrestlers of all time thanks to his unique look and awesome catchphrases.

What makes him recognizable are not just his muscles and the bandana.

The titular horseshoe mustache is what truly makes him stand out.

The Hulk Hogan mustache is not for everyone.

It’s not that you need to have the same physique as him or the fast-withed comebacks.

You simply have to have the face for it.

You can’t simply grow a Hulk Hogan mustache and think that’s it.

You need a specific strategy if you hope that things are going to pan out according to your plan.

For all of you who want to grow a mustache like Hulk Hogan, we prepared an article that holds every piece of information you need to know.

Take a detailed look and soon you’ll be growing that horseshoe stache.

Hulk Hogan’s Career and Notable Achievements

Hulk Hogan was in the wrestling business, wrestling mats, wrestling in general, long before he dealt Andre the Giant his first major blow in the match that propelled Hogan to popularity.

He performed under the American Wrestling Association from 1981 to 1983 where he engaged in a feud with AWA champ Nick Bockwinkle.

At about the same time, he also traveled to Japan to fight under New Japan Pro Wrestling, where he was given the name Ichiban.

During this time, Vincent McMahon had his sights set on making Hogan the poster boy for the World Wrestling Federation, which he had bought from his father.

Hogan won his first championship in the WWF against the Iron Sheik. It was during this time that Hulkmania and Hogan’s signature moves in the ring, were born, and before long, Hulk Hogan was a household name.

Hogan took a brief leave from the WWF after a steroid scandal but returned shortly after. He enjoyed considerable fame in the ring, fighting in several events of Clash of the Champions for several years.

After cutting ties with WWF he paired up with the World Championship Wrestling (WCW) where he created the New World Order.

After the demise of WCW in 2001, he fought in a match under the X Wrestling Federation before rejoining WWF in 2002 where he had feuds with the likes of Stone Cold Steve Austin and the Rock.

In 2015, Hogan was honored at the Madison Square Garden during the Hulk Hogan Appreciation Night, an event to commemorate his career and the historic matches that he had in the arena through the years.

Hulk Hogan’s Style

If he is not wearing his trademark red bandana and yellow shirt and ripping the latter apart in the ring, the Hulk is a regular jeans and T-shirt kind of guy.

He pairs his biker ‘stache with requisite biker garb, from the black T-shirt or popular beard Tshirts to the baggy jeans. He usually tops this ensemble off with a bandana and rectangular shades.

On summer days, Hulk can be seen on his bike donning a sleeveless biker vest.

This casual biker style is usually his go-to fashion staple of choice, whether off the ring or on official events.

Notable Hulk Hogan Saying and Quotes

1. ”Hulkamania is running wild, Brother.”

2. “Negativity and Hulkamania – 2 things that don’t go together.”

3.  “I fear no man, no beast or evil, brother”

4. “Everybody’s out there wrestling like a robot.”

5. “God created the Heavens, he created the earth! He created all the Hulkamaniacs! Then, he created a set of 24-inch pythons, brother!”

6. “When you’re NWO, you’re NWO for life.“

7.  “Well let me tell you something, brother!”

8. “Whatcha gonna do when Hulkamania destroys you?“

9. “When the giant hits the ground, he feels the wrath of Hulkamania and the whole world shakes at my feet?”

10. “Blood is thicker than New Blood Dude!”

How to Get the Hulk Hogan Horseshoe Mustache

Hulk Hogan has sported his trademark white mustache since the early days of his career.

His classic horseshoe or biker mustache is a full mustache that is allowed to grow down along the corners of lips, down the side of the mouth to the jawline, forming an inverted horseshoe.

The strip of hair going down the sides of the mouth is often referred to as the pipes

Hogan’s ‘stache is notable because he is probably one of a small handful of celebrities who sport a white mustache and he keeps his beard sharply trimmed, especially the portion above the lips.

If you have a rectangular or long, angular face, this beard can look great on you.

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If you feel like you have the face shape that can rock this style, read on to know how to get this look.

Tips for Preparation

The best way to grow this style is to grow a full beard and shape your mustache from there. If you want to speed things up you can use coconut oil for beard growth.

Coconut oil nourishes the skin and keeps it moisturized, which helps promote healthy follicles and steady growth.

It will take you a few weeks to a month to grow a full circle of facial hair but this is ample time to fill in some patchy areas.

Once your beard is full and thick enough, prep it for trimming, with a quality beard comb.

You can check out the site for advice on how to choose best beard comb that can smooth out tangles and knots in your beard with ease.

Trimming and Shaping Horseshoe Mustache

Use a good pair of beard trimmers or clippers if you want to shape your beard the right way.

Trimming and Shaping Horseshoe Mustache

If you have not bought one yet, here are top 5 beard trimmers reviewed to help you pick out the best trimmer that will serve as a good investment, especially if you want to keep this style of facial hair around for a long time.

Here is a great resource for tips on how to trim your stache.

1. First, shave off the hair on the chin. Hogan wears his chin clean-shaven and this accentuates his square-ish jaw.

2. Trim all sides at about 1/5 of an inch. Choose a longer trimmer setting for the whiskers around the mouth.

3. Use the beard trimmer to cut a straight line from the outer corner of the lips down to the chin. Then use the trimmer to cut a line from the inside of the lips down to the chin, creating the pipes.

4. Use the trimmer to trim the upper and lower edges of the mustache. Hogan keeps these trimmed sharply so make sure that they are even, especially the part over the upper lip.

5. Use your shaver to clean the cheeks, the chin and the neck to create a perfect beard neckline. A stubble beard trimmer will give you a clean-cut look that helps make the horseshoe mustache pop.

Styling and Maintenance

You need to trim your mustache from time to time to keep the length even. A small scissors can keep the bare areas neat and clean.

Wash twice a week and use a natural beard shampoo and beard oil to keep your facial hair soft and moisturized.