Rapper G-Eazy With a Platinum Blonde Comb-Over Hair

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Formally Gerald Earl Gillum, better known as G Eazy, is a famous rapper and music star who is taking everyone by storm.

With hit after hit and a collaboration with Britney Spears, it seems the sky’s the only limit for him.

G Eazy is not only talented music-wise, but he was also able to avert attention to himself with several slicked-back hairstyles that he wears to perfection.

Let’s find out what cool styles he usually wears and how you can create none.

9 Most Popular G-Eazy Haircuts

G Eazy has a few go-to looks that he usually creates. Most of them require grease and a bit of styling, but anybody can make almost all. If you want to copy him, you should consider the following ones.

Gentleman’s Slick Back

G Eazy usually goes for slick back hair, which is his favorite style. Sometimes he styles it in a gentlemen’s manner for special occasions. This one does require a lot of hair products, especially grease, as it helps to hold everything tightly together.

Undercut and Tapered Slick Back

Long hair undercuts are in style. G Eazy tapers the hair and slicks it back for a shiny and unique effect. An undercut on the sides only allows the hair’s top to become more prominent.

Side Part Undercut

G-Eazy With a Blonde Side Part Undercut Haircut Making Goofy Face

Photo @g_eazy

G Eazy has revolutionized modern side-part haircuts. He wears his hair a bit long but closer to medium length and adds a nice part making it look formal and suitable for everyday occasions. The undercut is a must and completes the entire thing together.

Platinum Blonde Comb Over

G Eazy does not shy away from dying his hair. He employed a platinum blonde color, which is very popular these days. To make it even more stylish, he styled the hair with a comb-over and truly made great work of his hair.

Lucid Green Slicked Back

To show that G Eazy can even go crazy with his hair, he decided to add a green hue at one point. Compared to the platinum blonde look, this one is not for any occasion and is more suitable for party appearances or his videos.

Messy Quiff With Coppery Highlights

This one looks quite manly, especially with a stubble beard. The messy quiff is the star of the show here and is only expanded upon with copper highlights that grace the top of the hair. Perfect when going out with celebrity friends.

Bleached Haircut With Dark Base

This one is a classic among the younger audience and is one of the chic side-swept hairstyles you often see today. The bleached hair is a fabulous addition and the dark base only puts things into greater perspective.

Buzz Cut

Given G Eazy’s excellent and strong hair, you would think that a buzz cut is something that he should never go for. However, when you see him sporting a buzz cut with a beard, you know that he can pull everything off.

Duotone Messy Pompadour

G Eazy has one of the most exciting pompadours you’ve ever seen. He messes it up and helps it look unique on its own. Adding double tones and going for contrasting colors is what makes this haircut work.

How to Get and Maintain G-Easy Hairstyles

A G Eazy style is not easy to get, but if you are skilled enough and have a good barber, you can rock any of his haircuts easily.

Rapper G-Eazy With a Messy Hair

Photo @g_eazy

Step 1 – Start by growing your hair a bit

He has mid-length hair, so you should do the same, as it will allow you to change and make appropriate styling choices.

Step 2 – Cut the sides

You need to create an undercut but not go too short. The top should be kept long so you can make a part and comb it on the sides or swipe everything back.

Step 3 – Use some products

Since this type of hair allows versatility, you can play a little with it. You can create a part or swipe everything back. Whatever you decide to do, you need a lot of grease and hair products. You can also use hair dryers for men, so it helps you stick everything together.

Step 4 – Maintain

Maintenance is easy once you know how you have to go for it. Washing your hair with an appropriate shampoo is good, but you don’t have to overdo it.

Styling your hair in the morning is a requirement and may take a bit of your time. Regular touch-ups, particularly on the sides, will be needed more than you think.


What is a G-Eazy haircut called?

G Eazy’s hair is usually referred to as a slick back or a side part, depending on how he wears it.

How do I cut my hair like G-Eazy?

You need to grow it a bit, get an undercut on the sides, and trim the top appropriately. Use some gel or grease to swipe it back or on the sides, whatever you prefer.

How to ask a barber for a G-Eazy haircut?

You should show him a picture of the hair you want or ask for a slicked-back undercut.

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