Filipino Man With Beard

Asian countries are always ahead of the rest of the world regarding cutting-edge fashion and trendy hairstyles. Ranging from unique and wild to Korean Pop trendy, Asian men’s hairstyles are made possible due to these men’s unique hair structures.

But the same cannot be said when it comes to their beards. Beard growth among men of Asian origin isn’t as fast or impressive since their beards are a bit more challenging to grow than Caucasian men’s beards. However, they are not impossible to grow.

If you want to grow a unique Asian beard or a subtle Japanese beard, you need to choose the perfect style. Filipino beards are rarely talked about because, like many Asians, most people don’t believe Filipinos can grow facial hair.

Filipino Guys and a Beard

Filipinos and beards aren’t popular topics due to their ancestry. Because of their family lineages, native Filipinos are less hairy. However, some Filipinos of Caucasian and Melanesian ancestries can grow full beards. And it isn’t just men from the Philippines who can’t grow a full beard.

Most men from Japan, China, and Vietnam go through the same issues. If you come from these countries, your chances of growing facial hair are slim.

Fortunately, a few remedies can help you improve your facial hair. Minoxidil for beard growth, Biotin, castor oil, amla oil, and a derma roller can help you grow a beard even if your ancestry puts you at a disadvantage.

7 Beard Styles to Try


The corporate beard is the next best thing if you don’t want to sport a stubble beard. The corporate beard is typically about 1/2″ to 1″ in length. The beard looks rugged and masculine but still professional enough to wear in the office.


A stubble is one of the easiest-to-maintain facial hairstyles that work for any face shape. A stubble is achieved when you stop shaving your beard for a few days resulting in what is referred to as the “5 o’clock shadow beard”.

Stubble is the next best thing if you struggle to grow facial hair. It’s easy to achieve and precisely what you need for a subtle, rugged appearance.

This is the best beard style for men with baby-shaped faces or round face shapes since it adds definition and makes the jawline look stronger.

Stubble With a Thin Mustache

When combined with a thin mustache, stubble helps draw attention to your chin and jawline. You can even keep the mustache thin but allow your stubble to grow out a bit.

Filipino Man With His Arms Crossed


The classic beard style combines a short beard on the jawline and a mustache. If you have a round face shape, the style can help balance it by making your face appear more angular.

Modern Chin Strap

The modern chin strap is popular among men with less facial hair. Chin straps don’t usually feature a mustache or a soul patch, but modern versions do. To pull off a chin strap beard, consider your face shape.

Wear a thicker chin strap if you have a wide or round face. On the other hand, if you have a thin, angular, or sharper face, then a thin chin strap will do.


If you like vintage beard styles, you can try the mustache. It’s a timeless facial hairstyle that can work with most 90s hairstyles like the flat top. But here’s the thing; a mustache is a top-heavy beard style. It’s ideal for men with square or oval face shapes.


Beards among Filipino men are rare, but goatees are not. A goatee features hairs on the chin and may be suitable for any face shape.

How to Grow and Maintain

There’s so much you can do with your beard if you want something creative. However, you don’t want to end up with some weird and funny beard styles. If you’re trying out Filipino beard styles, here’s what you need to do:

Step 1 – Choosing an appropriate style

First things first – consider your face shape. Not all Filipino beard styles will suit you. For instance, if you have a broad face, go with a thick chin strap and stubble beard, or a goatee if you have a round face shape.

Step 2 – Maintaining 

To maintain Filipino beards, keep your beard clean and trim whenever possible. Wash your beard a few times a week and apply a quality moisturizer.

You also want to ensure that you exfoliate your face now and then to remove oils, dead skin cells, dirt, and debris that could lead to acne break. Beard combs can help with this.

Step 3 – Products to use

Consider investing in products like beard wash, conditioners, and oil when growing a Filipino beard. You might also want to use minoxidil if your beard grows in patches.

Smiling Filipino Man With a Goatee


Can Filipino guys grow a beard?

Yes, Filipino men can grow beards, but their facial hair is thinner and grows slower.

How can Filipinos stimulate beard growth?

They can stimulate beard growth using minoxidil, Biotin, beard oil, or a derma roller.

Who has the best beard in the Philippines?

Jason Montinola, Carlo Maraingan, Vinnie Reyes, Klyde Jarabelo, and Joshua Cloa are a few men with some of the best beards in the Philippines.


Growing a stylish beard takes time and patience. If you are of Filipino descent, growing a full beard may even be more challenging but not impossible. Beard growth supplements like Biotin and remedies like minoxidil can help stimulate beard growth.