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What Is Dr Squatch

Dr. Squatch is a company, which focuses more on providing personal care products specifically designed for men.
The mission of the brand is to produce only those products made using natural and chemical-free ingredients.

For instance, the company’s bar soap with impressive rich lather is all-natural, making it gentle for men’s skin.

3 Best Dr. Squatch Beard Soaps (Summary)

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Image Product Details  
Best ExfoliatorDr. Squatch Pine Tar Soap
  • Pine Tar scent
  • Sustainably-sourced
  • Fesh feeling
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All-NaturalDr. Squatch Bay Rum Soap
  • Coconut oil and shea butter to nourish the skin
  • Bay Rum scent
  • Made with no grit
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Best for Normal SkinDr. Squatch Beer Soap Bar – Grapefruit IPA
  • Refreshing boost from citrus
  • Zero grit
  • Grapefruit IPA scent
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The reason for focusing on only natural, gentle, and chemical-free ingredients is to ensure that your skin will not get exposed to toxic chemicals that may cause common skin issues, such as acne, dandruff and dry skin.

What is even better about Dr. Squatch is that it offers a wide range of skin products, so expect to find the beard shampoo, bar soap, beard oil, and shampoo, among many others, here.

3 Best Dr. Squatch Beard Soaps Reviewed

1. Dr. Squatch Pine Tar Soap

Dr. Squatch offers a cold-process soap with this bar of soap. For a fresh feeling, they finished it off with a Pine Tar scent.

As for this particular soap, it has a heavy grit. This means that you’ll feel more friction and a grittier, rougher texture when you use the soap.

This can be a good thing too! After all, this scrubbing action is a great way to exfoliate your skin.

A mix of two ingredients offers this particular grit. While you cleanse your skin, sand helps to offer the exfoliation you need to scrub your skin clean.



  • Heavy grit for exfoliation
  • Pine Tar scent
  • Sustainably-sourced

  • Bar doesn’t last long

2. Dr. Squatch Bay Rum Soap

Another all-natural option, Dr. Squatch, offers this bar of soap in a Bay Rum scent. It’s best suited for use on normal-type skin.

Sometimes, you don’t want grit when you use your soap. This particular bar of soap is made with no grit.

On top of that, there are plenty of soothing ingredients in the formula as well. This includes coconut oil and shea butter that will help nourish your skin.

Dr. Squatch soaps are made to lather well too. This means that you won’t have any trouble activating the bar in the shower.



  • All-natural soap
  • Coconut oil and shea butter to nourish the skin
  • Bay Rum scent

  • Mainly geared towards the needs of normal skin types

3. Dr. Squatch Beer Soap Bar – Grapefruit IPA

A local brew inspired the scent for this Dr. Squatch soap in San Diego. The result is this Grapefruit IPA-scented soap.

This has benefits beyond a nice scent too. The citrus of the grapefruit will give you a refreshing boost when you use this soap.

This is another soap that Dr. Squatch offers that features zero grit. This way, if you don’t want to incorporate exfoliation into this part of your routine, you have options.

This is a formula that’s best suited for normal skin types. This means it may not work as well for particularly oily or dry skin.


  • Grapefruit IPA scent
  • Refreshing boost from citrus
  • Zero grit soap

  • Aimed mainly at normal skin types

Benefits of Using Dr Squatch

With the many products offered by Dr. Squatch, you may start wondering if all of them are indeed good for you.
Well, the answer is actually a yes.

Just like when you need to value the importance of exfoliating for deep pore cleansing, you also need to understand how important it is to use the right products for your skin – and Dr. Squatch can be an answer with its ability to offer the following benefits:

Doesn’t Contain Synthetic Ingredients

As mentioned earlier, Dr. Squatch focuses on manufacturing all-natural skincare products for men, which means that all of these products do not contain any harsh and synthetic ingredients.

It also means that your skin will not be able to absorb any synthetic ingredient that may reach the bloodstream triggering certain problems.

The fact that the products from this brand are all-natural also means that they won’t cause skin issues, like dryness and irritation.
You have a hundred percent guarantee that these products are safe and gentle for the skin.

Available in Various Scents

This benefit is a most likely notice in the bar soaps offered by Dr. Squatch as such products are available in eleven masculine scents.

Each soap in the brand’s collection has glycerin, along with olive and coconut oil, capable of nourishing your skin, similar to a beard oil that stimulates natural hair growth and nourishes the skin.

Since it comes in different scents, you can surely pick one that suits you the most. You will also love the fact that it has different textures and colors to choose from.


Apart from specializing in bar soaps, Dr. Squatch also offers high-quality products designed for men’s hair and beard.
Most of its haircare products for men can even be expected to offer all advantages of a high-quality conditioner and shampoo.

The shampoo of this brand, for instance, has essential vitamins that are proven effective in preventing dryness and breakage.
The products also contain a tea tree capable of cleansing your scalp without getting rid of its natural oils.

Dr. Squatch made it a point to create its men’s shampoo and conditioner in a way that you should pair them together.

Apart from adding moisture, you can also expect the ingredients used in these products to prevent breakage and dryness, boost blood flow to your scalp and ensure that your hair looks full and thick instead of thinning out and looking flat.

How Does Dr Squatch Work

How Does Dr Squatch Work

All products from Dr. Squatch tend to work gently, safely, and naturally. You can expect such a natural and gentle approach towards caring for your skin and hair as the company mainly uses natural and chemical-free ingredients.

With that, expect them to be gentle. They are not harsh on the skin. The premium beard soap offered by Dr. Squatch can even help in thickening and moisturizing your facial hair without producing harsh side effects, like dandruff and skin irritation.

Short History of Dr Squatch

Dr. Squatch started its operations around six years ago, 2015, in San Diego, California, through its founder, Jack Haldrup.
Being greatly passionate about all-natural products, Jack Haldrup built the company recognized by many men today.

His plan to build the company started when he had difficulty finding all-natural soaps specifically designed for men.
He also discovered that many men were looking for natural soaps that have masculine scents, too.

This gave way to him experimenting with various scents and ingredients. The company, Dr. Squatch, actually started on soaps and expanded as it started delivering other skincare products for men that contain only the purest and most natural ingredients.

Pros and Cons of Using Dr Squatch


  • Proven to provide products that contain only natural, non-toxic, and chemical-free ingredients.
  • Works safely even for those with susceptible skin, thanks to its pure and natural ingredients.
  • Available in various scents that fit most men’s preferences.
  • Provides a good subscription program for buyers – They offer a refund policy, too.
  • Free shipping awarded to subscribers – The free shipping is applicable for all products offered by Dr. Squatch.


  • Costlier per use compared to other competing products.
  • Delivering and shipping delays were reported by some customers.

Features of Dr Squatch

Whether you are looking for an ideal beard balm for your facial hair, a bar soap, conditioner, shampoo or any other skin and hair care product for men, Dr. Squatch will most likely be able to provide you with great options.

Before investing in any of the brand’s products, though, it helps get to know more about the specific features that make them unique.

The following are just a few of the features of Dr. Squatch products, particularly its bar soaps, that make them easily recognizable and distinguishable:

Soap Texture

One great feature that can be attributed to Dr. Squatch bar soap is related to its texture, as most of those who have already used it say that it is different from other bar soaps in the market today.

The exfoliating bar offered by Dr. Squatch has a somewhat aggressive grit or sand, which you will notice throughout it.
It produces a grippy texture, which is good as it provides tactile feedback that you are getting rid of grime and dirt from your skin.

You can expect that feel regardless if you are using it to rub on your legs, arms or stomach.


Features of Dr Squatch

Another impressive feature of this bar soap is its ability to lather well. This specific quality gained positive reception from men, particularly those who prefer soap to produce a nice and sudsy lather every time they use it for washing.

Many prefer that kind of lather as it somehow gives a visual indication that it is working the way it should.

Rinse and Color

Another noticeable feature of this soap is its darker color. This darker shade is why the water you will use in rinsing will also produce a darker color.

This specific quality is one thing that makes it totally different from other standard bar soaps, as it does not have the traditional white lather present in them.

If it is your first time using an all-natural product for your skin, as this bar soap from Dr. Squatch, do not be surprised if you see such a dark color, especially when rinsing. It is normal and indicates that the ingredients used in the product are truly pure and natural.

Scent Strength

Just like when you are very critical when choosing the most ergonomically designed straight razor that you can conveniently use, it is also highly likely that you carefully think about how strong your chosen bar soap’s scent is.

What is great about most of the soaps offered by Dr. Squatch is that they tend to smell great while being quite potent.

One thing to note about the scent’s potency is that it tends to dissipate after several hours of use. It is also highly recommended to pick a scent from the different options provided by the brand that perfectly matches the daily body cologne or spray you are using.

With that, you have an assurance that you will enjoy a generally harmonious scent profile instead of somewhat contrasting scents.

Ingredients of Dr Squatch Soap

Saponified Oils

Among the examples of this oil are olive oil, coconut oil, and sustainable palm oil. You can often find these natural ingredients in most all-natural soaps because they are also naturally moisturizing aside from having high levels of fat.

Dr. Squatch makes use of these oils when creating their natural soaps. What they do is blend the oils and lye using high heat. This can result in saponification, which refers to the process of converting fats to soap.

Shea Butter

Expect to find shea butter in the Dr. Squatch soap’s list of ingredients. It has become a famous addition to several cosmetic products nowadays because of its moisturizing capabilities brought on by its high-fat level.

Applying it topically to the skin can help in the speedier absorption of the oil. The fact that shea butter works in clearing excess oil from your skin make it a great ingredient for the soap as it can lead to the prevention of acne flare-ups.


Another ingredient used in making Dr. Squatch soap is lye, which refers to a strong alkali known for being highly soluble in water.
This specific ingredient is vital for making soap as it produces a chemical reaction that can benefit it.

Since it is caustic, lye can cause skin burns and blindness. You don’t have to worry about it, though, as lye is utilized during the saponification process. With that, you have a hundred percent assurance that the soaps produced with it as part of the ingredients are completely safe.

Ingredients of Dr Squatch Soap

Sea Salt

Sea salt is also another vital ingredient for Dr. Squatch soap. The reason behind its importance is that it works effectively as a natural exfoliant. Aside from that, it produces a creamy lather while restoring skin minerals and reducing oil production, causing acne.

Kaolin Clay

This refers to a fine white powder often used in a lot of skincare products. It does not only exfoliate the skin but also cleanses it and boosts circulation.

It has natural absorbent properties. Moreover, kaolin clay is capable of drawing oil from your skin. You will also love that it is a safe ingredient that is compatible with all types of skin.

How to Use Dr Squatch Soap

Step 1 – Wash your face

If you plan to use the bar soap from Dr. Squatch on your face during your shower, then it would be best to start here.
Wet it and ensure that it is properly rinsed before using bar soap when washing.

Step 2 – Form a nice lather

Massage the soap gently to your skin using circular movements. This should take around thirty seconds.

Step 3 – Work down on your body

Once you have covered the top (specifically, your face), you can move downwards. This will ensure that you give your body a complete rinse, promoting ease in letting the soap work on your skin.

Step 4 – Use a washcloth or your hands

Choose whatever you like. You may want to use a washcloth and apply the soap on your skin while showering.
You may also want to rub the soap directly over your skin. Another option is forming a lather in your hands first before scrubbing it directly.

Step 5 – Scrub your neck, shoulders, arms, chest and waist

Move down to both your legs and feet. Rub the front and back parts of your body, too. Rinse thoroughly.

Does More Spending Mean More Quality

When searching for the most reliable beard trimmer, your goal is to find a reasonably priced one with the quality and functionality you are hoping for. The same may also be applicable during your search for a good men’s bar soap.

However, one thing to note is that the soap from Dr. Squatch is kind of costly, especially if you intend to use it every day.
Despite that, most users say that the high cost is worth it, considering all the benefits that this all-natural bar soap can offer.

You can’t also deny how good and high-quality all products from Dr. Squatch are.

Do’s and Don’ts With Dr Squatch Soap

  • Use a loofah or washcloth for the soap. While it is okay to use the Dr. Squatch soap directly on your body, it would be more beneficial to rub a loofah or washcloth with it several times. This is what you will be using to scrub down.
    One advantage is that it tends to use less soap compared to when you scrub using your hands.
  • Rinse your body thoroughly before applying the soap. This should help in loosening up excess oils and dirt on your skin.
  • Use warm water. It should not be too hot to the point that it may cause dryness on your skin and the shorter lifespan of the soap.
  • Allow the soap to dry completely between each use. This will prevent the soap from dissolving quickly.
  • Invest in Dr. Squatch’s soap saver. Just like when you need to find the best beard scissors with the most comfortable grip that can last long, you also need to make the soap last as long as possible.
    With the brand’s soap saver, a small coaster capable of lifting the soap from the shower area’s shelf, it can let the soap breathe. It also helps it dry out, thereby lengthening its life.

FAQ About Dr Squatch

Is Dr Squatch really all-natural?

Yes. All the products from Dr. Squatch are proven to be one hundred percent natural. They use the purest and most natural ingredients, specifically those that do not have any toxins or chemicals in them. After all, being natural is the main focus of the company.

Is Dr Squatch’s soap good for your skin?

Yes, it is. Any soap made from natural ingredients is proven gentle and safe when absorbed by the skin. What is even better about these ingredients is that they can nourish your skin, plus they are known for having moisturizing and hydrating capabilities.

How long does a bar of Dr Squatch last?

FAQ About Dr Squatch

The Dr. Squatch bar soap lasts around ten showers on average. If you use it every day, then it means that you may also need to spend more on this product. Still, it is worth it since it is genuinely good and safe for the skin.

What’s the best-smelling Dr Squatch soap?

The answer to this will depend on one’s preferences. The good news is that almost all the brand’s bar soap scents receive great reviews, which means that whatever you choose, it is surely good for you.

It all boils down to what scent is suitable for your natural fragrance or the scent of the cologne, spray, other scented products you are using every day.

Specifically, your choices for Dr. Squatch bar soap’s scents are pine tar, cedar citrus, cold brew cleanse, grapefruit IPA, cool fresh aloe, nautical sage, and gold moss, among many other nice scents.

Pine tar, though, seems to receive the best reviews out of all the scents, so it may be worthwhile to try it out first.

Where can you buy Dr Squatch?

You can buy Dr. Squatch from selected third-party retailers. If you want to have an easier time shopping for the brand’s products, though, then it would be best to go online.

Is Dr Squatch expensive?

Some users find Dr. Squatch products expensive. However, most of them are willing to pay the price as they know that this brand can offer them what they need in terms of all-natural skincare products for men.

How can you cancel Dr. Squatch’s subscription?

It’s never been easier to cancel Dr. Squatch’s subscription. Just contact their support and they will do it for you.

Does Dr. Squatch make body wash?

Dr. Squatch does not have a body wash in its product line yet. It mainly focuses on bar soaps while producing another bath, grooming and skincare products for men.

However, the bar soaps offered by Dr. Squatch are proven to offer all the benefits provided by a body wash without the harsh effects of detergents and chemicals.


Dr. Squatch is indeed one of the most prominent names for natural skincare and grooming products for men. Their focus is on providing only the safest and most natural products puts the brand on top of the list of choices for those who want to improve their skin without the side effects of being exposed to synthetic and harsh ingredients.

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