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Dreadlocks hairstyles are very cool and you get to see a lot of intriguing variations all around.

Some do it by styling their locks in many intricate ways, while others decide to color them.

While you may not have seen a lot of colored dreadlocks now you will definitely start seeing them more as the trend is taking hold in recent times.

For that reason we want to tell you about the best hair color for dreadlocks.

Dyeing your hair means adding some chemicals to it which might affect it.

However, if you do it properly you stand to get a really cool look. 

The same thing goes with colored dreadlocks.

You need to be careful and make the right decisions when shaping them.

Luckily we are here to tell you all about hair color ideas to consider for your dreadlocks.

12 Best Colored Dreadlock Hairstyles

Dreadlocks are considered a trendy baddie hairstyle. A lot of girls wear them, but many also forget that coloring them is an option.

Here are a number of good ideas that you can use to color your dreadlocks and style them:

Ombré Dreads

When it comes to ombre dreads you have two ways that you can go. Use completely different colors to accentuate your hair, or use different shades of the same color.

Ombre pink hair is one of the trends that seem to be floating around, and it can be a good look at your dreads.
However, it could be a good idea to choose a color, make one half of your hair darker and the other lighter and enjoy the look.

You don’t really need to go crazy with the tones and use colors like blue, purple, orange, gray or even white.
You can get tips on styling brown hair and making it look good.

Magenta Pink

You might say that magenta pink is a little bit emo. It is so not the case. The color is trendy and its vibrant hue will make you stand out in any crowd. You have many ways to style your dreadlocks when it comes to this color and everyone can be a winner.

Burgundy Hairstyles

Natural dreads will help you achieve an extravagant look. Red dreads take things up to the extreme. However, while red is an excellent choice, we think burgundy is a much more subdued variant for dreads.

You don’t want to go too much overboard but will still get the attention that you want.

Peekaboo Locs

If you want to add a fantastic element of surprise to your look try peekaboo hairstyles. It goes well with dreadlocks and is not hard to make at all. You can incorporate more than one color choice in the mix and honestly go all out with this one.

Ginger Dreadlocks

You have to admit that you’ve never seen a ginger dreadlock girl. Brace yourself because you are going to be seeing them more and more. Ginger hair is awesome on its own and will very much revamp your style if you color the locks that way.

African American Woman With Ginger Dreadlocks

Bronze Colored Dreadlocks

You can decide to color your hair but not go too extreme. This is the case with the bronze hue that looks cool and does not change the look for you too drastically. You can even color some dreadlocks and leave the rest in its natural color.

Sunset Melt

The sunset melt combo is a very daring look. Some people think colored butterfly locs can look too extreme, but this is before seeing this one. The hair does have something of a rainbow color mix, but the hues are less vivid and remind us of a cozy sunset.

Pastel Skunk Dreadlocks

The change from black to pastel could be a bit narrow of a turn for some girls. However, there is a way of going about it by choosing the skunk pastel color instead. It is a way to bring your dreadlocks forward and into the spotlight, but without added fuss.

Green Dreads

Green dreads are absolutely gorgeous. You can wear them short or decide on those long ones.
To make things even better add some colorful beads that will emphasize the green color of the dreads even more.

Gold Shoulder Length Locks

Gold hair may look good on blondes, but it can help you turn your dreads into a work of art.
Holding them back with a tie and adding some accessories is an excellent way to style them.

The shoulder length is more than enough and the gold hue makes things even cuter.

Bright Red Colored Dreads

Red and black hairstyles are indeed something. The distinguishing colors are sometimes all you need to create a dazzling look.
Things work entirely the same when added on dreads.

If you already have pitch-black hair you are halfway there and can only add a pinch of red in there.

Peekaboo Dreadlocks

Never underestimate the peekaboo style. It is sweeping everyone now and can also be created for dreadlocks.
Something that will very much depict your nature and will get you to show it to everyone.

Peekaboo Dreadlocks

Things to Consider Before Dyeing Your Dreadlocks

If you plan to color your locks you must be entirely prepared for it. It is not the same as regular coloring hair and may come with a few hiccups if you don’t prepare right.

What you need to know is the following:

The Health of Your Hair

If you have thin locks prone to breakages it is not a good idea to color them.

Long-Term Care and Commitment

Coloring the hair also dries it out, so you will have to make an extra effort to keep the dreadlocks moisturized and hydrated.

The Budget

Dyeing hair is not cheap, and you will most likely break your budget with the hair care routine.
Consider how expensive things will get before doing it.

Be Patient

Coloring one’s hair may not always be as smooth as you want. You must be patient, as getting the right color may take a few tries.

How to Style and Maintain Colored Locks

Before dyeing your hair you are going to start by determining a few things. One is the hair color you want, and the rest involves the hair care routine and determining your budget plan.

To start coloring your dreads you should:

Step 1 – Section your dreads

Section dreads into smaller parts so you can color each of them individually.

Step 2 – Spread the desired hair color on the dreads

Spread the hair color using the kit and the exact methods described in the box. Use a tint brush to distribute the color evenly in all parts.

Step 3 – Allow the color to sit for a while

40 to 50 minutes is more than enough.

Step 4 – Rinse the hair

Rinse the hair out with some lukewarm water and apply a moisturizer.

Step 5 – Style

Once the color is ready style the locks as desired. It would also be a good idea to use a conditioner, a shampoo and similar products that are sensitive to skin and hair dye. A good product will preserve not only the dyes shade but your scalp and prevent breakage.

Common Mistakes to Avoid When Coloring Your Dreads

Many people think that coloring dreads means only taking the brush and getting at it.

This is entirely wrong, as there are a variety of things that people get wrong:

  • Never color your dreads in the first place if you have thin or weak hair.
  • Bleaching is not a good idea. Lightening hair without using bleach is something to consider.
  • If you are not planning on a long-term commitment and maintenance you don’t need to color your dreads.
    Always use gloves when applying hair colors, as the formula might contain harmful ingredients like ammonia.
  • Be a hundred percent sure about the color you want to add. It is not as easy to go back with dreads as with regular hair.


How long does the color in dyed dreadlocks last?

It depends on the color brand you decide to go with and also the maintenance routine that you choose.
Spending more money on expensive hair dyes does not guarantee long-lasting results.

Is it safe to have your dreadlocks colored?

Actually it is not as safe as regular hair. You are going to need a stronger hair color dye which might cause added damage to the hair.
We propose extreme caution when doing it.

Can you dye your dreadlocks at home?

Yes, you can, as long as you stick to the best practices and follow all the steps as depicted in the box.
Anyone can do it at home as the process is easy and enough research was done around it.

Is maintenance of colored dreadlocks time-consuming?

Yes, it is. You will need to maintain it much more than regular hair. The most important part is not allowing your hair to dry out, so it can take a lot of time to take care of them properly.

What is the best method for coloring dreadlocks?

It is best to find a professional hair colorist and explain what color and how you want to look to them.

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