African American Girl Wearing a Long Butterfly Locs Hairstyle

Butterfly locs can help you get a very intricate hairstyle entirely different from other locks.

First, it is a protective style that will help you prevent damage to your hair.

Secondly, it is one of the trendiest looks that is getting much appeal from all around.

People sometimes compare them to faux locs, but they are essentially their own thing.

Butterfly locs are described as a distressed type of locs that have a wing-like appearance that resembles a butterfly, hence the name.

The purpose of this article is to help you learn more about these locs, how to make them, and which are the best styles that are popular now.

With little care, you can become a real goddess and a beauty on Instagram.

11 Most Popular Butterfly Locs Hairstyles

Creating butterfly locs is, by all means, not one of the easy hairstyles. However, once you can make it, you will be rewarded with a gorgeous hairstyle that will catch many people’s attention. Just check out the most popular examples that we found.

Criss Cross Butterfly Locs

Creating your butterfly locs and shaping them in a criss-cross pattern is quite a stylish way to make your hair. It can be a little tricky, though. You have to section off a quarter of your hair at the front. Decide on how many sections you want to have and apply some shine. Get some rubber bands and get to work.

An excellent piece of advice is dipping the rubber bands in oil to prevent hair breakage. After creating the crisscross pattern, you can transition it into a braid and wrap one side on the other to get the butterfly locs shape.

Bob Butterfly Locs

Your winning combination might also include creating butterfly locs in a bob haircut. This becomes a bit easier as you don’t even have to grow your hair so much, but you will still need a lot of time to shape them properly. Once you are done braiding your hair, you can side-swoop a section of your hair, or locs, to one side for an eye-capturing appearance.

Young Black Woman With Brown Bob Butterfly Locs Hair

Multi-Colored Locs Hairstyle

You can go crazy with color as you add multiple different ones to your locks. The idea is to make a unique combination that will captivate the people around. So, plum is a fun color choice and so are neon colors if you can make them work. The good idea is to color the locs in various colors and then weave them together in a single or a few multiple braids to get a rainbow look.

Pink hair does look cute on women, and purple is also pretty. There is no shame in going extravagant with the colors and throwing in a little bit of brown, red, green, yellow, white, blue, and even orange.

Blonde Locs

Blonde hair will never go out of style. So you can treat your locs with various shades of blonde depending on the one which first you best. Dirty blonde hair has emerged as one of the favorites recently, so you can easily make it work with the butterfly locs as well. You can decide to wear the locs long or short, but we think that mid-length is the sweet spot for blonde locks.

Long Butterfly Loc Hairstyle

You have really long hair and don’t know what to do with it? The answer is creating really long butterfly locs. When we say long, we do mean long. Waist-length hair is what we’re looking for and if you can grow such long and healthy hair, creating some butterfly locs will help you protect it and allow you to look good at the same time.

Butterfly Locs With Highlights

Butterfly locs work best when combining them with a particular color or style. Adding highlights also provides a similar impact. Highlights in black hair are a good choice on their own. Adding highlights and then going for butterfly locs is something that not many girls go for. You are definitely going to stand out among the rest with this one.

Purple Ombre On Butterfly Hair Locs

Distressed Butterfly Locs Hair

Making things somewhat unconventional is done by distressing your butterfly loc. They are already distressed enough, but you can take things to a new level by sectioning the locs in two on each side of your head. Leave two locs in front for added intrigue. The popularity of this hair is skyrocketing as there are different ways and loops you can go here.

Blonde Butterfly Locs

You can always use a specific color and dye your hair to go with the butterfly locs. However, if you are already blonde and want to spice things up with a new look, the locs are the way to go. Start braiding your freshly colored hair to get a booming look that not many girls can match.

Mid Length Locs

No matter the hair color choice you decide to go with, mid-length locs are the best way to go. You don’t have to have long hair to create them; they will look dazzling on almost everyone. Not only are they a good choice for everyday occasions, but they can also be worn in fancy situations as long as you get the dress right.

Half-Up Buns

As we already stated, butterfly locks work best with other hairstyles. In this situation, you are doing half-up buns where a portion of the hair will be made into a but while the rest of the locs will hang loose. What you can also do is make two buns on each side of your head as well and make things really interesting.

613 Butterfly Locs Hairstyle

If you genuinely want a dazzling color, you should get the most popular one. Known throughout the industry as 613 hair color, it can match really well with butterfly locs and enhance their potential even more. You can leave the roots black and color the rest in 613.

How to Get and Maintain Butterfly Locs

Getting butterfly locs is not easy and will require you to sacrifice time. If you plan to wear it longer, it will also demand additional maintenance from time to time. So be sure to think it through before you decide whether to get it. So be sure to think it through before you decide whether to get it.

The price of getting one may depend on the stylist and the size of the strands. Doing it yourself can bring you a satisfying result as well. However, if your heart is truly set on it, here is what you’ll need to do.

Step 1 – Choose a butterfly locs hair

Go over some of the examples and styles we’ve added here and determine which will suit your preference.

Step 2 – Start braiding your hair

We suggest using the braid and wrap method, which involves braiding or twisting your hair with some shine and jam. You can also use a crochet needle to create crochet hair, which is the best method for getting box braids or cornrows.

Step 3 – Set the hair based on the style you’ve chosen

You might need some products, but the shine and jam one is the one that you will need the most. Washing the hair with some water and shampoo only will not cut it; it needs moisture for the base.

Step 4 – Rebraid some parts if needed

This type of hair is a bit harder to maintain than others, so you might need to rebraid some parts when they come undone or start everything over again. Either way, wearing them for more than six weeks is not advised as you might damage your hair.


How long does it take to install butterfly locs?

It can depend on the length of your hair and the style you are going for, but it can take somewhere between three to six hours to do it properly.

How long can you wear butterfly locs?

It is advised that you wear them between four to six weeks. They will surely start to break down on you either way, but you might also damage your hair and scalp if you wear them for too long.

Who are butterfly locs made for?

Girls usually wear butterfly locks, particularly black girls. However, almost anybody can wear them as long as you can fit them into your style. Packs of people are on point to get this style and don’t mind combining them with dreadlocks.

Do butterfly locs damage the natural hair?

They should not damage your hair as long as you don’t wear them for long or too often.

How often should you retighten butterfly locs?

It depends if they start to break down on you. You may need to retighten them each week at a specific time.

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