Beard Growth Cream

Does it work? In our experience yes, it does, but it is not a miracle-maker. You need to have healthy life habits and healthy beard foundations. 

What Is a Beard Growth Cream

Beard growth cream is one of the pillars of men grooming cosmetics. It is a carefully crafted concoction of natural oils, beard vitamins that really work, and other nutrients that effectively make your facial hair grow thicker, healthier and more potent.

Benefits of Using a Beard Growth Cream

Well, the answer is quite simple. People use beard growth cream to – pay attention now – grow their beards. But that’s not the only good reason for using the beard growth cream. Here are some others:

  • Moisturizing the skin
  • Reducing the itchiness
  • Softer facial fair
  • Phenomenal smell

Beard growth cream is a crucial part of the effective beard care products family. 

How Does a Beard Growth Cream Work

Beard growth cream uses the power of natural ingredients like caffeine, essential oils, and good fats. All these ingredients make your hair follicles more potent and healthier. Some of them increase the blood flow through your skin, while others are absorbed directly through the skin.

Pros and Cons of Using a Beard Growth Cream

There is almost no bad side of beard growth cream. You are faced with a few situations, and neither one is life-threatening:

  • If you put too much cream on your face, your beard will look greasy. So, comb it using a beard brush or a thicker comb and be more careful next time.
  • Your beard will grow strong and magnificent, causing unwanted attention, catcalling, and date nights. Introverts will hate it. 
  • You might soon decide to buy a stubble trimmer. Magnificent beard requires more attention than baby-face.

Ingredients to Look for in Beard Growth Creams


This powerful compound will boost the blood flow and keep the hair cuticles smooth. Better blood flow means more oxygen and more nutrients to your hair follicles.


Similar to caffeine, rosemary also boosts your circulation. On top of that, it has a natural source of minerals and other nutrients for healthier, stronger facial hair. 

Argan Oil

Argan oil is healthy, natural, and most important, your skin will absorb it much better than the other oils. It is a common ingredient in the world’s best beard oil. Argan oil will make your facial hair thicker, fuller and healthier.

Coconut Oil

Ingredients to Look for in Beard Growth Creams

One of the best choices for your skin, along with jojoba oil. Coconut oil won’t clog your pores, and it will feed your skin and follicles with fats and nutrients. Also, you cannot overuse it!

How to Choose the Best Beard Growth Cream


People tend to expect miracles from everything they spend money on. If your beard roots are weak or non-existing, your chances of growing a full-face beard are slim. The second thing: beards don’t grow overnight. Give your cream some time to work. From zero to extravagant beard types takes patience.

Side Effects

Even if your beard growth cream is made from 100% natural ingredients, it doesn’t mean it is 100% allergy safe. The cream is usually made from hundreds of elements, and there is always a slight chance some of them will trigger allergies.

Always apply a small amount of cream first, and wait one day to observe the skin reaction. 


Everything on the internet is available all the time. Or is it? The latest pandemic has shown us that even some big suppliers can have issues in delivering their products. And you won’t be buying a lifetime supply of the cream. So pick a reputable source. 


Do not forget that most beard growth cosmetics require continuous usage. Be sure to add up the costs. Larger packages are almost always better.

Return Policy

Great brands offer excellent return policies. Pick the brand that gives you a guarantee for your money. Hint: find a reputable store with good testimonials.

How to Apply a Beard Growth Cream 

Step 1- Wash your beard thoroughly

Dry it with a soft towel. Optionally, apply an appropriate beard softener.

Step 2 – Take a small amount of cream

Use your index and middle finger. Rub the cream on your palms. Optionally, take more cream.

Step 3 – Massage the cream into your beard

Not just on the top. Rub the cream all the way to the skin beneath.

Step 4 – Take a wide-tooth comb and gently brush

This helps the cream reach every part of your facial hair. Finish the process with a fine comb to shape your beard. Having a beard grooming kit is essential. You can’t groom your facial hair with second-hand solutions and expect top results.

Beard Growth Cream Alternatives

Minoxidil (Rogaine)

The world’s most popular no-prescription drug for hair growth. Sold as a hair growth drug in the beginning, but does wonder for your facial hair. 

Peppermint Essential Oil

The 3% dilution of peppermint oil stimulates the growth hormone in your hair follicles. The growth hormone (IGF-1) enhances circulation and raises the amount of new, strong hairs growing. 


Not painful as it sounds. Microneedling is a process of enhancing your circulation with a small tool called Derma Roller. It is a wheel packed with thousands of microneedles. Their job is to puncture the soft top layer of your skin and enhance blood circulation.

Regular Beard Creams vs Beard Growth Creams

The usual beard cream works as a conditioner for your facial hair. Its active ingredients hydrate your beard, along with your skin. This helps with not just the looks but with the elasticity, flexibility and sturdiness of your beard. 

Beard growth cream has one motive – to make your beard grow thick and strong. It also has other useful abilities, but we recommend using a combination of products for your beard.

Does More Spending Mean More Quality

Price may or may not be the indicator of quality, and the man cosmetics can be pricey. But the price that is too good to be true is also a red flag. Stay away from cheap products that cost less than a Happy Meal. Take quality beard scissors or any other part of the grooming set – price is often a good indicator.

Do’s and Don’ts With a Beard Growth Cream

Do’s and Don’ts With a Beard Growth Cream


  • Remember that less is more. You can’t overdose on beard growth cream, but your beard can look greasy after using too much product.
  • Pamper your skin by massaging it gently. Besides comfort, massaging relaxes the skin, and that’s crucial for cream absorption.
  • Take care of your overall health. There is no healthy beard on an unhealthy body.
  • Always dry your beard completely before applying the cream.
  • Use a top-quality premium beard relaxer for additional beard care.


  • Don’t apply the cream directly to your facial hair. All you will get is a mess. Take a small amount of the cream and rub it between your palms. After that, start applying it to your beard.
  • Don’t skip parts. Your beard grows from your jawline, neck, and even by your ears. There is no selective approach.

FAQ About Beard Growth Cream

Does beard growth cream actually work?

Yes, it does, but it is not a miracle-maker. You need to have healthy life habits and healthy beard foundations. 

Is a beard growth cream enough?

Beard growth cream is a fine addition to your overall beard care. You still should keep proper hygiene, diet and a low-stress environment. 

Should I use beard growth cream every day?

You should always stick to the dosage recommended on the package. Overusing the cream is just a waste of money, nothing more.


Beard growth cream does work, no doubt about that. But they are not miracle-makers. Combine enough sleep, exercise and a healthy diet, and your cream will produce the best results – strong, manly facial hair.

Vinnie - Barber

About the author: Vinnie – Barber

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