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If you are fond of facial treatments and plan to sport a beard, the first question you may have to ask yourself is whether or not you can still get your regular facials. Well, the answer is yes.

It is necessary to avail of facial treatments more often if you already have a beard, as it’s essential for caring for your skin.

Facials are among the most incredible ways to relax while keeping your facial hair and the skin surrounding it healthy.

You can do this with the help of a beard oil containing moisturizing oils. With a facial treatment, you get to clean out your pores.

You can also exfoliate your skin and get rid of dead skin cells. It can eliminate anything stuck or attached to your dermal layer, triggering irritation and ingrown facial hair.

Benefits of Facial

An expert and knowledgeable esthetician often conduct this form of treatment. This can give you peace of mind, knowing you have a high chance of solving various skin issues.

Note that whether you have an oval face shape or an Irish beard style, you still need a facial to free you from a wide range of skin issues.

These include dry skin, redness of your facial skin, and acne. Expect facials to be customized in a way that suits the requirements of various people. The good thing about regular getting a facial is that it lets you directly interact with your chosen esthetician.

This is beneficial as you will receive professional advice regarding maintaining your facial skin and beard. Your facials may even help you learn more about how to deal with beard split ends or a thin beard.

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What Does It Include

Several things form part of a facial treatment. For one, the majority of facials now include certain areas, such as exfoliation, which uses bio-abrasion, enzymes, or ultrasound.

It is also the key to getting peace of mind regarding your facial skin, as it can reenergize you while giving your face a new appearance. Upon your visit to the aesthetician, expect deep cleansing for your skin before the dead skin cell gets exfoliated.

The entire facial treatment will also include steaming the pores of your skin open. It also aids in extractions that support clearing your clogged pores and putting on a toner. Other usual inclusions in a facial treatment are shoulder and facial massage.

How to Get Do Facial at Home

You may also wonder if it is possible to do your facials with a beard in the comforts of your own home. The answer is yes. You don’t need too much to start giving your skin and beard an excellent facial.

You only have to prepare the following:

  • High-frequency face wand
  • Facial wash cleanser
  • Witch hazel
  • Hand towels and sponges

It also helps to have your beard kit – one that already comes with a beard comb that you can use for the even distribution of the product while keeping your follicles stimulated.

The kit should also have the essentials that you can use to give yourself a naturally good facial, including beard relaxing creams, beard oils, and beard balms.

Step 1 – Apply oil to the beard

This should help soften your skin, precisely the one under your strands.

Step 2 – Cleanse

Cleansing is vital as it aids in removing skin impurities and bacteria. Make sure to pick the appropriate facial cleanser that suits your skin the most.

Once cleansed, remove it from your beard using sponges or towels. This aids in promoting circulation as it stimulates your hair follicles.

Step 3 – Use the wand to massage 

Wait for your skin to completely dry before running the wand through each strand. This should give the area small electric shocks that can break down bacteria, oxygenate your skin and promote hair growth.

Massagin Man's Beard

Step 4 – Use witch hazel

What’s great about this all-natural astringent is that it cleans your skin, narrows your pores, and prepares your skin for the last product application.

Step 5 – Nourish and moisturize

Use beard oil again for this purpose. With castor oil in beard oil, you can nourish your follicles. Massage the beard oil to your skin. Begin at the sideburns, then move toward your chin.

Step 6 – Use balm

Apply this to your beard. Ensure that every strand gets covered by the balm. Once that happens, you can comb it with your beard comb for even distribution.

Quick Facial Tips

  • Talk to your chosen esthetician. Make sure to discuss the specific skincare products you currently use for your skin and beard. Provide your esthetician with truthful information, which can help them customize the facial based on your needs.
  • Be willing to go through deep exfoliation and extraction. This is especially true if you are dealing with acne. Expect the session to include deeper exfoliation and extraction to open up your clogged pores.
  • Turn your phone or gadgets off during your facial treatment. This is to prevent your devices from disrupting you and your esthetician.

Serious Bearded Man Touching His Facial Hair


Do I have to shave my beard before your scheduled facial?

For a full beard, shaving before your facial treatment is unnecessary. The reason is that the facial will just be applied on your face’s topmost part. However, if you still want to shave your beard before your scheduled facial, do it one day before.

This is to avoid skin irritations as you go through your facial treatment since you will be prone to them if your skin is still fresh from being shaved.

How do you give a man a facial with a beard?

Any man with a beard can significantly benefit from a facial treatment. The best way to get this treatment is to use the right products, especially beard oils, creams, and balms. Use those products to make your facial hair feel softer and healthier.

If you intend to shave, do it one day before to lower the risk of irritation.

How frequently should you get a facial?

Get facial treatments once a month. This is the key to making your facial skin look youthful and radiant.


Facial treatments are not only designed specifically for women. Men with beards can also benefit from them. Make it a part of your monthly routine to have a facial, and you will surely notice a significant improvement not only on the skin on your face but also on your beard.

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