Man With Beard Kissing a Woman

Ever wondered why women love beards? Beards have always had a significant impact throughout history. From an evolutionary perspective, beards demonstrate that a man is socially dominant, healthier, and more masculine than other men.

Vikings used their beards to instill fear in their enemies, creating the illusion of a kind of aggression that some women find attractive. While a clean-shaven look isn’t frowned upon, a bearded man is more appealing to some women.

Whether sporting one of the classic short beard styles like stubble or a well-groomed 6-month beard, there is something special about kissing a man with a great beard. But beard burn can be a nuisance that interferes with your sex life. Let’s find out how.

What Does It Look Like

Testosterone is responsible for facial hair growth in men, leaving you only two options: shaving regularly or leaving your beard to grow. In either case, you are bound to end up with a kissing beard where your partner is susceptible to beard burn when kissing or during oral sex.

A beard burn is irritating when one’s skin rubs against sharp bearded hair during intimacy. Beard burns are usually red and appear around the mouth, chin, and nose area. They can also occur as raw patches around the genital areas.

A beard burn can be irritating, itchy, or have a burning sensation. If the burn is nasty, it can appear as a swollen or bumpy rush that may be painful to the touch.

Man With a Beard Kissing a Woman

Why Is It So Unique

Planting your lips on a bearded face makes the kissing more interesting than when there is skin-to-skin contact. At the same time, some believe that every kiss you share with a bearded man is always unique.

Likewise, beards enhance men’s confidence, enhancing the intimate session. Some women consider bearded men to be more manly, which they believe brings out the natural animal instincts in a man during intimacy.

White beard styles are especially very attractive and masculine. A long beard makes the whole experience even more enjoyable. Finally, from a man’s perspective, it’s a beautiful experience when giving a kiss since women’s hands tend to wander straight to the beard.

How to Avoid 

  • Avoid physical intimacy with your partner after shaving or trimming your beard.
  • Use beard grooming products like beard balm and oil to soften the beard. Beard butter can also help soften a beard leading to less kissing friction. You also want to ensure you wash your beard regularly to remove dirt, grime, and oils that may come into contact with the skin leading to irritation.
  • Use a moisturizer with oils or ceramides before intimacy. Moisturizers help the beard and the skin retain moisture, especially for men who like longer beard styles like a Garibaldi beard.
  • There are different types of nourishing beard creams. A thick, nourishing cream will help lubricate your skin to reduce the risk of a burn.

How to Stop It While Kissing

Shaving can lead to sharp and pokey stubble, which might not be the most exciting thing when you are making out with your partner. The skin on your face is more sensitive than the rest, so beard burns occur during kissing and other intimate acts.

To prevent beard burn when kissing, consider the following:

Step 1 – Avoid kissing or oral sex

If your partner gets nasty beard burns, you can avoid kissing altogether and oral sex and move to other forms of intimacy. This is the best option when you’ve just shaved or trimmed your beard or if you have a curly mustache, such as a handlebar mustache.

Step 2 – Try different angles

Kissing is paramount in intimacy and if you can’t avoid it, try and vary the angles when you’re kissing your partner and go for an angle with the least amount of friction.

Step 3 – Stand a little far

Stand a little far from your partner when kissing so only your lips touch and not the rest of your faces.

Step 4 – Wear a ski mask

While it may be weird, some men wear face-hole ski masks. It’s not the most attractive thing, but it can ensure that you enjoy the kissing part of intimacy.


Is kissing with a beard good?

It’s not wrong to kiss with a beard. Some women love kissing a bearded man more than a clean-shaven one; you only need to worry about beard burn.

Does kissing with a beard hurt?

Yes, kissing with a beard can cause friction that could lead to beard burn.

Woman Biting Man's Beard

How do you treat a beard burn?

Aloe vera or any cream that contains aloe vera works magic when it comes to treating beard burns.


Beards make a man seem more masculine, mature, and attractive. For that reason, some women prefer being intimate with a bearded man. However, your partner might experience beard burns, so that’s something to consider.

Michele Antunes

About the author: Michele Antunes

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