Bald Man With Mustache and Glasses

Should a Bald Man Wear a Mustache

Yes, because he would look significantly better if he did. Not only will the person be able to express his style, but most mustached men also look excellent and bald.

Rather than fretting over which hairstyles for balding men can look good on you, shave everything off and grow a mustache.

10 Best Bald Guys Mustaches Styles

Horseshoe Mustache for Bald Guys

Not everyone can pull off the horseshoe mustache. First, you must have thick facial hair to carve out the horseshoe shape. Another thing that you may need is a strong chin.


The imperial mustache looks like a handlebar but has a couple of differences. The biggest difference is that the imperial is a thicker mustache than the two.

Bald Guy Handlebar Mustache

The handlebar mustache style is the generic hipster mustache. You must grow your mustache long enough and then curl up the ends a bit. Do not curl it too much, though, because it will turn into an imperial.

Bald Man With Mustache Showing Okay Sign


The walrus mustache is a thick mustache that covers and goes over the upper lip and a bit of the lower lip.

English Mustache

This is similar to the handlebar mustache, although smaller. In the handlebar mustache, you must grow facial hair up until the corners of your mouth. Meanwhile, the English mustache’s ends are around the middle of the upper lip. You also have to shave the corners of the mouth clean.

Bald Fu Manchu

The Fu Manchu is a thin mustache that grows beyond the corners of the mouth and whose ends can extend beyond the jawline. This is like a horseshoe mustache but significantly thinner and wispy.


The pyramid mustache starts rather narrowly underneath the nose and tapers outward towards the corners of the mouth. This mustache does not necessarily need to be triangular. It can also be trapezoidal.

Pencil For Bald Guys

The pencil mustache was made famous by Clark Gable and is one of those timeless mustache styles. To get this iconic look, trim your mustache slightly above the upper lip and then shave a bit off the top of the mustache, leaving a pencil-thin strip of facial hair.

Soul Patch Mustache for Bald Guys

This is technically not a mustache since it grows underneath the lower lip. This is a small patch of hair. It is usually thin, but you can grow it quite thick if you want.

Bald Man With Goatee Beard


The chevron mustache looks like the walrus, but it is shorter. The mustache is thick but trimmed just above the upper lip. This is the quintessential old-school mustache.

How to Get the Right Mustache

Step 1 – Know what type you can grow

Let your facial hair come in before deciding on a style to use. You will be basing your mustache style mainly on the amount of facial hair you can realistically grow.

Step 2 – Decide on the length

Do you want a long, flowing mustache or keep it short and neat? Choose the style that suits your personality and whatever mustache length looks good on you.

Step 3 – Start trimming

Once you have settled on a particular style, you can proceed with shaping and styling. Use a pair of sharp hair shears, a razor, and maybe balding clippers.

Step 4 – Practice proper care and maintenance

Invest in and use a proper mustache comb to style and train your mustache. Applying beard oil and balm is also advisable to keep the hair soft and silky.

Quick Styling Tips

One of the best styling tips for bald guys with mustaches is to use a good beard or mustache wax. Aside from keeping the hairs in your mustache in place, this product will also prevent it from drying.

It is also advisable to train your mustache. In this case, you must use a beard comb and brush to train your mustache, making it stay in the shape you want it to.

Don’t worry if your mustache will not go in the direction you want in the first couple of days. It will take a while before it happens, so keep at it.

Man With Glasses Curling His Mustaches


Are bald men with mustaches attractive?

If you can find a mustache that works with the shape of your face and head, then the answer is yes. It will make you look more attractive.

Does a mustache go with a bald head?

In most cases, yes. A man can look great bald with a beard and mustache. Facial hair can accentuate and improve a person’s natural features if styled correctly.

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