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Things don’t get as epic as they do in Anime. Whether it’s a battle, clothing, or a mere everyday conversion, anime characters tend to keep it accurate and you can also attest to that due to the sheer ridiculousness of their hair.

Anime hairstyles are hardly practical in real life, but on TV, they look extraordinary. Nevertheless, if you want to look as cool as Eren Yeager or create spiky hairstyles, Anime hairstyles are what’s in.

Today, we want to look at these extreme hairstyles and determine how to create one for ourselves.

10 Most Popular Anime Hairstyles

If you want to spruce up your style with bleached hairstyles, you can’t go wrong with an Anime hairstyle. We provide you with the best examples and how to make them.

Goku’s Anime Spikes

Goku from the Dragon Ball franchise has some of the best spikey hair you have ever seen in an Anime character.

He owes his look to his Sayan abilities, though, as his spikes grow in some of his forms and are even stable enough to stand the epic, groundbreaking battles he carries throughout the show.

Franky’s Hairstyles

The longest-running anime, One Piece, has one of the most iconic characters in terms of hair – Franky. He can change his hair with a flick of a button, literally, on his nose.

He can transform his hair into any unprofessional hairstyle he wants. One time he even turned it into a cannon.

Naruto’s Spiky Yellow Hair

Throughout the Naruto series and to Boruto, Naruto holds his signature look with yellow spikey hair and a shinobi headband. It is a look that many have tried to copy and which makes you instantly recognizable.

As he matured throughout the show, Naruto’s hair became a bit tamer but never changed too significantly.


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Shoto’s Half-And-Half Hair

My Hero Academia has many memorable characters, but none as unique as Shoto. He has half-and-half hair, with one side being white and able to manipulate ice and the other being red, allowing him to control fire.

With the best hair dyes, you can get this look quickly.

Anime Inuyasha’s Silver Hair

With his long, mane-like sliver hair and dog ears, the titular dog-demon Inuyasha has become a staple for anime fans. One of the most captivating silver hairstyles, Inuyasha has long hair reaching his waist and bangs framing his face.

Some say that his ears resemble undercooked dumplings.

Yugi Mutou’s Multi-Colored Hair

Yugi Mutou’s hair is hard to describe. It points in almost all directions possible and is yellow, black, and purple in some places. It is one of the craziest Anime hairstyles and unique ones.

But, it has become one of the most recognizable ones as everyone immediately knows what’s it all about when they see Yugi’s silhouette.

Kyojuro Rengoku’s Hair With Flames

The Flame Hashira, Kyojuro Rengoku, is the pure embodiment of fire in Demon Slayer. His long and spikey hair with reddish tips at the end goes hand in hand with his ability. Even if you are not a show fan, you must be a fan of this haircut.

Death the Kid’s Hair

Death the Kid from the Soul Eater Anime rocks the gothic look to perfection. His style does not only draw inspiration from emo culture, but he is perhaps the coolest character in the series.

His hair is pitch black with three vertical, white stripes across it. Something that could even translate well in real life.

Ken Kaneki’s Anime Hair

Ken Kaneki’s mask is not the only part of his style that helps him stand out from the rest of the Tokyo Ghoul roster of characters. It is his hair as well that constantly switches from black to white. Only when he fully embraces his ghoul side that the hair switch to all-white.

Ken Kaneki

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Josuke Higashikata’s Hair

The person who takes his Anime hair seriously is Josuke HIgashikata. The main character of Jojo’s Bizzare Adventure does not take likely to people who insult his massive pompadour. He even beat one character senselessly after he made an intelligent remark about his hair.

What Are Anime (Manga) Hairstyles

Anime hair is often described as any bizarre, exotic, improbable, or wacky type of hair that characters in Anime or Manga wear. Usually, the story’s protagonist has the wildest or coolest hairstyle to make them stand out from the rest.

These unique hairstyles are excellent for merchandising, making them recognizable from a mile away. Also, some may have more than one color in their hair, which is usually not natural. Just check out Yugi Mutou from the Yu-Ghi-Oh franchise and his frizzy hair.

How to Style and Maintain Anime Haircut

Cool pink hairstyles and messy hair with prominent features characterize Anime hairstyles. If you want to create one, you should follow these steps.

Step 1 – Pick your favorite character

Pick one from one of the anime you like the most. If you want their hair, you may be able to copy the style easily. You can also consult our list for some help.

Step 2 – Cut, comb and shape as needed

It may take a lot of work here, as some Anime hair can be pretty tricky to create. But if you are patient and skilled enough, it should not be a problem.

Step 3 – Style 

We suggest getting a lot of gel or hair balm. Some hair spray will help it stick and stand firm. For some styles, the more product you use, the better.

Step 4 – Maintaining 

In most cases, you will not be able to hold it steady for longer than a day. It will most likely break up on you when you go to sleep. The anime hair you get will most likely be a short time.


What is the best anime hairstyle?

There are thousands of Anime hairstyles and it is pretty hard to choose the best. The most iconic are Goku and Yugi Mutou.

Why do anime characters have crazy hair?

It helps them stand out from the rest of the characters in the series and makes them recognizable to fans of Anime.

Why do girls in anime cut their hair?

It is usually for a dramatic effect and exemplifies when a massive change is coming to the character. Also, they might do it when stepping down from their current position.

What does pink hair mean in anime?

Usually, characters that have pink hair in Anime exemplify romance and innocence.

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