Zac Efron With Bleached Hair and a Beard

Many guys would like to look like Zac Efron.

He is really good-looking and the girls think he is one of the sexiest actors as well.

A lot of his good looks are owed to his style, or more precisely, to his facial hair.

If you want to copy his beard style you should know that things are not so easy.

Simply copy-pasting won’t work.

You might end up really disappointed.

We managed to get the Zac Efron routine down and now we’re giving all the secrets exclusively to you.

What you need to do is follow the steps and you will be able to create a beard like Zac Efron.

Oh yes, before you start, don’t forget to pick the right facial hair style since Efron has a few of them he constantly mixes and changes.

Top 6 Efron’s Beard Styles

When it comes to style and fashion, Zac rocks. His preferences have evolved, but Zac always looks dashing from head to toe. His impressive beard styles define his maturity, from a clean-shaven teen heartthrob to a sexy character actor. 

His adequate type of beard style includes the following:

Zac Efron’s Thick and Full Beard

Zac has a natural thick beard that is easy to style in different ways. This style does not show sideburns and tight lines around the chin or mustache areas. To achieve this look, allow the beard to keep growing on the chin, then taper down the top of the sideburns and cut lines at the ears’ bottom. 

Zac Efron’s Mustache and Stubble Style

Many times, Zac wears this style. The intentional stubble or trimmed beard is stylish and sexy. It is easy to achieve and maintain. You need to choose a beard trimmer to get the stubble down. Do not use a razor because it will remove a lot of hair and ruin your goal. 

Zac Efron Wearing Stubble Beard

Mustache, Goatee and Short Beard

This is another Efron’s beard style that makes him look ruggedly charming. It has a thicker soul patch and mustache while the rest of the hair grows. 

Mustache With Heavy Stubble Look   

It looks like the mustache and stubble style, but this time, the tuft under the bottom lip is more pronounced, and the stubble is thicker. This beard style elevated the stubbly hairs to high-style from a don’t-care look.

Sideburns With Stubble Beard Style 

This style shows the sideburns ending on the bottom of the ears and short stubbles in the chin area. The soul patch area is clean, with the patch coming as an outline, not an entire patch. There is also thicker stubble in this part.

Blonde Hair and Tight Beard Lines 

Zac is not afraid to experiment with fashion and hairstyle. This unique look entails shaping the mustache long and slightly narrow. Choose a beard shaping tool is necessary to create a “U” shape under the bottom line. Keeping a tight line all over is also essential to achieve the style. 

Tools Needed to Maintain

Beard care is necessary to keep your Zac Efron beard. Invest in quality tools such as trimmer, the world’s best beard comb for styling, exfoliating scrub, and other beard shaping products that your barber may recommend.

How to Grow 

Step 1 – Allow it to grow

Stop shaving your beard for about two months. Allow it to grow thick and long. Use a natural beard shampoo to grow a thick beard.

Step 2 – Pick a style

Choose your favorite beard style of Zac and work to achieve it. Each style requires different styling and shaping. You can start by selecting a shorter, simple style, then go for the others as you become more confident in trimming and styling your beard. Ask your barber to do it for you for a more professional look.

Step 3 – Invest in a quality trimmer

Wireless Beard Trimmer

To achieve a good beard style, you need a reliable and durable beard trimmer to shape the lines. Invest in a tool with multiple attachments to cut the stubble in various lengths.

Step 4 – Know your lines

As the beard grows out, the hair goes wild and makes the face look rounder. Knowing your three lines on the face will help you tidy up the beard during the early stage, preventing hair growth in the neck area. Using a trimmer, keep the jaw more defined by removing visible hair below it.

The three lines are:

  • Top Line – This is the area along the cheeks from sideburns to your mouth.
  • Base Line covers the neck from the jaw corner around your Adam’s apple.
  • Lip Line – This covers the lip area. 

Step 5 – Stimulate growth and sustain thickness

Use a high-quality beard brush with natural and flat bristles to trigger fast beard growth. Avoid using a beard comb as it creates extreme tension in the facial hair. The beard brush stimulates the flow of blood around the hair follicles, which makes the beard shinier and healthier. It also distributes the natural serum that conditions the hair and exfoliates the underneath skin. 

Step 6 – Control the itch

One thing you need to hurdle when growing your beard is the uncomfortable itch. The facial hair is curlier and coarser than the head’s hair. Using beard conditioner and beard oils help in mitigating the irritation. 

How to Groom and Style 

Step 1 – Use a premium balm

Once the beard grows a little longer, you can begin using a light pomade or a premium beard balm. This grooming product helps you control and hold down the flyaway hairs. It makes styling and shaping your preferred Efron beard easy to achieve. Avoid using hair wax and stiffer hair products.

Step 2 – Seek a professional shape-up

When you see an inch of growth, ask your barber to shape it. It is a crucial step to style your target beard style. A professional barber is adept at shaping the growing hair on the square side.

He knows what to do by taking your bone structure and face shape. It entails creating a taper by leaving the hair around the mouth’s corner while longer on the chin and narrowing the portion on the cheeks.

Step 3 – Trim the area outside the lines

You can do the necessary trimming to maintain nice clean lines. A good trimmer helps you maintain a tidy look and outlines. Use a pair of sharp scissors to trim the stray hair. Once done, brush your beard gently and style. 

Best Products

Keeping your beard healthy and tidy-looking requires proper care. You need to keep your facial skin exfoliated to prevent ingrown hair and ensure that your pores are clear. These are the foundation for optimum beard growth.

Use the best products like beard shampoo and conditioner, skin cleanser, moisturizer with SPF (when beard grows in), moisturizer without SPF (when beard has grown), beard balm, and beard oil. 


Is Zac Efron’s beard attractive?

Yes. His beard is gloriously sexy and attractive.

Is Zac Efron’s beard patchy?

No. He is blessed with naturally thick facial hair, but he usually has a soul patch when he likes it.

Zac Efron Posing

Did Zac Efron shave his beard?

Yes. He regularly shaves his beard and mustache.

Does Zac Efron have a mullet?

Yes, he had an 80s-style straight-up mullet in December 2020. This iconic style has given him a more masculine look.

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