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Are you wondering why your facial hair is growing at a fast rate? Like, your stubble at the end of the day looks like it has been growing for days? One of the biggest reasons lies deep within you – in your genes.

Your genetics is the primary culprit why your facial hair seems to grow at a rapid pace. If it did not seem like this a couple of years ago, it might be that it just kicked in right now.


Genetics and Hormones

Genetics is why some men can grow thicker beards compared to others. Many men have patchy beards and some have very sparse facial hair. If most of the men in your family can grow a 3-month beard effortlessly, then the genes that made it possible are also in you.


Your diet can also somehow affect the rate your facial hair grows but only barely. A healthy diet of foods for beard growth full of proteins and vitamins can also affect the rate at which your hair grows.

If you changed to a healthier diet recently or started taking nutritional supplements, those might be the reasons.


When you exercise, you are improving blood circulation throughout your body, including the hair follicles in your beard. Increased blood flow means more nutrients are transported into the follicles. This also translates to improved hair growth.

Ethnic Background

If you have even a bit of Eastern European or Mediterranean blood, that might be the reason for the rapid beard growth. On the other hand, Asian men typically have a hard time growing a full beard. Many Asian men cannot even grow a goatee.


Many men believe that shaving will make their beards grow back faster, but there is no truth to that statement. The hair might grow coarser because you cut the strands off at the base, but the hairs will still grow at the same rate.

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Using Beard Products

Many men vouch for the authenticity of beard-growing products helping them grow their beards faster. However, no scientific proof has yet of any product promoting facial hair growth.

Beard products help existing hair strands grow stronger and less prone to breakage, giving the illusion of faster hair growth.

Stress and Rest

Not getting enough sleep and constantly getting stressed can slow down the growth of hair strands, including facial hair. Now, if you recently started taking better care of your health, it might be the reason for your increased beard growth.

Such reasons include getting at least 6 hours of sleep every night and you learned how to de-stress yourself. Not only will your facial hair grow faster, but the hair will also be shinier and healthier.

How to Slow It Naturally

The only natural ways for facial hair growth to slow down are through old age, increased stress, or certain illnesses. On the other hand, facial hair growth inhibitors can be used to prevent hair growth, but they are usually prescription medications.

Surgical procedures can “deactivate” the hair follicles to keep them from creating any more hair strands.


How do you stop facial hair from growing?

While there are many supposed methods to grow a beard faster, there are no natural methods for stopping facial hair growth. However, there are prescription treatments that can. You will need to consult a dermatologist first to get the right product.

Does stress cause my facial hair to grow faster?

No, quite the contrary. Excessive stress can lead to slower hair growth, hair discoloration, and hair loss. What makes it even more unfortunate is that the hair on your head will be the first to experience hair loss.

Does shaving make facial hair grow faster?

No, it does nothing of the sort, even if some say it is one of the hacks to boost beard growth. Shaving makes the hair grow coarser, but it does not make the hair grow faster. It might seem that way because the hairs look thicker when they start growing.

After all, the finer hairs you overlooked at first are growing.

How fast is the daily growth of facial hair?

This depends on the genetics of the person. On average, facial hair can grow at a rate of 0.2mm to 0.3mm daily. However, if your genetics work against you, you will get a slow-growing beard in very sparse amounts.

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When does facial hair stop growing?

Your facial hair will never stop growing. However, once the hair reaches its terminal length, the last of the stages of beard growth, it will stop growing and start drying up until it falls off.

You can make the hair last significantly longer by using beard oils containing coconut oil, tea tree oil, or both.


Don’t worry too much if your facial hair seems to be growing much faster than usual, as it is perfectly normal. You should consider yourself lucky, as many men would like their facial hair to grow as fast as yours.

Many even used beard growth serums for months without anything to show. If you want to make your facial hair grow slower, unfortunately, there is no natural way for you to do so.

However, you can consult with your dermatologist for recommendations for prescription medications. You can also opt for non-intrusive procedures.

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