Vaseline for Man Beard

Growing a luscious beard takes time, patience, and a little experimentation. The products you use for your beard growth make all the difference. One of the products that bearded men like experimenting with are Vaseline. But is Vaseline safe to use on your beard? Let’s find out.

Does It Help Beard Growth

One of the common beard myths is that Vaseline can promote facial hair growth. Vaseline is a decent product in a grooming kit, but it won’t make a difference for a slow-growing beard. Beard growth is affected by your genes and levels of testosterone.

If you have a patchy beard or experience slow beard growth, consider these before investing in products that promise “magical” results. If your genes or testosterone levels are to blame, it doesn’t matter how much Vaseline you apply; your beard won’t grow any faster.

How It Works

Also known as petroleum jelly, Vaseline is made of oils and waxes and exists in a semisolid jelly-like state. It is a by-product of petroleum produced through a mixture of hydrocarbons making it water repellant.

The main ingredient in Vaseline is petroleum which works to seal in water by creating a protective water barrier that helps the skin heal and retain moisture. When applied to facial hair, Vaseline seals in moisture, keeping your beard hydrated for a long and preventing beard itching.

It is a beard balm substitute for men with sensitive skin prone to acne. The only problem is that Vaseline can clog pores exacerbating acne breakouts. The best option is to use natural plant oils like olive oil, jojoba, coconut oil, and argan oil if you have sensitive skin.

Can You Use It for Styling

Vaseline contains waxes and can be used when styling your ducktail beard or beardstache. However, it doesn’t hold as much as beard balm, so it’s not the best alternative. Besides helping with styling, beard balm softens and moisturizes facial hair better than Vaseline.

And speaking of beard styling, consider using the best beard shaping tools and techniques first if you want your beard to stand out. A beard shaping tool will help achieve even the most intricate styles, including making a patchy beard on a heart face appear fuller.

Best Beard Shaping Tools

Does It Help Damaged Hairs

Vaseline won’t damage your facial hair. It might even protect your facial hair from dryness and breakage. However, unlike beeswax and Shea butter, Vaseline isn’t water-soluble and might end up clogging your pores, especially if you have a thicker beard.

You are susceptible to irritation, acne breakouts, and ingrown hairs when your pores get clogged.

Side Effects

Clogging Pores

Vaseline, as mentioned, is not water-soluble, which can clog your pores, especially if you are prone to acne. Vaseline works by creating a waterproof barrier on the skin. Because of that, the sebum the body produces has no way of escaping.

While this can be good if you have oily skin, when too much sebum combines with petroleum jelly, it attracts dirt and grime, creating the perfect breeding ground for bacteria. Rather than using Vaseline, invest in a quality beard balm or beard oil with natural ingredients that won’t clog your pores.

Heavy Feel

Beard maintenance requires using beard products like beard oil and beard balm daily. Vaseline has a heavy feel that will leave your skin feeling heavy and your clothes dirty.


Is there a way I can use Vaseline to benefit my beard?

You can use Vaseline to your advantage in combination with other beard oils. If you use coconut oil to moisturize your beard, you can apply Vaseline after applying coconut oil to lock in moisture. Doing so also helps prevent beard frizziness.

Can I remove facial hair with Vaseline?

Vaseline can help remove facial hair, but the process is long and tiring. You will need to apply a generous amount of Vaseline, leave it for a while, wash it off and use it again.

Can Vaseline help with beard itch?

Beard itch is mainly caused by dry skin, and Vaseline can help prevent that since it locks in moisture.

Can Vaseline soften my beard?

Vaseline works as a moisturizer by locking in moisture, but it can’t soften your beard.

Is Vaseline suitable for mustaches?

Vaseline is a decent product to use if you have a mustache and want to keep things moisturized.

Vaseline for Mustaches


Beard care doesn’t come cheap or easy; you must invest in the right tools and products. If you don’t have beard oil or beard balm, Vaseline will do to moisturize the beard and help with styling. But be careful when using Vaseline as it can clog pores resulting in acne breakouts.

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