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The Spanish beard is one of the most versatile facial hair or style that suits almost everyone. It is even more perfect for romantics and those who have dark hair.

It also suits those who prefer beard styles without a mustache which they can get if they go for the traditional Spanish beard.
Those with no time to care for long beard styles can also go for the Spanish beard, as it is easy to care for.

5 Most Popular Spanish Beard Styles


The classic or traditional Spanish beard style does not come with a mustache.

Van Dyke

This famous beard style is also ideal for those who want to sport the Spanish beard. You can choose to have this style well-groomed or make it a bit messy.


This Spanish beard style will give you a beard without a clear form. It combines a thin antenna and a rounded island found at the central part of your chin.

Short Stubble

You can also go for the short stubble, which you can achieve if you grow some facial hair several days after shaving.
Maintain a short stubble with a trimmer or razor. Use it to trim any facial hair that grows beneath your beard neckline or Adam’s apple.

If stubble goes down your cheeks shave or trim the hair under the cheekbone.


The Balbo beard is also as popular as the mutton chop and is perfect for anyone who wishes to wear a Spanish beard.
This style resembles an inverted T. The beard shaping for this style can also be likened to the classic beard’s bottom.

Leave a bit of mustache over your upper lip, some hair on your chin and a patch below your lower lip.

Wolverine Van Dyke Beard

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How to Style and Maintain 

Step 1 – Consider the shape of your face

Also, decide on which one suits your character and personality the most and makes you feel more confident to wear.
You may also seek the help of a professional barber when selecting the best Spanish beard for you.

If you have a square face retain short hair on both sides, then lengthen the ones on your chin. Pick any Spanish beard style if your face is either elongated or rectangular but make sure to leave a short length of hair on your chin and more hair on your sides.

Step 2 – Shave regularly

This will help retain the shape of your facial hair, just like wearing a buzz cut with a beard. Care for your Spanish beard by washing and combing it regularly too.

Step 3 – Use grooming products

Use beard grooming and beard care products to ensure that your facial hair and the skin beneath it remain healthy.

You can prevent beard itch by regularly washing and conditioning your facial hair. It is also crucial to apply beard oil and beard balm for sufficient hydration and moisture.


What is a Spanish beard called?

Barba. It is the term used to refer to the Spanish beard.

Serious Man With Thick Full Beard and Handlebar Mustache

Can Hispanics grow a beard?

Yes. They can grow a beard and choose a style for themselves. Hispanics are also allowed to experiment with any facial hair style they want.

Is a beard popular in Spain?

Yes. The most famous variation is even the Spanish beard, which generally looks neat while being easy and quick to care for.
The famous Spanish beard only takes part surrounding your mouth. It often connects with your mustache while keeping your cheeks smooth.

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