Robert Pattinson With a Messy Twillight Hair

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Robert Douglas Thomas Pattinson, the English-born actor, is known for his versatile roles in big-budget and independent films.

Having started his acting career in a London theatre club as a teenager, Robert Pattinson would gain worldwide recognition when he portrayed Edward Cullen in The Twilight Saga film franchise.

 Robert Pattinson has had it all and is considered one of Hollywood’s most handsome actors.

On top of that, Pattinson has excellent hair, and that’s what we’re going to focus on.

14 Most Popular Robert Pattinson Haircuts

Robert Pattinson has great hair; that’s not even debatable.

If you’d like to draw some fashion inspiration from him, here are some of his coolest looks:

Pattinson’s Short Haircuts

Pattinson has never been a long hair kind of guy. Here are some of the short haircuts he has sported in the past that looked good on him.

You can also look up some of Robert Pattinson’s beards and see if they work for you.

Short Straight, Dark Brunette

Talk of a gentleman’s cut, this haircut looks excellent on Pattinson. And it could look equally good on you if you know how to style it nicely. This is one of the best short haircuts for men.

Short Straight Brunette

The back and sides of Robert Pattinson’s long and spiky ‘do are clipper cut short, blending into the top, which is jagged cut for maximum texture and height.

Messy Haircut

This hairstyle is perfect for those who want a messy look with jagged-cut layers all over and is among the best messy hairstyles for men.

The back is tapered into the neck, with graduating layers to the top, which is an excellent way to draw attention to the top hair. While the look is a bit old school, it’s a perfect haircut for keeping things extra and helps you stand out from the crowd.

Robert Pattinson With a Messy Hairstyle

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Short Straight Chestnut Brunette

This sleek clipper and scissors cut close to the head to keep the edges clean while the top is left long enough to sweep back. You can also taper the sides and jag-cut the longer hair on top to achieve maximum height and texture.

Short, Straight, Light Chocolate Brunette

The back and sides of this casual hairstyle are cropped short and close to the head, blending into the top length, which is jag-cut for a textured appearance. If you prefer a more relaxed lifestyle, you can try this look.

Short Straight Ash Brunette

This calm and collected ‘do is cut short around the back and sides, then smoothed back behind the ears for a tidy finish to the edges that blends nicely with the top hair. Pattinson can make this look amazing, and you can too.

Short Straight Auburn Brunette

The back and sides of this look are cropped short and close to the head, blending into the top jagged-cut layers that add texture to the style.

Short Straight Caramel Brunette

This hairstyle’s back and sides have been clipper-cut to keep a clean and tidy edge up and around the ears. For maximum volume and texture, the top layers are jagged cut.

Side Part Hairstyle

You can never go wrong with a nicely done side-part hairstyle. Robert Pattinson has shown us the power of a side part numerous times, and it never goes out of style. You only need to communicate to your stylist how you want your hair done, then maintain it with wax and hairspray.

Robert Pattinson’s Weird Hairstyle

At the world premiere of the Twilight film, Robert Pattinson wowed the audience with his strange and wacky hairdo. The back layers were graduated up to medium-length layers, and the top layer was jagged-cut to create a peculiar look.

Buzz Cut

Rob’s short and straightforward hairstyle wowed the crowds at the 70th Annual Golden Globe Awards. The sides and back are clipper-cut short and close to the head to blend in with his face and beard.

You can also pull this popular buzz cut which is quite simple to achieve, and wow the crowds in your life.

Robert Pattinson Wearing a Buzz Cut Hairdo

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Robert Pattinson’s Twilight Hairstyle

Making a hairstyle similar to Robert Pattinson’s (Edward Cullen) is a simple way to achieve the sexy, sleepy look that has captivated audiences worldwide.

Although he may roll out of bed with perfectly styled hair, the truth is that some techniques can be used to achieve the look that has become synonymous with his name.

Pattinson’s Batman Haircut

It’s safe to say that Robert Pattinson gave the DC character Bruce Wayne his unique spin. This is an ideal hairstyle for guys who prefer longer hair in the front and shorter hair in the back.

It’s a haircut worn straight, pushed back, or slicked back. The good news is that both styles’ haircuts are the same. The magic happens when you add the products and get these two completely different looks.

Robert Pattinson in Cosmopolis

Robert has his hair styled in an attractive slicked-back hairstyle, a conservative style with a side part for the role. His hair is cut short and styled appropriately for the character. The hair is parted on the side, with the top flipped to the opposite side.

Robert Pattinson’s Hair in The Kings

This is one of the times that Pattinson wears long hair; we must admit, he looks damn good. You might want to try this look if you’re looking to grow longer hair or if you already have long hair and don’t know what to do with it anymore.

Harry Potter Hairstyles

In Harry Potter, Pattinson wears different hairstyles and looks good in all of them. Try the long bangs or trim your hair well and slick it back. Whichever style you choose, you can draw a lot of inspiration and confidence from the movie star.

Pattinson’s Haircut in How To Be

This haircut is just glorious. With the shorter sides and long hair on top, Pattinson wears the style with so much grace that it’s hard not to love the hairstyle. Suggest this look to your hairstylist the next time you get a haircut.

Robert’s Hairstyle From Little Ashes

Little Ashes is an oldies movie, and Robert Pattinson did a great job there. He wore his hair in old-fashioned styles; needless to say, they looked good on him and helped him assume the role better. You could draw some inspiration here if you want a throwback haircut.

Slick Hair

Now, we all know every man needs that one haircut that makes him look sharp and professional. Pattinson can pull off some of those slick looks with equally smooth hairstyles.

Think of the many times he has made simple hairstyles like combovers and slicked-back hair look like a Greek gods style. You can look up some of his slickest hairstyles and learn a tip.

Robert Pattinson With a Slick Hair

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Good Time Haircut

Look at that rugged look that screams vagabond and homeless! While this isn’t a perfect look for many men, it’s an excellent way to wear your hair for Halloween or a themed party.

Pattinson’s Different Hair Colors

One of the best ways to add an edge to your haircut is by adding color. While Pattinson is a bit conservative with hair dyes, you don’t have to be. You could go all out with trendy hair colors such as green and red or stay traditional with brown dye.

How to Get and Maintain Robert Pattinson Hairstyles

Step 1 – Choose the right style

What is the first step in developing a good sense of style? A good, strong haircut. To achieve the desired hairstyle, you must begin with the cut. If you want something longer, you might have to wait a little longer to get that good haircut.

Step 2 – Style

Use a lighter-weight gel to get the gel to hold without the permanent structure. Run your fingers through your hair as you would throughout the day.

Step 3 – Maintain

Apply different products to different areas of your head. This is useful for people with varying textures on other parts of their heads.

Step 4 – Products to use

If you want hair as great as Robert Pattinson, consider using products like hair gel, oil, shampoo, and conditioner. To keep the hairstyle intact, invest in quality hair pomade for men.


What is Robert Pattinson’s haircut?

Pattinson loves short haircuts and experiments with short hairstyles depending on the occasion.

How can I get the Robert Pattinson Batman haircut?

Speak to your stylist about the style you want, and let them work their magic.

What color is Edward Cullen’s hair?

Edward Cullen has a bronze shade on his hair.

How often does Robert Pattinson get his haircut?

Pattinson cuts his hair as often as he needs to, and so should you.

Who styled Robert Pattinson’s hair?

Zoe Tahir is the stylist behind Pattinson’s Batman hairdo.

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