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As the younger of two adored princes, the British Aristocrat Prince Harry is among the most adulated men on the planet.

While he is mostly known for his noble lineage and his position as 6th in line to the throne, he has also served an admirable military career and engaged in notorious public flings that branded him an established Lothario.

However, as the world stopped while watching him marry an American star into royalty, lesser-known facts about his charity involvement, army service, and early education started to emerge.

These things have ascertained that beyond Prince Harry’s famous ginger hair and roguish past, he is an icon that has earned the love he internationally garners.

Prince Harry’s Beard Style

Prince Harry has always been the object of female attraction and male emulation.

Having recently walked down the aisle, he has been the subject of enormous public scrutiny and it appears his famous flame-colored hair and beard have attracted almost as much interest as his union.

Harry is one of the few ginger beard men in the public eye to have kept their natural beard and hair color.

The beard Prince Harry sports, full, medium-length and bright red, is unique both in its coloring and its seemingly casual grooming.

Prince Harry’s classic beard shaping isn’t just flattering to his oval face shape, it also earns him an air of sophistication and refinement that blends perfectly with his social stature.

This full beard style is particularly popular because it compliments men of all ages.

The under-stated ruggedness of this beard type is acceptable in most work environments and can be personalized to completely revamp your appearance.

Growing And Grooming Prince Harry’s Beard

Growing And Grooming Prince Harry’s Beard

The key to growing a full beard like Harry’s is to aim for full coverage. To grow your beard faster, consider incorporating biotin in your diet.

A variety of beard supplements and vitamins are available on the market, as well as a multitude of homemade beard care products recipes guaranteeing the speedy growth of your facial hair.

To get rid of a patchy beard, you will need patience and dedication in the first place.

The frequent conditioning of your beard and rubbing beard oils in the skin and facial hair can both promote beard growth and cure beard rash. Be sure to wash your beard to keep it clean and tidy. Pick one of the best beard soaps to keep up with good grooming routines.

Short and medium beards require trimming to maintain their length.

Using a beard trimmer, start at the top of your cheeks and work your way down slowly, ensuring you make no direct contact with the skin. Be sure to use a fine-toothed beard comb when trimming your beard with beard scissors to get better results.

Should you want a ginger beard like Harry’s, but lack the natural coloring, consider facial hair dye.

It comes in permanent and semi-permanent forms and is packaged with all the tools you will need to complete the process autonomously, and all this in the comfort of your own home.

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