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6 Most Popular Phil Foden Haircuts

The Paul Gascoigne

One hairstyle of Phil Foden that left a perfect impression is the Paul Gascoigne. This style features a Caesar cut that also has a very subtle lineup. A platinum blonde hair color completes this versatile style, which suits everyone.

Crop Cut Featuring High Skin Fade

You can also try this crop cut from Phil Foden if you already find it a hassle to care for and maintain long hair. It is for you if you want a polished hairstyle with plenty of density.

Make it look better with a high skin fade. Overall, you can easily recreate this look and use neutral colors.

Light Platinum Blonde Caesar Haircut

Through this look, you can also emulate one of Phil Foden’s famous hairstyles. It features a mid-fade, which you can easily change into high-fade haircuts when necessary.

This style uses light and vibrant tones that make your hair look healthier and younger. It also gives your hair more texture and a neater look.

Subtle Side Part With Blends

If you are fond of wearing the side part hairstyle, there is also a Phil Foden haircut. You don’t have to do many things to get this hairstyle. In most cases, it just involves using a quality hair brush to boost your hair’s volume.

You should also consider integrating blends instead of the skin fade because it is more elegant and flexible. It even suits posh and high-end occasions.

Modern Short Quiff With Decals

This style looks as good as the trendy short-sides long-top haircuts. You should add a mid-fade to your quiff and complete it with decals.

It is one of Phil Foden’s haircuts that is so easy to manage because of its short length in front. It also looks good, even with just minimal styling.

Buzz Cut With Shape Up

Are you fond of the buzz cut hairstyle or the rebel buzz cut? Then this style is for you. Optimize the results by getting the line-up. It can help remove baby hair close to your hairline, which is an excellent way to make the area look more distinctive and thicker.

Spice your entire look a bit with decals and celebrity beards.

Phil Fodenphil foden haircut name
foden haircut name
phil foden hair cut

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How to Get and Maintain Phil Foden Hairstyles

Step 1 – Choose a haircut

Choose a Phil Foden haircut that perfectly suits your facial shape and hair texture. Make it a point to pick a style that is easy to maintain and style, too.

Step 2 – Choose the right hair color

Aside from picking the most appropriate hairstyle, you must also find the color that best suits you. Your chosen color should fit your best physical features, facial shape, and overall personality.

Step 3 – Have your lengths chopped off

Note that most of the haircuts at Phil Foden are short, so you can request a regular quick trim from your hairdresser. Make sure to use a lineup to finish your look, too. This technique is one that you can easily incorporate into short haircuts.

Step 4 – Use high-quality hair creams

You can rub wax or cream on your hair for proper styling. Invest in a good brush or comb for more appropriate styling, too.


What makes Phil Foden’s haircut very popular?

It is popular mainly because it looks neat, straightforward, and thorough. Many are also fond of the style as it is versatile and easy to care for.

How to tell your barber your preferred Phil Foden haircut?

The most effective method of ensuring that you style your hair the same way as Foden is to provide a picture of your chosen style to your barber. You may also request a Caesar haircut or the Gazza from your barber, two of the most famous styles worn by Phil Foden.

Who is Phil Foden’s barber?

Sheldon Edwards. He is currently a popular barber, especially among football players.
He gained popularity because his barbering style is so unique and versatile.

Why did Phil Foden bleach his hair?

While Foden said it was his decision to bleach his hair, many assumed that it was his way of paying homage to Paul Gascoigne, also called Gazza, who was once an English professional footballer.

What haircut does Phil Foden have?

Phil Foden’s signature look features a close-cropped fade on the sides with longer, tousled hair on top, creating a modern and edgy style that perfectly complements his on-field prowess.

How do you get the Phil Foden haircut?

Phil Foden, the talented midfielder for Manchester City and the England national team, is known for his stylish haircut.

To achieve the coveted “Phil Foden haircut,” individuals can ask their barber for a textured crop with a longer fringe and shorter sides.

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