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Patrick Mahomes is one of the NFL’s best quarterbacks. He’s a Super Bowl champion, MVP, and first-team All-Pro for the Kansas City Chiefs, and he’s been great for them! He also has excellent hair.

Best Patric Mahomes Hairstyles


This hairstyle features a stylish mohawk on top, a mullet, and a taper fade on the sides. Because of the look’s versatility, it has several names, including a curly mohawk with a metro mullet. The fade is consistent, but it is frequently highlighted in multiple ways.

Patrick Mahomes typically wears a high taper fade, but he has also worn a low blended fade throughout his career. It’s a look with just the right amount of style and sophistication, making it one of the best hairstyles to try.


Even with his neat afro, Mahomes manages to wow us with fantastic bowl haircuts, one of the best light-skin haircuts. However, he doesn’t cut his hair into a chili bowl haircut. He uses a headband to hold the hair into place.

 Check out the best chili bowl haircuts for guys if you want a complete bowl haircut.

patrick mahomes haircuts

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How to Have Mahomes Hairstyle

Step 1 – Use a blow dryer and comb 

Take the comb in one hand and move it vertically through your hair while blowing on top of your head with the other. This will help to hold your curls in place and make them more manageable so they don’t become too frizzy.

Once your hair is somewhat dry, take a fine-tooth comb and brush through your curls, pulling them all away from the scalp.

Step 2 – Decide where the shorter side begins

Once you’ve decided, take some styling gel or wax and rub it into your hands until they’re damp. Using a comb or brush, pull the length of hair from where you want the Mohawk to begin to one side.

This ensures that there is some volume on this side now that the other half has been stored.

Step 3 – Shape with fingers

Begin by combing all of this hair to one side and then taking a section from above in your hand to ensure it’s straight but not too tight or loose on top. Put the other half of your hair, which is still long or down, in front of the comb or brush.

If you want a more even Mohawk, start on one side of your head and work towards the middle, but this isn’t always necessary.

Step 4 – Wear a headband

If you decide to wear a headband with your Mahomes mohawk, look up how he does it. You can pull off this look too. You can also try any other shaggy hairstyle with a headband.

Bonus Tip: Patrick Mahomes also wears a great beard, one of the best celebrity beards to grow.

patrick mahomes's hairstyle

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How to Style and Maintain A Haircut Like Patrick Mahomes

Patrick Mahomes has worked with his hairstylist since 2017 and strives to maintain the style. His stylist is so good that Mahomes pays for his flight tickets whenever he travels for NFL sports. You also need to work with a qualified stylist to help you maintain yours.

Step 1 – Style 

Use quality hair pomade for men to style your Mahomes mohawk. You also need to keep the sides clean to pull off the look.

Step 2 – Maintain 

The most important part of maintaining a Mahomes mohawk is keeping it clean. Wash your hair with natural shampoo for men, and detangle it with a conditioner.

Step 3 – Best products to use

You can use products to maintain this hairstyle, including hair pomade and the best hair creams. You might also consider using natural shampoo, conditioner and hair relaxer.


How do I cut my hair like Patrick Mahomes?

Explain the hairstyle to your barber, and show him pictures to work with.

Where does Patrick Mahomes get his haircut?

DeJuan Bonds, the owner of Purple Label Luxury Barbershop, is Patrick Mahomes’ barber.

How much does it cost to do Patrick Mahome’s haircut?

It’ll cost anything between $30 to $40.

Will Patrick Mahomes ever change his haircut?

Nobody knows.

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