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One of the best avenues to go looking for inspiration on beard trends is on the NFL players list. We’ve compiled a list of the 15 best NFL beards. We hope you can draw some inspiration here.

15 Best NFL Beards

Brett Keisel

This colossus veteran is regarded as having the best beard in the NFL and one of the best in all sports. He deserves to be ranked first among the National Football League’s best beards. Brett Keisel is currently a free agent at the age of 38.

Ryan Fitzpatrick

There is no finer NFL beard than the Washington quarterback’s glorious garibaldi thatch. Thick, luscious, and ferocious. Excellently tamed and oozing with machismo. It’s a pinup Viking beard poster.

In week one, Fitzpatrick’s 2021 season got off to a shaky start with an injury that forced him off the field. But with that power beard, he’ll probably be able to heal the injury and hurl lightning bolts like Zeus in no time.

Bryan Stork

Bryan Stork, drafted in the fourth round by the New England Patriots in 2014, ranks fourth on our list of the NFL’s most beautiful playoff beards.

On August 24, 2016, he was traded to the Washington Redskins — he failed the physical tests, which resulted in the transaction being canceled. Bryan Stork is currently a free agent. Hopefully, he and his beard will find a new team soon.

Jason Kelce

Even though the Eagles Center trimmed and bleached his incredibly long hair, thankfully, he kept his beard.

A face forest is the literal definition of a man’s beard. It compensates for Kelce’s smaller stature. You can also check out the Travis Kelce beard if you need more inspiration.

Eric Weddle

Eric Weddle was drafted in the second round by the San Diego Chargers in 2007 and has quickly established himself as one of the league’s best, if not the league’s best, safety players. The 31-year-old is now a member of the Baltimore Ravens.

He has one of the best facial manes, a massive beard, and a mustache.

Eric Weddle

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Nick Mangold

This man’s magnificently epic long beard was pure gold. When he retired in 2017, he left a huge void in the Jets lineup, most of which was filled by his beard.

Lee Logan Mankins

Lee Logan Mankins began his NFL career in 2005. He was the thirty-second overall pick in the first round of the draft. He made his mark in the NFL after being drafted by the New England Patriots.

This veteran, who frequently wore his beard, deserves to be named one of the NFL’s top ten most beautiful beards. With this look, you need to trim the beard well to maintain it.

Deandre Levy

This is the linebacker’s eighth season in the National Football League. The defensive player evolved with the Detroit Lions and is known for his toughness and ability to create turnovers. DeAndre Levy is a true beard fashion icon thanks to his long and well-kept black beard.

Jared Odrick

Jared Odrick, the Miami Dolphins’ twenty-eighth pick in the first round of the 2010 entry draft, stands out with his incredible haircut and beard. His style is a perfect example of tapered beard styles. This 28-year-old warrior now wears the Jacksonville Jaguars uniform.

Joe Kelly Hawley

The Atlanta Falcons’ 117th draft pick in 2010 wins the tenth spot for the NFL’s most epic beard. The 27-year-old man is now evolving with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Gardner Minshew

The Jaguars rookie quarterback burst onto the scene in 2019 and immediately drew national attention with his 1960s Joe Namath-inspired mustache. He has a chevron mustache that alternates with a horseshoe and resembles Uncle Rico from Napoleon Dynamite.

Gardner Minshew’s mustache and soul patch combo, on the other hand, is a thing of beauty. You can use derma rollers for beard growth if you want to achieve such a beard.

Gardner Minshew

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Odell Beckham Jr.

One thing is undeniable: Odell Beckham Jr.’s beard grooming. We’ve known he had sure hands since his insane one-handed circus catch against the Giants, but that also extends to beard shaping, trimming and maintenance.

Ezekial Elliott

Zeke’s beard, as one of only a few running backs with one, is similar to his running style — big, strong, and in your face. Ezekiel Elliot also demonstrates what a slight cheek taper can do for a full-power beard. With such a beard, you need to use beard moisturizers.

Raheem Mostert

Mostert can quickly cover a patch of grass in the open field, but when it comes to his beard, he embraces the patchy beard. Raheem Mostert’s scruffy goat has a thick circle beard and patches of scruff on his cheeks.

Mike Evans

Mike Evans’ beard is always well-kept. Evans’ short or long beard is as dependable as his hands.


Who has the best beard in NFL history?

While opinions may differ, Brett Keisel’s bard has to be the best in NFL history.

Why are NFL referees growing beards?

Beards are an increasingly famous trend among sportsmen. Referees are only keeping up with the trends.

Who is the best-dressed player in NFL?

Odell Beckham Jr has been ranked as the best-dressed player in NFL.

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