Mr. T With His Signature Haircut and Beard

The world of male grooming is saturated with all kinds of hairstyles.

There are iconic hairstyles that have stood the test of time and a few weird and crazy haircuts that we want to forget ever happened.

Mr. T is an entertainment legend who reached fame as a television actor and professional wrestler.

However, what most people remember him for is his iconic hairstyle.

His hairstyle has persistently been in the spotlight of celebrity tabloids and magazines.

If you are thinking about rocking a Mr. T haircut, here is all you need to know about this iconic haircut and how to maintain it.

Who Is Mr. T

Sporting a distinctive, stylish mohawk, a severe amount of gold chains and other accessories, Mr. T has made a name for himself and created an image that makes him instantly recognizable wherever he goes.

He is a former celebrity bodyguard, actor and professional wrestler who has built the reputation of a formidable giant with a kind heart.

 Mr. T earned recognition from his roles as Clubber Lang in Rocky III and B.A. Baracus in the popular TV show The A-Team.

His famous one-liner, “I pity the fool,” has become one of the most used quotes in television history. Mr. T started his career as a professional bodyguard and built his reputation from the gutter to the stars.

During his time as a bodyguard, he developed a reputation and quickly rose through the ranks gaining access to VIP clients like models, clothes designers, politicians, judges and athletes.

He got recognized by high-profile celebrities like Michael Jackson, Muhammad Ali, Steve McQueen, Diana Ross, Leon Spinks and Joe Frazier from that reputation.

He got his shot at World Class Championship Wrestling in 1989, where he performed alongside the legendary Hulk Hogan. He would change his line of work several times, but his trademark look remained the same, changing very little since his appearance on The A-Team.

Born Laurence Tureaud, he adopted his stage name Mr. T as a statement against racism to fight the patronizing slur word “boy” he had grown hearing when it came to addressing African- Americans.

That was just the beginning of his transformation before he fashioned a mohawk-style haircut that he admits was inspired by the Mandinka tribe of West Africa, a further identification with his African roots.

Determined to make his whole appearance a tribute to his ancestry, he began wearing a lot of gold chains in the 1980s, a trait that quickly blended with his original image.

The gold became an essential part of his public image, signifying his self-made success and his African heritage by paying tribute to his ancestors who were brought from Africa, shackled by their necks, ankles and wrists by steel chains.

He says he turned the steel chains to gold, a symbol that he was still enslaved, only that his price tag has gone higher. He would later disown his golden jewelry but not its symbolism in response to the Hurricane Katrina disaster that claimed many lives in 2005.

Iconic Mr. T Haircut

If you are looking for shaved side hairstyles for men, then you’re at the right place. Mr. T’s haircut is an example of iconic razor fade haircuts that were popular in the 1980s.

His iconic haircut is a distinctive frohawk, a Mandinka hairstyle that he says was influenced by the Mandinka Warriors of West Africa.

Mr. T had a successful military career where he sported a short military haircut before becoming a professional bodyguard and debuting his iconic frohawk haircut.

To achieve the haircut, Mr. T shaves both sides of his head clean, leaving only a strip of hair running down the center of his head from the top and directly behind his forehead to the back. He also sported a thick full beard that ran to the sides of his head.

Mr. T Side View of Hairstyle and Beard

How to Style and Maintain Mr. T’s Hairstyle

Anybody can sport a Mr. T hairstyle. All you need to ensure is that you have the right tools and skills to execute it. You can combine it with any classic full beard or one of the popular goatee styles.

Step 1 – Crucial styling tips

To achieve a Mr. T haircut, shave the sides of your head clean. Use hair clippers with the right guard size to achieve a clean look.

Step 2 – Maintain

Maintaining a Mr. T haircut is about ensuring that the strip of hair at the center looks clean. Therefore, make sure to visit the barber every few weeks to get the sides of the head clean-shaven. Check men’s haircut prices at your local barber shop before you go for a cut.

Step 3 – Best products to use

While the hair that remains after getting a Mr. T haircut is a little, you still need to invest in the right products. For instance, invest in hair shampoo and conditioner to keep your hair looking clean.

If you have afro hair, get a good hairspray to keep the hair looking shiny and healthy. If you have silky or soft hair, buy hair pomade or gel to keep the strands in place.

Common Mistakes When Cutting Mr. T’s Haircut

Some of the mistakes most men make when getting Mr. T’s haircut include:

  • Cutting the hair too much that they are left with a weird thin strip of hair in the middle that looks nothing like what Mr. T sports.
  • Not combining the haircut with a beard. If you searched actors with beards, Mr. T would come up, so ensure you combine your haircut with a great beard, preferably a full beard.
  • Forgetting to trim short the strip of hair that remains after shaving the sides.

Celebrities Who’ve Worn This Style

Celebrities who’ve worn a Mr. T hairstyle or a version of it include:

  • Alan Cumming
  • of The Black Eyed PeasJoey Fatone
  • Sean Paul
  • Adam Lambert
  • Cassie
  • Bobak Ferdowsi
  • Robert De Niro in Taxi Driver
  • Ryan Philippe
  • Sean-Paul Gaultier
  • Seth Green
  • Mark Sailing

Mr. T Wearing a Mohawk Hair


What was Mr. T’s haircut called?

Mr. T’s haircut was called a frohawk, a version of a mohawk with a beard that connects to the sides but only above the ears.

Who cut Mr. T’s hair in the iconic style we know today?

It is unknown who cut Mr. T’s iconic haircut, but he has admitted to drawing inspiration from the Mandinka Warriors of West Africa.

What are the best scissors for Mr. T’s haircut?

The best scissors for a Mr. T haircut are those with sharp cutting edges to help in haircutting and trimming.

How often should it be trimmed?

Trim the sides every few weeks, depending on how fast your hair grows.

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