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If you’re a bold man that likes to stand out in the crowd and doesn’t mind the attention you could try a monk haircut.

The style has been around for ages, and there are different variations you could try.

What Is a Monk Hairstyle

The most common monk haircut is the tonsure, and it’s in the list of timeless men’s haircuts. As the name indicates, this haircut was worn by monks and has since become a fashion statement for some men.

The tonsure is a ring of well-trimmed hair that goes around your head and leaves your head shaved bald.

5 Modern Monk Haircuts

Here are five of the most common variations of the monk haircut. You could draw some inspiration here:

Caesar Monk Style

This monk haircut is an excellent option for a short and distinctive hairstyle! It’s a cross between a Caesar haircut and a traditional monk shave. The tops are bowl-cut short, and the front is cut with a Caesar-style short bang.

The back and sides are almost shaved to create a sharp line around the head, reminiscent of the classic monk haircut.
It is an excellent haircut for achieving a monk-like appearance in a modern setting.

So try this avant-garde hairstyle and impress your friends with your fashion sense! You can also try other Ceasar haircuts.

Reverse Monk’s hairstyle

If you’re looking for a slightly mature look, this super short monk haircut will easily upgrade your appearance!

We call it the reverse monk haircut because it looks exactly like a reverse tonsure! Instead of shaving the crown area, keep it and shave the rest of your hair on the sides. That’s how you get this simple yet stylish monk-style haircut.

This hairstyle will shine the brightest if you keep a thick beard to balance the weight of the look. So, try this hairstyle right now to look posh and enlightened! If this doesn’t work for you try a reverse mohawk.

Modern monastic haircut


If you can pull off this choppy-looking haircut it will add an ultra-modern spark to your appearance! This haircut consists of a short bowl cut at the top and an even shorter trim at the bottom. The bowl cut should be short enough to give the hair a buzz-like effect.

However, it should be at least a centimeter longer than the trimmed bottom to cut a clear sliced-up look.
Try this simple, low-maintenance haircut and live your best life.


This haircut is among the best two-block haircuts and will captivate everyone’s attention, whether they are religious or not!
The top section is nearly bowl-shaped, with short layers and a slightly longer slant at the back.

The bottom part is cut short and faded cleanly at the nape of the neck. The bowl cut should be a little choppy at the end to help define the two-block. You can style your hair slightly to achieve a popular-guy look or a more preppy look.

So, create your hot priest image for the town to atone for everyone’s sins.

Monk Haircut With a Tattoo

This monk haircut is a little controversial because it’s like committing a biblical sin! You’d get a great canvas for a cool tattoo with a high bowl cut at the crown and a clean, shaved undercut.

Add your favorite tattoo to the newly exposed area at your nape to transform this haircut into a sinful delight.
With such a look an auspicious tattoo would only complement it and elevate your haircut to unimaginable heights!

Monk Haircut With a Tattoo

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How to Style and Maintain Monk Haircuts

Whichever monk haircut you choose you need to style and maintain it well.

Here are some tips you can borrow:

Step 1 – Choose a hairstyle

Choose the right hairstyle depending on your lifestyle and the look you want.

Step 2 – Style it

To style your haircut talk to your stylist. Ask them which pomades, creams and gels you can use to style it. Get your hair trimmed regularly to keep it stylish. Use the best self-hair-cutting tools if you prefer to cut your hair.

Step 3 – Maintain your hairstyle

Keep your hair clean and moisturized by washing it with natural shampoo and conditioner. Use quality combs and brushes to maintain it.

Step 4 – Best products to use

With a monk hairstyle you must invest in the right haircare products. Some products you can’t do without include hair pomade, cream, hair gel, natural shampoos and conditioner.


What is a monk’s haircut called?

A monk haircut is called a tonsure.

Why do monks have unique haircuts?

It’s a mark of their religious beliefs.

Is it offensive to copy a monk haircut for Halloween?

It might seem disrespectful to religious people but it’s a fashionable way to stand out.

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