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An inverted bob or lob, also known as an A-line cut, is the Karen haircut.

It is always longer in front and shorter in back.

As a result, it creates a sharp angle when viewed from the side.

Karen haircuts are frequently paired with chunky highlights and can be parted in the center or have an asymmetric fringe.

This haircut is common with women with nasty attitudes, and most people avoid it as much as possible.

23 Karen Haircuts to Avoid

Classic Karen Hairstyle

This is the Karen cut that inspired tens of thousands of memes. You can see why Kate Gosselin is still the face of this hairstyle. 
This one is classic in a bad way, from the chunky highlights (hey, it was 2005 – anything went) to the blunt-cut side bangs.

Look at the back’s tousled short layers, the deep side part and the generally dissatisfied facial expression.
This isn’t just a haircut, it’s a complete look.

Original Karen Haircut

As seen on reality TV star Kate Gosselin, Karen’s original hairstyle is an asymmetric blonde bob.
A long, side-swept fringe contrasts with a short, spiky cut at the back of the hair. 

The chunky unblended highlights that create a ‘tiger stripe’ effect are perhaps the most iconic part of the hairstyle. 
The original Karen haircut is disjointed and unflattering and stands out for all the wrong reasons.

Haircut for Black Hair

Women with dark hair have also fallen victim to this unpopular haircut, and the highlights are probably the worst feature.
I mean, who wants to walk around looking like a pedestrian crosswalk?

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Karen With Red and Blonde Highlights

Karens are known for having hot tempers, and what better way to show it than with red and blonde highlights? 
As with other Karen haircuts, the highlights are intentionally unnatural and chunky to draw attention to them.

These Karens show off their aggressive side with their flaming locks!

Karen’s Hair With Brown and Red Highlights

Some brunette Karens opt for bright red highlights. Red streaks, ranging from bright copper to dark auburn, draw attention and help Karen stand out in a crowd.

Because the red and brown color scheme has a more edgy vibe, it is usually paired with shorter and spikier Karen haircuts.

Neat Haircut

Karen hairstyles can be edgy and spiky or primped and polished. A neat, feathery haircut is the perfect look for the upper-class Karens of the country club. It is less visually appealing than the classic Karen cut because it contains fewer exaggerated elements.

The haircut, however, keeps the original Karen elements of chunky highlights and a short length.

Brassy Blonde 

When your natural color has a warm undertone and isn’t toned after bleaching, your hair can become ‘brassy’. Instead of pure, icy platinum.
The hair could appear yellow – or even orange.

Many end up with brassy hair due to the classic Karen hairstyle’s mix of cool and warm highlights.

Stiff Curls

Karens all over the world wear super-defined, stiff curls. Curls are “Karenified” by curling thick sections of hair with a curling iron and then spraying them to death with oil sheen and spritz to make them unmovable.

Curly hairstyles look best when they move and shine naturally. Curl medium sections of hair with a curling wand to avoid the dreaded stiff curls.

Too Much Volume

Too much volume in the crown is an all-too-common feature of Karen haircuts. There is a fine line between voluminous and excessively voluminous.

Some people waste an inordinate amount of time teasing, lifting and blow-drying their hair to make it stand on end – this is a no-no if you don’t want to look like Karen. Even long hairstyles with too much volume in the crown give off a Karen vibe.

All Shades of Pink

What could be worse than a classic Karen cut? Simple, it’s an all-shades of pink Karen cut. I mean, why would anyone want that much pink hair on their head, coupled with the most infamous haircut?

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Tiger Stripe Hair Color

Karens have also claimed Tiger Strip hair color as their style. It has dark to medium brown hair with loud, harsh highlights (in blonde or red).
The dark and light hair colors clash, creating the appearance of tiger stripes.

The style makes you stand out from the crowd in the worst way possible.

Tired Vintage Styles

Many vintage hairstyles have recently been resurrected, but some must remain in the past. Karen’s favorites include bumper bangs from the 1940s, Farrah Fawcett curls from the 1970s, and the pageboy haircut from the 1950s.

These hairstyles are not only too Karenish but also appear highly outdated.

Over-Layered Cuts

Karens seem to be obsessed with layers…all of them. Layers look good in moderation, but too many will make you look like Karen.
If you add too many layers, your hair will round out at the top and become too voluminous and feathery.

This immediately ages you and gives you a dated appearance. Many Karens aggravate these layered haircuts by over-styling them with pin curls, spikes and so on.

Brassy Color Jobs

Can someone please tell the Karens that brassy hair never looks good? Hair brassiness happens when you color your hair and are unsure of what you’re doing or when you fail to tone your hair after bleaching.

Brassy tones can also appear after a hair-lightening session when the toner has worn off. Brassy hair is too harsh to look good on any skin tone, regardless of the undertone.

Pixie With Deep Side Part

The deep side part pixie has serious Karen vibes. For the most part, the deep side part pixie is self-explanatory.
It’s a pixie with a section near your ear. The style looks great on some people but can look tacky on others.

Spiky Hairstyle

Karens adore hair gel and hold spray and will go to great lengths to achieve those hideous spikes.
Spikes are an easy way to look older and stick out like a sore thumb.

Platinum Blonde 

Karen’s platinum blonde hair is bright and icy and always draws attention. However, they frequently have visible dark roots and brows that contrast with their platinum hair. Karen will emerge as a brassy blonde when platinum blonde goes wrong!

Woman With a Platinum Bob Hairstyle
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Plastic Bob

The plastic bob is one of the most popular Karen hairstyles. It’s slick beyond belief, with no single strand out of place.
It has an unnatural sheen and razor-sharp layers and is as stiff as a board.

Karens must straighten their hair at a high temperature, bump it too much at the ends, slather on oils, and finish with a can of holding spray to achieve this look.

Contrasting Textures

Karens are fans of styles with contrasting textures, curls in the front with straight hair in the back, waves in the front with spikes in the back or teased layers in the crown with straight bangs are all popular looks.

These styles not only make you look like a Karen but also make you appear confused. However, you can try other better-looking wavy haircuts.

Super Flipped Ends

Flipped ends are becoming more popular. Unfortunately, they have a Karen-like appearance, which we do not appreciate.
If you flip the ends of your hair, you look exactly like Karen, no matter what style you wear.

Punky Modern Karen Hairstyle

Traditional Karen haircuts were blonde and black, but people now give them a more modern, edgy twist. 
However, no matter how updated these styles appear they still have that “Call the manager” vibe, which is not cool.

You can try other cool punk hairstyles which look much better.

Zigzag Partition

While trying to look all jazzy and modern, some Karens use a zigzag partition. We can all agree that this partition is cute for kids but is disastrous for adults. If you must wear a Karen cut, please don’t couple it with a zigzag partition. You’ll only end up looking confused.

A-Line Cut With Bangs

An A-line cut is okay if you must wear a Karen cut, but are the bangs necessary? 

Alternatives to Karen Hairstyle

If you feel drawn to the Karen haircut but don’t want to look tacky and old-fashioned, here are some excellent styles you can wear:

Blunt Bob

The blunt bob is a classic and timeless hairstyle that flatters most face shapes. It is trendy these days and will always be a fashion statement cut. So, avoid the Karen bob haircut and style your hair in this incredibly chic hairstyle.


Another sophisticated cut to try is the micro bob. It’s a French girl’s hairstyle, and no one would ever dare to call a French girl Karen, would they? So, if you want to live out your French girl fantasies, go for a micro bob.

Vintage Bob With Pops of Color

Karen’s haircuts are all about the blonde with spiky highlights. Pops of color can be used to break up the Karen look.
You can also look up hair highlights for men.

Modern Mullet

The modern, edgy mullet became popular in the year 2020. It’s a great alternative to the Karen manager haircut because it looks completely different. It is longer in the back, whereas Karen is longer in the front sideways.

Collarbone-Grazing Waves

Karen’s hair is cut in an angled style with side-swept bangs. If you don’t want to look like Karen, go for soft, sweet collarbone-grazing waves.

Most Common Traits of a Male Version of a Karen

While Karen haircuts are primarily feminine, you’ll still find some men wearing almost similar haircuts.

Here are some of the characteristics of a male Karen:

  • An A-line haircut or an inverted bob.
  • Shorter hair in the back and slightly longer in front.
  • Shorter hair in the back and slightly longer in front.
  • Hairstyles with a sharp frontal inclination.

If you want to spruce up your haircut, look up trendy hair color ideas for men.

Karen Memes

Karen-themed memes abound on the internet. Karen’s ability to complain and demand special treatment is legendary, and there are numerous ways to participate in the joke.

Here are some of the most amusing memes we could find:

  • Emo girls as gothic Karens.
  • I want to see the manager, Karen.
  • A group of complaints is called Karen.


Who is the original “Karen”?

Kate Gosselin is the original Karen.

How do you make sure you don’t get a Karen haircut?

Be clear about the haircut you want, and specifically warn your stylist against giving you a Karen haircut.

What does it mean when someone says you have a Karen haircut?

It means your haircut resembles the infamous Karen haircut.

Who is the most famous Karen?

Kate Gosselin is the most famous Karen.

What is an a-line bob?

It’s a nicely done modern bob with an A-line.

What is a male Karen called?

A male Karen is commonly called a “Ken” in English.

Kens exhibit similar behavior to their female counterparts, often displaying entitlement and demanding to speak to a manager in various situations.

They are known for their tendency to make unreasonable demands and cause disruptions in public spaces.

What does a Karen cut look like?

A Karen cut is a specific hairstyle characterized by choppy layers and a short, angled bang. 

It typically involves layers cut around the face and a blunt bang that is shorter in the middle and longer on the sides, creating a distinctive, angular shape.

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