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No matter how you like to look at it, Henry Cavill is this generation’s Superman.

There is no denying it.

He has the body, charisma, chin, and, more importantly, hair.

You couldn’t have picked a more suitable person to play the role of the Man of Steel.

How has he been able to pull off the hair?

It looks like it was taken almost line per line from the comic books.

Today we discuss the Henry Cavill haircut, how to get it, and his other favorite variations.

15 Most Popular Henry Cavill Haircuts

Henry Cavill changes his style from time to time, depending on his movie role. He is pretty versatile and has made every single one of them work. Maybe he can even pull off some hairstyles for balding men; who knows?

Short Straight Formal Hairstyle

This one works as a hairstyle for men with straight hair. It is swab, elegant and chic. Very good for formal occasions, and Cavill has certainly attended his fair share of galas.

He has short hair and has managed to style it by trimming it short and neat and applying just a little product.

Short Straight

You rarely see Cavill go really short. He did need to do it for a part. So we were able to get a glimpse of his short hair with a beard at one point. The beard helped a lot and made him look even manlier.

Henry Cavill Bald Haircut

You probably can’t imagine Henry Cavill with a buzz cut. He had, what you would call, a bald haircut in his youth. It does look a bit awkward on him, but due to his chiseled chin and impeccable facial features, he was able to pull it off to perfection.

Cavill’s Superman Look

Ah, the Man of Steel in all his glory. Or rather, Clark Kent and the classic parted haircut. Cavill does not go the Golden Age route when portraying the Smallville reporter.

He does put a modern spin on it with a hair part but does not go heavy on slicking it to the side. He lets it stand there quite casually.

Combed Back Hairstyle

For this one, he grew his hair a bit longer. It is unnatural to see him with long hair, but thanks to some hair relaxers for men and a bit of pomade, he created a comb-back look that can be worn on special occasions.

Buzz Haircut

A buzz cut is more of a military style that you rarely see Cavill wear. He didn’t go for the really short version. He left a bit more on top and styled it with some gel, making it a bit irregular but very appropriate.

Casual Short and Wavy

Henry likes to keep things casual from time to time and it helps to have wavy hair, which is his natural look. Wavy hairstyles only work if you have naturally wavy hair. He lets it flow on the top, allowing a few whiskers to fall on his forehead.

Henry Cavill With a Messy Wavy Hair

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Justice League Henry Cavill Look

As Superman, Henry Cavill had to be revived in Zack Snyder’s Justice League.

While he did dawn the infamous black suit from the comics, he didn’t come back with long hair as his on-page counterpart. Instead, he went for a subdued look, more familiar to Superman fans who grew up with the movies.

Henry Cavill’s Classic Side Part

When he is not filming any movies, Henry Cavill goes for classic side-part haircuts. It is mainly due to his natural and wavy hair that he can carry the classic style easily.

He can do it with or without products, but if you want to go out on a nice evening, you should add some pomade.

Man of Steel Look

This is where Henry Cavill shines the most. Superman, the Man of Steel, is not only represented through ruggedness and masculinity. A lot of it needs to be transferred to his hairstyle.

He wears a classic combed-back and slicked-back look with short hair, reminiscent of the 80s.

Mission Impossible Fallout Look

Playing a spy in Mission Impossible: Fallout saw Cavill appear in a completely different light. First, he had that incredible mustache that everyone seemed to be talking about at the time. His combed back and neatly ordered hair is what completed the style altogether.

Curly Comb-Over Hairstyle

This one is Henry in his normal state. Not a lot of styling here, nor many products used. He let his hair grow and combed it over to the back. He has some natural locks when his hair grows, which is not noticeable when his hair is short.

Swept Over Gentleman’s Haircut

Going out in style means having sophisticated gentleman haircuts for Henry Cavill. He dawns it in a swept-over manner, making it seem even more formula and swab.

Geralt of Rivia Hairstyle

We all know that this is Henry Cavill’s natural hair, but it looks good. If he wore long white hair daily, we wouldn’t mind it. He wore it long with parts of it tied back in a knot. All the hardcore gamers agreed that he copied the Geralt to a T.

Wavy or Curly Quiff

Here we see Henry Cavill at his best. A wavy quiff is something that he sports regularly due to his natural hair. He adds a little product to give some shine but does not overdo it, as the hair already looks perfect.

Beard Styles

Bearded Henry Cavill With Comb-Over Hairstyle

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You can’t tell the story about the hair without speaking of the Henry Cavill beard. He does not wear it often, but when he does, it is as excellent as his black Superman suit.

You can see him as Clark Kent sporting a fully bushy beard. It is a look made even greater due to Cavill’s naturally chiseled chin. He does not wear a big bushy beard as often as he should.

He was seen with stubble here or there. If you ask us, the full beard style is the one he should wear the most, and if you decide to grow the same one, be sure to get some beard combs to style and detangle it from time to time.

One of the biggest controversies was related to Henry’s mustache. He grew one for his role in the Mission Impossible movie, where he played a spy named August Walker.

Since he was contractually obligated to wear a mustache for the role, his appearance in the original Justice League movie needed to include him with a digitally removed mustache, it looked awkward and he revised a lot of backlash for it.

How to Get and Maintain Henry Cavill Hairstyles

To style your hair the same way Henry Cavill does, you can follow a few simple steps that are going to help you do it:

Step 1 – Decide on one of the looks

You can look for inspiration in our list that displays only the best ones.

Step 2 – Find a suitable barber

Show your barber a picture of the hairstyle you want to get. You might need to grow it a bit, though. It all depends on the style you decide to go with.

Step 3 – Style it

If you have naturally curly or wavy hair, you are not going to have to use a lot of products to style the hair. It works best if you condition it either way and keep it healthy. Style the hair by slicking it back or combing it to the side.

You will have to do this routine every morning as you will undoubtedly get bedhead as soon as you wake up.


What is Henry Cavill’s hairstyle called?

It is usually referred to as a classic short slicked back hairstyle.

How to ask your barber for the Henry Cavill Hairstyle?

Ask if he knows who Henry Cavill is or has seen any of his movies. It works best if you show him a picture of the style you want.

Is Henry Cavill’s hair naturally curly?

His hair is more wavy than curly. Once it grows a bit, it starts to get some natural waves.

What is the natural color of  Henry’s hair?

Henry Cavill’s natural hair color is dark or rather dark brown.

How does Henry Cavill comb his hair?

Since he has waves in his hair, he usually combs it to the side or slicks it back, depending on the length.

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