Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson has not become famous only by lifting weights.

Early on in his wrestling career, he showed that he can capture the audience with his work on the mike.

It allowed him to successfully transition to Hollywood and become one of the highest-paid actors in the industry.

Dwayne has definitely gone through a lot and has had a few style changes during his time in Hollywood.

One of the most recognized facial hair style he sported is the goatee.

What people are also fascinated about is the messy Hercules beard that he had for the same movie.

All in all, building muscle and becoming a captivating celebrity is not something that mere mortals can do.

What we can do is copy his beard styles at least.

We have included some easy-to-follow steps in growing and trimming a perfect Dwayne Johnson beard.

If you follow them, you’re going to get perfect results.

How to Get Dwayne Johnson’s Goatee

Dwayne Johnson has sported a goatee on and off through his career but recently he has been sporting a salt and pepper version of a goatee that gives him a dignified, more mature look.

A goatee is also one of the best beard styles for black men and also one of the beard styles that is easy to achieve.

If you want to get this type of facial hair to work for you, grow your beard to cover patches and thin areas.

Compared to full beards, a goatee is pretty close to the skin so you may need just a week or two of serious facial hair growing to get the density that you need for a good goatee.

How to Get Dwayne Johnson's Goatee

Johnson sports a circle beard which is a goatee that is connected to the mustache by a strip of hair coming down the sides of the mouth just under the cheeks.

Compared to the conventional goatee, this can be considered a fuller beard although it does not cover a large portion of the face.

While growing your facial hair, you may experience beard itching.

Fortunately, this can be prevented by using a beard oil. The benefits of beard oil include softer and smoother facial hair strands and moisturized skin.

Trimming and Shaping

Once you have the right kind of facial hair density, it is time to trim and shape your beard.

Start off by prepping your beard grooming tools which should include a good beard comb, a beard trimmer, beard trimming scissors, and beard oil.

Start off by using a good beard soap and warm water to wash your beard. Warm water helps soften the hair follicles and makes trimming easier.

The benefits of using beard soap include removal of oil, dirt, and grime from your beard.  After toweling your facial hair, start shaving the outline.

Using a beard trimmer start from your neck and continue up to your chin and cheeks to create a rough shape. Start the outline an inch above Adam’s apple.

If this is your first time doing a goatee you can use a beard shaper made for goatees. A durable beard shaper can also help you create a perfect neckline.

Trim the sides of the goatee to create about a centimeter width of hair connecting the mustache to the goatee.

Do this for the mustache as well so you end up with one centimeter wide strip of a mustache.

Remove the guard and trim just above the upper lip to give your mustache a sharp edge.

Trimming and Shaping

Shave under your chin to create a V letter, leaving just a small triangular upside down patch of hair just under the center of the lower lip.

Use the shortest guard size to trim the hairs on this patch to keep them short.

Comb your facial hair to smoothen the strands out. Use your beard trimmer to shape the rest of your goatee, snipping stray strands of hair using your beard trimming scissors.

Keep the hairs on the chin about half an inch long. If you want more flexibility in doing this part, investing in a cordless stubble beard trimmer is a good idea.


Give your beard a trim once a week to keep it sharp and sleek. You want to keep the edges defined and the surrounding areas clean to make the goatee stand out.

The Rock’s facial hair is easy to notice because of its salt and pepper texture, giving it a different color from his tan skin color.

You can try beard dying and coloring if your natural hair color is similar to your skin color.

A goatee is one of the most popular short beard styles that anyone who can grow facial hair can achieve. If the Rock can rock this beard style, there’s a good chance you can too.

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