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Most Popular Dominican Haircuts

If you or someone you know is from the Dominican Republic, then you are probably aware of how women there leave a good impression because of their beautiful and exquisite hair.

Also called Dominican hair, most of the famous Dominican haircuts or styles can be likened to the cornrows in the US. The cuts and styles often come with curls and waves.

They have these cute twist hairstyles that many find exotic and cool. They also sport curly hairstyles for black men and women. However, Dominican hair also needs unique treatments and ingredients to bring out its best look.

If you have nice Dominican hair, especially the long wavy hair type, you may need to give it more attention than usual, so it will continue looking its best.

V-Shaped Bleached Curls

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Curly Faux Hawk

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High fade Twist Top

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Curly Mohawk Shadow Fade

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Taper Fade Sponge Top

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Dominican Blowouts

Just like an Afro hairstyle often associated with trendy and cool braids, Dominican haircuts and hairstyles require much care and attention.

One way to make this type of hair look its best is to go through the Dominican blowout treatment, which refers to a hair straightening technique that originated in the Dominican Republic.

This is one of the blowout hairstyles and treatments that is safe for your natural hair. It is safe in the sense that it lets you wear straight hair naturally without the use of any chemicals. This is especially helpful in places constantly exposed to humid conditions.

Like other blowout procedures, the entire process revolves around washing, shampooing, blow-drying and straightening your hair using a roller set, which is optional.

It does not use chemicals or flat irons, which means that it is not as harsh as other forms of treatment regarding gaining bouncy and shiny locks.

While the Dominican blowout treatment came from the Dominican Republic, it is not only for the Dominicans. People in the US have also started using this hair straightening technique to keep their locks as beautiful as possible.

Styling Tools Dominicans Use

Most Dominicans use the following tools when it comes to styling their hair, most especially if it involves the famous Dominican blowout:

  • Magnetic rollers
  • Round brush
  • Hooded blow dryer and a blow dryer that features a nozzle attachment
  • Rat-tail comb, which you can use to part your hair
  • Butterfly clams intended to keep your hair securely in place

Like when you are getting other hairstyles, like the curly hair fade or the ever-trendy mohawk, Dominican hairstyles also require other hairstyling products, including shampoo, hair serum, shine spray and deep conditioner, precisely the silicone-based type.

Bearded Man With a Curly Fade Haircut

How to Get and Maintain Dominican Hairstyles

Step 1 – Find out whether a Dominican hairstyle is for you

In that case, you may want to seek your hairstylist’s expert opinion and advice.

Step 2 – Use magnetic rollers

After washing, shampooing, and deep conditioning your hair, be ready to set your hair strands on the magnetic rollers. You need the rollers to get the bounce and volume famous to Dominican blowouts.

It is followed up by a round brush and blow-dryer, blowing your hair to reach a straight and smooth finish. Lastly, your hair will be wrapped, which is intended to provide it with a smooth and straight finish while retaining the bounce and volume.

Step 3 – Avoid steam and water

If you got the Dominican hairstyle through their famous blowout technique, you should avoid steam and water as much as possible, including the excess moisture from your shower.

In that case, make it a point to use a plastic cap to protect your hair. Stop using water-based moisturizers and butters, too. One more thing you can do is cover your hair with a satin wrap every night to retain its bounce and shine.

Step 4 – Apply serum or oil

When styling your hair with a Dominican style, ensure that you finish it with a serum or oil. This is necessary for not only boosting shine but also locking in moisture. Make it a daily habit of applying light oil, like olive and castor oil, to your hair ends, too.

Common Misconceptions

One of the most common misconceptions regarding Dominican hair is that it is only meant for Dominicans. However, anyone who wishes to make their hair as attractive as the Dominicans can try their famous blowout treatment.

Another misconception is that the Dominican blowout hurts. This is not true at all. While you may feel tugging and pulling, especially if you have natural hair, the entire procedure should not cause excessive pain.


Can Dominicans braid their hair?

Yes. Dominicans at present are now more open to accepting all hairstyles for men and women, including braids. This means that people there now have the freedom to style their hair. Even black men’s beard styles are also allowed in the country.

What do Dominicans use to straighten hair?

They use the Dominican blowout procedure. This hair straightening technique effectively straightens even the curliest and kinkiest hair and makes it shiny and bouncy.

How long do Dominican blowouts last?

They tend to last from around one week to one month. It could also be until the time you rewash your hair. The porosity also has a say on how long your Dominican blowouts will last. For very porous hair, expect it to stay for two weeks.

Are Dominican hair salons ideal for black hair?

Dominican hair salons may not be that good for those who have naturally black hair. The reason is that these salons usually focus more on making hair beautiful than healthy.

This makes it not ideal for black hair because it needs to prioritize hair health over other things to prevent it from falling out, drying, and becoming brittle.

How much does a Dominican haircut cost?

A Dominican haircut costs around $13 for men and $15 for women. Kids’ haircuts usually cost around $10.

What are the most popular color treatments for Dominican haircuts?

The most popular color treatments for Dominican haircuts nowadays are accent and partial highlights, ombre, and balayage. These hair coloring treatments can add life to even the dullest of hair.

What are the most common hairstyles for women in the Dominican Republic?

The most common hairstyle for Dominican Republic women is long and straight hair. This is despite most of them having naturally textured and curly hair. This is why Dominican blowout is so popular there, as it treats their curly hair and makes it as straight as possible.

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