Girl With a Tied Wavy Dama Hairstyle

You might be familiar with a celebration called Sweet 16 familiar in North America.

However, if you venture a little bit towards South America, you will find that girls out there celebrate Quinceanera.

It essentially means the same thing, except Quinceanera is celebrated at 15.

Both cases represent a rite of passage from childhood to womanhood.

On each occasion, girls wear different dama hairstyles as a part of the traditional ritual and as a way to beautify themselves during the celebration.

No matter how you look at it, both Quinceanera hairstyles and dama hairstyles have something spectacular to offer and a dose of intrigue that other styles don’t have.

Today, we discuss the most beautiful ones and advise which style to get for your Quinceanera.

20 Most Popular Dama Hairstyles

Getting simple highlights in black hair is not a proper way to style your hair for an occasion like Quinceanera. You need a style that will show off your nature and help emphasize it in a particular way.

To get an appropriate dama hairstyle, check these ones out:

Curly Updo

Your Quinces party needs you looking your best, and going with curly haircuts won’t do. You can get your curly hair and turn it into an advantage by making an updo.

There is no way you can go wrong, as it will tame your curls and manage them for this special occasion.

Simple Waterfall Braid

The look that never fails for any Quinceanera party is the waterfall braids. It is best suited for girls that have long and wavy hair. The waterfall look makes you look like a princess from a fairy tale and will help you feel like one. 

Dama Hairstyle With Lace Loop Braid

Another way to style your hair for a Quinces opening is creating a lace loop braid. Also excellent for girls with long and straight hair and can be matched with any color.

To create this one, you first need to make a waterfall braid and then start adding the middle hair sections to the waterfall braid.

Two-Toned Waterfall Braid

Modern times call for innovations, and adding color to the hair is one way to go. If you have long and textured hair, you can create a waterfall braid and then color the lower half of it in a neat color.

Be careful when dyeing wet hair, though, it is not something that you would want to do.

Fishtail Braid Loop With Loose Waves

The perfect dama hairstyle for girls with long and wavy hair would be a fishtail braid. To add to the suspense, you can throw in some loose waves.

It is pretty simple to make, as you should take two strands from each side of the head and twist them until they join together at the back. All that is left to do is to make a loose fishtail and you are done.

Dama Hairstyle With Lace Loop Braid

Bowtie Dama Hairstyle

A bowtie dama hairstyle is perfect for a Quinceanera occasion. It is elegant and very fitting and you can even do it on short hair. The idea is to tie a bowtie at the back of your head, which you can secure with bobby pins, and let the rest of your hair drape your back.

Elegantly Braided

You can combine some elegantly braided hair with silver color for a unique dama look. What makes this style work is that it is suitable for all kinds of face shape types as well as long and thick hair.

The main braids that tie the back of your head are ordered nicely but give in to some messy hair that falls to your back.

Half Up Ponytail

You can also make a ponytail work for all kinds of dama hairstyles. This one, in particular, is one of the hairstyles for mixed girls that can look very elegant for the occasion.

You need to make a ponytail in the upper portion of your hair and then turn the rest of the hair into curls with a bow on top.

Wavy Ponytail

If you don’t have curly hair or you don’t want to create it, a wavy ponytail is suitable as well. It fits even better if you have wavy hair to begin with.

Long wavy hair can be worked into a ponytail up top, while the rest of the hair should fall to your shoulders and back in waves.

Glossy Balayage

You can get your blonde hair with dark highlights and create a mesmerizing balayage hairstyle. It works on any hair type and is perfect for girls with an oval-shaped faces.

Sweep all the hair toward the back and tie a portion of it in the back of your head while the whisps of your hair fall towards the ground.

Braided Puff Dama Hairstyle

Wearing peekaboo braids is fine, but not for this kind of occasion. The puff dama hairstyle is a very chic one where you will create one massive braid that goes all the way toward the back of your head while allowing loose hair to dangle on the sides.

Twisted Half-Up Hairstyle

You can get creative by styling a twisted half-up, making your sweet 16 a memorable party. If you have long and thick hair, it is what you should be going for and it also does not matter which face type you have.

The loose waves make the style magical; they are supposed to drape your shoulders and add the needed charm.

Floral Knot

We don’t mean adding flowers to your hair, but that will also work for this kind of occasion. You will shape your hair in a floral knot and turn your hair into a beautiful flower.

Very suitable for girls with really long hair, but it takes a particular skill to create it.

French Braided Bun

A French braided bun is a form of an updo hairstyle but with a lot more elegance to it. It is sleek and stylish and will make your hair even more vibrant. You can add some elements and braid other parts of the hair to make it even more complex.

French Braided Bun For Layered Hair

Shiny Layered Waves

Get the most out of your voluminous hair by creating layered waves. The dark roots with blonde strands are something that you can add for an added effect. The main part should be the layers that will perk up the entire hair volume.

Double Braided Bun

A long hanging bun with double braids will help you get the appearance of a forest nymph. A natural look where you need to put double the effort to create the braided part will pay off with a look best suited for pale face girls.

Half Down Crown Bun

The half bun look created at the lower back of your head leaves a lot of room for a crown on top. We mean a literal crown, as there is no shame in accessorizing your hair with shiny new toys.

Messy Fishbone Braid

A fishbone braid does look extremely dazzling and fitting for a Quinceanera occasion. However, there is a way to make it a bit distinguishable compared to all similar fishbone styles. Mess it up and get it to look a bit out of sorts but elegant simultaneously.

Lopsided Bun

A lopsided bun resembles a regular bun, except it is a bit casual. You will notice some wisps of hair here and there, which make it look a bit different compared to other similar styles. It is very fitting for a Sweet 16 occasion and features a look everyone will envy.

Loose Braid With Accessories

It is never a miss to go with braids. You can get a few loose ones here and there while accessorizing them a bit. Adding a crown is one of those accessories, but you can go crazy with them and throw in all sorts of fun stuff there.

How to Style and Maintain a Dama Hairstyle

Your dama hairstyle can look unique as long as you decide to put some added effort into it. Depending on the style you choose, the style can be very easy to make or extremely hard. This is a special occasion, so you should go all out on the hair.

Step 1 – Start by making your pick

Use the list that we created for inspiration and added help.

Step 2 – Find a suitable hairstylist and explain what you want

This type of hair should be left in the hands of a professional. 

Step 3 – Properly care for your hair before styling it

Some hair spray will help you keep everything together. You should take good care of your hair to get the best results. Be sure to start a hair treatment with natural ingredients so the hair can get the necessary shine for the big occasion.

Common Mistakes to Avoid With Dama Hairstyles

There are a few ways in which one can go wrong when styling dama hairstyles:

  • Going for an overtly complicated hairstyle that does not suit you.
  • Trying to style a very difficult hairstyle yourself.
  • Not getting your hair in shape and nourishing it properly before styling it.
  • Picking an option that is not suitable for your face or hair type.
  • Taking products that will dry out your hair instead of moisturizing it.


Can quinceanera hairstyles be done at home?

Yes, it can, but it can be challenging if you don’t have the skill. One should best put this hairstyle in the hands of a professional.

How to choose the dama hairstyle that will suit you?

You can check the list we prepared for you and then decided based on your hair type and your face shape.

What are the most popular dama hairstyles for each hair type?

Braided hairstyles are really popular, especially waterfall braids.

Who are damas at a quinceanera?

Damas are young women who are supposed to transition from childhood to womanhood during a Quinceanera.

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