Dwarfs from the Snowhite

Beards have become so popular that movie characters are sporting them.

Some of the most famous characters have different types of beards that you can copy.

17 Most Popular Characters With Beards


Bluto’s rugged beard brings out his villain character because he is always out to hurt Popeye’s girlfriend. It goes along well with his bully-like features and his annoying character.


Genie in Aladdin is likable, and everybody loves him, including Jafar. His black, well-rounded beard sits nicely on his chin, further accentuating his mystical face and character.

Dr. Nick Riviera – The Simpsons

Dr. Nick  Riviera is the perfect definition of a quack. Who tells his clients that they won’t have to pay for his services if they die? That medium stubble he wears on the show brings him out as an intelligent man, coupled with the doctor’s coat and neat clothes.

Captain Caveman

Captain Caveman’s beard has to be the most unique of them all. The beard covers his whole body, and it’s hard to tell whether it’s all beard or its beard coupled with other body hair. However, the beard helps to bring out the character.

Papa Smurf

The medium white beard is incredibly complete to Pap Smurf’s blue look. Considering that he is a comical character, the beard is a great addition to bring out his character.

Papa Smurf

Groundskeeper Willie

Willie works in Springfield as the groundskeeper and has quite a temper. Don’t let the red beard fool you. He’s one of the most vicious characters in the Simpsons, so don’t be tempted to dare him.

Dwarfs – Snow White

The dwarfs in this fairytale make one love everything about dwarfs. They are all so sweet and caring towards snow white that it’s hard not to love them. Couple that with their fluffy white beards, and see what’s not to love about them.


Jafar’s beard is probably the most attractive feature, as his character isn’t that appealing. The way he runs his fingers through his neat beard makes it a sight to behold.

King Triton

King Triton’s white mane is a great way to speak royalty. It might be incredibly intimidating when angry, but the beard also gives him a nice fatherly charm. The beard looks especially good when he is a gentle gather to his daughters.

Chef – South Park

The Chef has a well-trimmed beard that looks great on his round face. It helps to bring out his character and make him friendly looking so that he appeals to his audience.

Nicholas St. North – Rise of the Guardians

The white, long Amish beard that Nicholas wears on the show makes him look like one of the good guys and trustable. And he is one. He’s the one who sees the return of the Nightmare King. The white beard also brings out the older man as a gentle and kind person.

Zeus – Hercules

Zeus’s beard is moderately long and well-chiseled, perhaps to emulate the men from ancient Greek. The beard aligns nicely with the character’s sculptured body and acts as a nice compliment to his features.

You can learn how to use beard balm or aloe vera to achieve this look.

Yosemite Sam

Yosemite Sam is the bearded guy with guns in Looney Tunes. He seems pretty tough, and the beard makes him look menacing. It completes his look perfectly.

Yosemite Sam

Dr. Teeth – The Muppets

Dr. Teeth is a lovable Muppets character. He is the leader of Electric Mayhem, a rock band. His orange beard and odd outfits make a lethal combination you will enjoy.

Alameda Slim

Even though Alameda Slim is a negative character, his beard is stunning. He is a sly character, and the beard perfectly complements his appearance and personality.

Dr. Orpheus

Dr. Orpheus’s beard is an excellent match for his character. The black well-manicured beard aligns with his facia structure and is undoubtedly one of the sexiest beards among cartoon characters.

Mario and Luigi

Mario and Luigi must be at the top of your favorite cartoon characters with mustaches if you like video games. The protagonists of Super Mario Bros are Mario and Luigi.

Even though they don’t have beards, their well-groomed and distinctive mustache is enough to keep them on the list. Try their mustache styling if you want to look as manly as the Mario Brothers.

Mario And Luigi


What Disney characters have beards?

Disney characters with beards include Captain Jack Sparrow of the Pirates of the Caribbean, who wears beard beads and Jason Momoa.

Who is the most famous cartoon character with a beard?

Jafar’s beard must be one of the most famous in cartoon history.


Disney characters have worn beards and chili bowl haircuts for a long time, and those beard styles have become favorites among their fans. This is one of the ways that Disney land continues to influence men’s fashion.

You can always learn from these characters whether you prefer a long goatee or a long beard style.

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