5 Best Back Shavers - Effective Solution to Get Rid of Back Hairs Today

Having body hair can be sexy and appealing.

But not all hair on our body looks attractive.

While having some chest hair or a little bit to cover your abbs is something that the ladies go crazy over, nobody feels the same about back hair. But even though there are tons of ways of removing back hair, it is one of the toughest spots to reach unless you have somebody assisting you.

Nevertheless, there is a simple solution for your problem and it comes in the form of choosing a perfect back shaver.

Since we do feel your pain and understand the problem that you are facing, we created a detailed list of the best back shavers for men that you can try.

We dedicated a lot of effort to dial down on a few products that in our opinion are absolutely the best and are comfortable to use.

If your problem is back hair, then the best solution is a suitable back shaver, so keep reading to view some of the top choices for you.

Top 5 Back Shavers (Summary)

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Image Product Details  
SharpestBAKblade 2.0
  • Completely pain-free and close shave
  • Retractable and comfortable grip handle
  • Blades don’t rust or dull
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Closest ShaveMangroomer
  • Extreme reach extandable handle
  • 2 interchangeable attachments
  • Fast recharging
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Flexible Cutting BladesBAKblade 1.0
  • Doesn’t cause irritation, nicks and cuts
  • Extra-long handle for hard-to-reach areas
  • No battery required
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  • 15 premium double edge blades
  • Long, reinforced handle with good grip
  • Fast blade changing
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  • Sharp, durable and rust-resistant blades
  • Detachable and replaceable cutting head
  • Budget-friendly
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For more detailed and complete product reviews on benefits and features, keep reading.

Fortunately, for the hairy-backed men of the world, there are several high-quality back shavers on the market that can help you simply shave off any unwanted hair you have growing on that area of your body.

When it comes to cutting or shaving off hair from any part of your body – whether it be your face, arms, legs, or other areas – you can’t expect good or let’s face it, painless results without investing in something a little more efficient than a $3 disposable razor from a drugstore variety pack.

There’s no shame in using a back hair shaver – but there’s a little shame in letting yourself carry on with another method that hands-down cannot rival the results of the best electric groomer for your facial hair or body hair.

Veering away from some of our recommendations for beard products such as the best beard conditioner or best beard butter to groom the man fur on your face – we have developed a comprehensive guide for properly shaving your back with a shaving tool you can trust.

Continue reading below to learn more about the benefits of shaving your back, which professional shavette may work best for you, and to check out our step-by-step guide on how to handle your back shaver like a pro.

5 Best Back Shavers Reviewed

We’ve done the hard work for you and picked the top 5 shavers for your back hair that are proven to deliver the best results.

1. BAKblade 2.0 Back Shaver

One of a kind 4-inch blade and perfect teeth arrangement on the BAKblade 2.0 Back Shaver makes shaving your body and the back piece of cake.

DryGlide blades with safety guards make it possible to use BAKblade 2.0 both for wet and dry pain-free shaving alike.

The reason why you won’t experience any pain is the razor flexibility that allows lighter and less rigid friction between the skin surface and the razor.

An important note – the razors of BAKblade 2.0 are exceptionally sharp, so make sure to take it easy, don’t press hard and follow the instructions, or you can get some severe cuts.

No longer will you have to ask someone else to shave your back, thanks to the long, curved and ergonomic handle of BAKblade 2.0 that you can grip from multiple positions and reach any area on the back.

The handle of BAKblade 2.0 resembles the letter S and is designed to apply just enough pressure you need for a close shave. You can also fold it in half and take your shaver with you on travels.

Just detach the blade cartridge from the handle whenever you need to shave your chest and abs or any other area of your body that is easily accessible.



  • Ergonomic, S-shaped handle for hard-to-reach areas
  • Retractable handle can be folded in half for portability
  • Blades don’t rust or dull
  • Detachable blade cartridge unit

  • You have to pass some areas multiple times to fully remove the hairs
  • The blades are too sharp and can cause some serious cuts if not handled with caution

2. ManGroomer Ultimate Pro Back Shaver

Many useful and innovative features in the ManGroomer Ultimate Pro Back Shaver make it stand out among dozens back shavers on the market.

Two interchangeable attachment shaving heads have shock absorber and multifunctional flex necks.

The flex necks enable smooth shave and follow your back’s angle to provide the best possible contact between the blades and the skin.

For shorter hairs, ManGroomer Ultimate Pro Back has an additional foil body groomer and for the hard-to-reach areas, you will find the extreme reach rubberized handle to be pretty handy.

You can also lock the Pro Back unit at any position thanks to the Pro XL extension lock button. Shaving at any angle is made possible with the power hinge easy to use push lock button.

This feature allows you store the ManGroomer Ultimate Pro Back back shaver in your travel bag because it locks it in the closed flat position. Fast recharging with the indicator lights will notify you when the shaver is ready for use.

If you run into some of the areas with thick and coarse hairs, press the power burst button that will effortlessly shave through them. For maximum versatility, you can use ManGroomer Ultimate Pro Back both corded and cordless.



  • 2 interchangeable attachment heads with shock absorber flex necks
  • Extreme reach extendable handle with Pro XL extension lock button
  • Power hinge easy to use push lock button for changing shaving angles
  • 135 degrees opening and can be used cordless

  • The battery doesn’t hold a charge for too long
  • Shuts off on its own intermittently

3. BaKblade 1.0 Ultra Long Back Shaver

Whether you are more into the wet or dry shaving, the BaKblade 1.0 Back Shaver has cartridges that are specially designed to allow you to shave with the use of shaving cream or without it.

No matter the option you chose, the blades of this product are unlikely to dull or rest and with the protection bar they have you will be safe from small cuts, irritation and razor burns.

Your back and body hair is less coarse and thick than your facial hairs, which is why you need a light pressure when shaving them.

With this shaver, you get a flexible cutting blade that allows less rigid friction between the skin surface and the razor. This being said, with just a little carefulness you can have a smooth back and pain-free shave.

Make sure to follow the instructions thoroughly to avoid cutting yourself. This product is meant to be used without the need for batteries.

Once you master the skill, you will find it pretty easy to shave your back with it. For those difficult to reach areas, the ergonomic handle is the most useful feature.

It will not only help you get to those areas, but it will also maintain just enough pressure to provide you with a precise shave.



  • Comfortable handle to reach the unapproachable areas with ease
  • Flexible cutting blades
  • Doesn’t require a battery
  • Blades have a protection bar and don’t dull or rust

  • You have to go repeatedly over the same sport to remove all the hairs
  • The handle is made of plastic and can break easily

4. Broshaver Back Hair Shaver

The functional, sleek and modern design on the Broshaver Back Hair Shaver makes it look professional, while its features help you with removing your back hairs.

Inside the Broshaver package are 15 high-quality double edge blades for both wet and dry shaving. You can also adjust the cutting edge to more than 4.5 inches.

Once you need replacement blades, you can do so for a small price compared to other back shaver blades whose replacement blades cost half the price of the product itself.

Fast blade changing with tension grab is also made possible, while the handle helps in reaching the difficult areas on your back.

The handle itself is reinforced and strong and can expand for 22 inches. It provides you with a handy grip so that you can comfortably shave your back without anyone’s help.

The product is 100% water-resistant and made with high-performance bolts. One of the downsides, however, is the fact that you don’t get any instructions.

Because of the sharpness of the blades and lack of a guide on how to use the shaver, it’s easy to cut your back, which is precisely what happened to a lot of customers who bought this item.



  • 15 premium stainless steel double edge safety blades
  • Long and reinforced handle for handy grip
  • Thumb rest, hanger hole and stainless steel bolts
  • Fast blade changing with tension grab

  • Extremely easy to cut the skin on your back
  • Instructions on how to use it are not included

5. Xpreen Stretchable Back Shaver

Quick, easy and painless back hair removal is what you will get with the Xpreen Stretchable Back Shaver.

Its blades are sharp, so make sure to be careful and not press shaving heads too strong to avoid hurting yourself. If this is done correctly, you’ve got nothing to worry about.

Sharp blades are actually your best ally when using this product, as they will remove the long hairs on your back in a split second, without having to pass certain areas a few times.

Made of premium stainless steel, these blades won’t rust even after an extended period of use.

One of the best features of this item is the stretchable handle, which is also hard-wearing and break-resistant. It allows you to adapt the length to your needs and reach any area with ease.

The cutting head can be quickly detached and replaced. You will also find the manual pretty handy as it will save you from a lot of trouble and painful shaving experiences.

Compact design and real leather, tough lanyard make this back shaver portable and very convenient to bring on your travels.



  • Sharp, durable and rust-resistant stainless steel blade
  • Detachable and replaceable cutting head
  • Stretchable, hard-wearing and break-resistant handle
  • Very low cost and affordable

  • Sharp blades can cut your back severely if you aren’t careful enough
  • Can be hard to get the handle in the desired position

What Is a Back Shaver?

What Is a Back Shaver?

Unlike general razors or shaving devices for your facial hair, a back shaver is a personal grooming device designed specifically to remove back hair.

It can be used to completely remove the hair or to otherwise better maintain it.

These shavers are larger than your general razor, typically featuring a long, ergonomic handle that allows users to reach all areas of the back with relative ease.

Back shavers are also available as either manual back shaving machine, electric, or battery-powered devices depending on your own personal preference.

Benefits of Using Back Shaver

A back hair shaver is specially designed to maintain or eliminate hair on your back. If you have unwanted hair growing where you don’t want, what more could you want?

But to make things perfectly clear, buying and using your own back razor allows you to:

  • Get rid of back hair on your own without having to ask for help or visit a professional salon
  • Save money that could alternatively be spent on waxing sessions or laser hair treatments
  • Avoid skin irritation by using the best safety razor blades for your device
  • Shave either in or out of the shower. While not all shavers offer this advantage – particularly electric back shaving models – most decent shavers can be used wet or dry shaving.

Plus, at some point, even if you use a styptic pencil or buy alum block, all the nicks and cuts you’ll get from using a low-quality razor will have your back looking uncomfortably similar to that childhood bout of chickenpox you never want to remember again.

Or worse, a visual parallel to the Bacne Backocalype days. Or, heck, if you still have issues with bacne, investing in a good quality back shaver becomes only more important.

Leave the redness, irritation spots, and patchy stray hairs in the past. If you have hair growing on your back that you’d banish to the Shadow Realm if it were possible – don’t make its removal harder than it needs to be.

A good shaver with a long handle will help you reach all the hard-to-reach spots of back and – to be frank – just get the damn job done.

How to Choose the Best One

Choosing the best back shaver largely depends not only on the reputation of the brand you buy, but on individual needs, like skin sensitivity, the weight of the product, or whether you’d prefer an electric back shaving device, manual, or battery-powered product.

Nonetheless, there are several attributes across the board that you should be looking for when purchasing a back shaver for yourself or one of your bros (because, why not?).

Attributes of Quality Back Shavers

Equipped with a Long Handle

Let’s face it, the best straight razor for your face is not going to be the best option to use as a back hair shaver.

The best back shaving tools are specially designed to feature a comfortable handle, which helps you to reach all areas on your back without having to go through the embarrassment of asking someone to help.


It’s only practical to buy from a manufacturer that offers a warranty on your razor, as the components of these products can wear over time.

Good Value

Although shavers are generally more affordable than other methods, you’re still going to want to look for the best value for your buck.

Keep an eye on the accessory and replacement costs for components such as replacement blades, batteries (if battery-powered), and cartridges.

Effective Against Ingrown Hairs

Quality back razors, whether electric back shaving units or manual, feature replacement blades that are installed at an angle specially designed to be effective against ingrown hairs.

If you are looking for the best razor for sensitive skin, for instance, you may want to check out tools like the Potou Back Shaver, which features added safeguards to help you avoid experiencing skin irritation.

Pair your perfect back shaver with the best anti-dandruff shampoo for men, and you’ll be well on your way to meeting the higher standards of unquestionable male hygiene.

Pointedly leaving the best face wash for men out on your bathroom counter isn’t going to be enough to lower the raised eyebrows of your wife or girlfriend.

Keeping yourself properly groomed takes some time and grit. Using the right kind of razor can help.

Alternatives to Shaving Your Back

When it comes to removing the back hair, you are not without your options. In addition to professional back shavers, there are some other options available for your consideration:


Waxing is a popular choice for back hair removal if only because it gets the job done fast. You’ll get your smooth back – but don’t get too excited, because you’ll also be faced with the associated costs that inevitably accompany visits to a salon.

If cost isn’t a concern for you, then you can still reasonably consider this an option.

However, a couple of other additional drawbacks of waxing versus shaving are not being able to just do it yourself in your own time, as well as risking the growth of ingrown hairs that can sometimes occur from waxing.

It’s also not entirely painless. We’ll leave it at that.

Laser Treatment

Laser Hair Removal

Laser treatments can permanently remove hair from treated areas of your body, and thereby prevent future hair growth, but it’s worth it to note that this evidently comes with a hefty price tag.

It may take several sessions of laser treatment to achieve your desired result, and these treatments can be expensive for the average Joe.

Shaving Cream

As with shaving, the shaving cream is a method of removal that you can do on your own at home.

The results of using a cream are mixed at best and can be somewhat time-consuming due to how long you need to keep the cream on your back for it to work.

How to Shave Your Back Hair by Yourself: Step-by-Step Guide

As long as you go about it the right way, using a back hair shaver can be a simple task.

To get started:

1. Choose Your Setting

Figure out what setting you think will work best for you. For your first attempt at least, you’ll want to have a few mirrors around so you can watch all your moves with an eagle eye. Once you’ve grown more comfortable with the process, if you have a waterproof shaver, you can move onto shaving in the shower.

2. Gather Your Materials

While your shaver will be the star of the show, you will also benefit from using some other products or tools. Just as you would use natural beard soap to groom your facial hair, it is helpful to have shaving gel on hand to reduce your chances of experiencing skin irritation, especially if you have sensitive skin.

If you are shaving in a bathroom, you’ll likely already have a large mirror in front of you, but it doesn’t hurt to have a small, hand-held mirror that you can hold at an angle while you shave.

3. Start with Your Upper Back

For an easier time, start by shaving the upper parts of your back first.

4. Shave Your Lower Back

Once you’ve gotten the upper area covered – or, uncovered – you can start shaving lower down your backside. The long grip handle of the razor will be particularly helpful for this.

In addition, don’t forget to change your blades regularly, as needed. Just as you would replace the blades on whatever shaving device you use for your face or beard, the blades for your back shaver will need to be looked after as well.

The choice of the back shaver that will work for you is not something you can take lightly. Also, it’s not something you should try to save your money on.

A good back shaver will help you eliminate the annoying back hairs while making sure you don’t hurt or cut yourself.

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