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22 Most Popular Reverse Fade Hairstyles

Two-Tone Drop Fade

This reverse fade hairstyle requires using platinum dye for your hair color. You also have to use your natural hair to make the style more defined. The roots should then be used as the base for your slick punk style.

Bald Fade Featuring a Faux Hawk

Are you searching for a perfect faux hawk haircut? Then the bald fade featuring the faux hawk is the style for you. Here, you will have to let your long hair transition seamlessly into shorter strands starting from the temples through the high fade.

The style is distinguishable, featuring a clear, prominent shave within the curved line.

Spiked Punk Faux Hawk

Make the faux hawk more interesting and distinguishable by integrating spiked bangs. You can combine it with the coolest mid-fade haircuts and a pointed shave towards your forehead.

Box Braids Featuring Curvy Designs

This is a hairstyle that a skilled and professional barber can give you. All it takes is for him to edge your hair using a traditional fade that should be stationed at your temple.

Your neck should then hold the reverse fade. Make it look better with attractive curves surrounding the side and reaching your beard.

Mirror-Effect Crosses

This is a short hairstyle that makes use of each strand of your hair to create pointed fades designed to accentuate your neck. You also have to use a diagonal taper that should be visible in the middle. It creates a mirror effect composed of crosses at the back.

Separated Crown Featuring a Fade

In this style, you will combine a double fade at the bottom and top, creating a subtle arrow visible at the eye line level. It also features a mohawk on top, which stops deceptively midway as it continues with an additional tail found at your neck.

Man With a Separated Crown and Reverse Fade Hair

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Box Cut With Drips

You can emphasize your box haircut through a gorgeous bright-colored dye in this style. It requires you to add a fade, probably a crop top fade or a comb-over fade, at the sides and back.

This can give off sharp-edged lines designed to make your hair drip naturally from all sides.

Geometric Undercut

This reverse fade hairstyle requires you to integrate a geometric pattern, making the classic undercut fun and playful. It can also be made even more interesting with a Greek-inspired style that you must carefully and thoroughly shave.

Edgy Pomp Featuring Lined Fades

Spike your hair upwards to bring your retro pomp style up a notch and make it look edgy. Integrate unique lines by integrating a reverse fade in the area surrounding your scalp.

Messy Reverse Fade

You can also make your reverse fade hairstyle a bit messy. Put it upwards to give it a messy and edgy look.

Neck Reverse Fade

Go for the neck reverse fade to make you look more masculine and edgy. It is as interesting to look at as some of the best and trendiest low-fade haircut ideas right now.

High Mohawk Fade

This style allows you to sport a high fade that is sharp and edgy while incorporating an unconventionally styled mohawk into it. You can do that if you let your hair at the crown grow long and then have it styled upwards.

Man With a High Mohawk Fade Hairdo

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Reverse Fade Featuring a Curvy Line

This reverse fade comes with a curvy line that adds appeal to the entire look. It looks posh and masculine at the same time.

Mid Reverse Fade

You can also choose to sport the mid-reverse fade. It will surely turn heads as it is as attractive and unique as some of the best braid hairstyles for men.

Sectioned Fades

You can also style your reverse fade in sections. With the sectioned fades, you can show off your distinctive and edgy personality.

Wavy Fades

If you have thick and wavy hair, you can use that to your advantage through this style. Just show off your wavy hair through the reverse fade style.

Burst Fade

The burst fade is a style you can easily customize to fit your unique and personal style. Integrate an excellent design on all sides to give this burst reverse fade more personality.

Flat Top Featuring an Angular Fade

Do you like flat-top haircuts? Then why not style it with an angular fade? This is a reverse fade style that is sure to grab attention because of the way it looks nice.

Long Wavy Mullet

Are you looking for a nice variation of the curly mullet? Then give this long wavy mullet style a try. It comes with a reverse fade that gives it an edge over the other hairstyles.

Bald Reverse Fade

Do you know that there is a bald variation of the reverse fade? You can try it if you prefer a look that makes you feel free and strong.

Platinum Reverse Fade

Choose this style if you want your reverse fade hairstyle to hold bold colors. While it is not that easy to do and maintain, it is worth it as it can add more appeal to your overall style.

Man With a Platinum Reverse Fade Cut

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Messy Curtain Featuring Diagonal Lines

You can also combine a messy curtain hairstyle with the reverse fade. It significantly makes your look more distinctive and adventurous if you add some diagonal lines to the overall style.

How to Style and Maintain

Step 1 – Research different versions of the reverse fade

Find out which version suits you the most. In that case, your choice should depend on your preferred style and whether or not it suits your facial shape and hair texture.

Step 2 – Use clippers

This makes it necessary for you to learn about your hair clipper sizes and what to use precisely. Since you will be doing a reverse fade, a zero guard size is recommended to install the fade at the middle of your back and the sides.

This results in the primary forming of the skin fade.

Step 3 – Shave to your hair’s gradient

This is because it allows the blades to come in contact with your hair follicles directly.

Step 4 – Use hair gel or pomade

They are among the most valuable products for those who want to maintain the nice shape and style of their reverse fade.


Why is the reverse fade becoming popular in the hairdressing industry?

The main reason is the nice visuals it produces. The reverse fade looks excellent, which is why you can see it being offered a lot in barbershops and salons.

Can I get a reverse fade at home?

Yes. The only thing you need is the proper set of equipment. Among these cutting tools and equipment are hair clippers with guards of various sizes, hair-cutting shears, hair combs, and handheld mirrors.

However, getting the reverse fade from a professional stylist is still advisable to achieve the results you want.

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