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11 Most Popular MGK Haircuts

Beach Blonde Modern Mullet

Make the classic mullet more modern with this style. It comes with enough highlights and blends well with sides composed of blends. What makes it distinctive is that it does not look greasy at all.

It is a good style for anyone with a more laid-back personality but prefers showing off bold moves in terms of how they look. It is also one of the best modern bleached hairstyles that MGK has ever sported.

Duo Tone Messy Swoop

Machine Gun Kelly (MGK) did not get immediate approval the first time he sported this style. Eventually, though, it started to look good on him. It is one of those highly messy hairstyles, but it fits anyone who wants to experiment with various hairstyles.

The style has darker roots first then you can see bleached ends following it.

Triple-Zero Buzz Cut

This style works well for those who wish to find the perfect solution for shedding hair and those who prefer sporting a more masculine look. It is also versatile in that it fits various kinds of outfits.

Relaxed M-Shaped Curtain Haircut

The curtain haircut otherwise referred to as the eBoy hairstyle, is a good choice if you are looking for a flexible and trendy style that you can easily combine with various outfits.

This specific variation of the curtain hairstyle sported by MGK can make you look and feel good and improve your hair’s health.

Short Length Faux Hawk

For this particular style to work, you must pair it up with a mid-taper fade. The fact that you are styling your hair into a faux hawk gives your hair more control and allows it to show a firm and secure hold.

Just make sure to invest in the best texturizing powder and hair clay to make this look good on you.

Messy Quiff

You can also get MGK’s look with the messy quiff. This style is so good because it demonstrates maturity while still having sufficient room to bring out your creativity. You can even pair it up with trendy hair color ideas for men.

Hot Pink Locks

This style made MGK display his fondness for experimenting with various hair colors. His choice of color, hot pink, also seems to jive well with his personality.

You can mimic this style by repeating the same hot pink color he used or by choosing one that is also a perfect match for your personality.

Machine Gun Kelly With a Pink Hair

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Laid-Back Vanilla Blonde Swoop

This carefree hairstyle is what MGK sported at the VMA last 2020. It featured vanilla blonde highlights that tend to blend well with this style’s somewhat hassle-free and minimalist vibe.

Modern Slick Back

If you are fond of slicked-back hairstyles, you can wear MGK’s modern take on them. It is an elegant hairstyle that tends to remain firm all the time. It also has sufficient volume. When wearing this style, you can use vibrant colors to leave an even better impression.

Samurai Top Knot

It is also a good idea to try edgy samurai hairstyles, like the polished and sophisticated version sported by MGK. It features shaved sides that give contrast to the color of your hair. This can be beneficial for those who have vibrant hair colors.

Messy Shag Haircut

Shaggy hairstyles are also among the newest trends. This messy shag haircut provides more texture to each strand. You can also use the longer hair strands on every side of your hairline to bring out your best facial features.

In MGK’s case, the cut significantly slimmed down his facial shape, making his cheekbones and unique facial features more prominent.

MGK Hair Transplant

MGK actually got a hair transplant and he was very open about it. He did it because of his thinning hair. Performed by Jacques Abrahamian, the transplant was meant to prevent him from getting bald, which he thought would affect his self-esteem.

The fact that he was so open about getting the hair transplant procedure was good for him as it caused him to gain an even more significant number of followers.

MGK’s Influence on New Trends

Aside from having a strong mark in the music industry, MGK also has a huge influence on fashion. He gained recognition mainly because of his unique fashion taste.

His influence can be seen in the clothes and accessories he wears, his bold rituals, and his beautiful and unique hairstyle. Even various dreadlock styles for men will look good on him, making those worthwhile to follow.

Machine Gun Kelly With a Purple Guitar Wearing Messy Blonde Hair

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How to Get and Maintain MGK Hairstyles

Step 1 – Choose a haircut

Determine whether an MGK haircut suits you based on your personality, hair type, length and texture and facial shape. Ensure you are also prepared to rock his hairstyle, especially the bold and edgy ones.

Step 2 – Style your hair

In most cases, it involves cutting hair in layers, starting from the middle.

Step 3 – Visit a professional barber

This is highly recommended for the correct layering and shaping of your hair.

Step 4 – Use some product

In most cases, you will need to use hair clay and high-quality texturizing powder to sport the hairstyle of MGK. It helps in keeping the shine and shape of your chosen MGK haircut. You also have to use hair wax.


What is the natural color of MGK hair?

Light brown. This is the natural hair color of MGK, which was seen on him when he was still young, around high school.

What did MGK do to his hair?

MGK underwent a hair transplant, specifically the follicular unit transplant, a method that requires taking some existing follicles from a healthy area and then putting them in a spot that has to be improved. In the case of MGK, his doctor improved the hair follicles close to his hairline.

How to style my hair like MGK?

It is easy to create most of the hairstyles of MGK. In most cases, you need to apply some texturizing powder, which helps improve the style’s thickness. You can also emulate his often grease-free style that has plenty of density and looks natural.

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