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Mark Davis is the infamous owner of the Las Vegas Raiders, and the reason for his infamy is his ugly haircut.

Here is an overview of Davis and why a multi-millionaire would be caught with such horrible chili bowl haircuts.

Career Highlights

Inheritance of the Raiders

Mark Davis and his mother, Carol, inherited the co-ownership of the then-Oakland Raiders when his father, Al, died in 2011. Davis owned 47% of the team’s shares and inherited the general manager position formerly held by his father.

He oversees the team’s day-to-day operations.

Relocating the Raiders to Las Vegas

One of the most significant achievements that Mark Davis managed to pull off that his father could not is negotiating a city to house the Raiders.

Before finally relocating to Vegas, Davis was in negotiations with other cities for the Raiders, including San Antonio (Texas), San Diego, and Los Angeles.

Even Oakland tried to convince Davis to stay with the city. However, because the Oakland Raiders share the stadium with two other professional teams, and the structure also shows its age, Davis decided not to renew the team’s lease with the Oakland Stadium.

In March 2017, the NFL officially recognized the relocation of the Raiders to Las Vegas.

Purchasing the Las Vegas Aces

On January 14, 2021, Mark Davis purchased the Las Vegas Aces (formerly owned by MGM Resorts), a professional WNBA (Women’s National Basketball Association) team.

In 2022, less than a year after Davis acquired the team, the Las Vegas Aces managed to win the league’s 2022 championship, the first professional championship that Las Vegas has ever won.

Davis’s Iconic Hairstyle

For someone worth more than $500 million, why does Mark Davis sport a horrible bowl haircut? The truth is that the bowl cut is not a collection of grooming mistakes.

It is his way of being a maverick in business, where people are typically groomed properly and cleanly.

This bowl cut of Davis may look like he does it himself, but he would drive to a barber shop in Palm Desert where his favorite barber or hairstylist will retouch his hair.

How to Get It

If you are thinking of getting a haircut and you want to get the same haircut as Mark Davis, for whatever reason, here is how to ask for a haircut like his:

Step 1 – Grow to the correct length

Davis’ hair is roughly 2 to 3 inches and visibly thinned at certain parts. If you want to emulate this iconic bowl, you should let your hair grow out a bit. Also, your hair should be a bit limp to capture the same look.

Step 2 – Consult with your hairdresser

If your barber is not familiar with who Mark Davis is, you should ask for a conventional bowl cut, but keep the fringes short, ending just an inch or so from your hairline.

Alternatively, you can ask for an Edgar haircut, which is a bit more stylish nowadays. On the other hand, you can bring a picture of Mark Davis and show it to your barber. They might discourage you from getting it, but you should stand your ground.

Step 3 – Maintenance

Mark Davis, as you can probably tell, does not spend too much time styling his hair, which makes it seem like he made a couple of grooming mistakes.

According to Davis, he blow-dries his hair and it just turns out the way it is, and there is no reason you should not do the same.


Does Mark Davis’s bowl cut represent a symbol of his character?

Davis is a sort of a maverick when it comes to the team owners in the NFL. His trademark bowl cut is like a symbolic middle finger to how business people should present themselves.

How did Mark Davis get rich?

He has always been rich. His father, Al Davis, was the former majority stockholder and general manager of the Oakland Raiders. However, he did play a huge role in developing the team’s retail stores and brokered deals in signing players for the team.

He also dabbled in developing commercial real estate and casinos.

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