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9 Best LaMelo Ball Haircut Ideas

Curly Top With a Patterned Fade

Showcase your curls with this curly hair for black men’s style. Its unique color scheme, mainly composed of a dark base and vibrant colors, leaves a good impression. Its colors contrast nicely, further boosting your curls’ textures.

This style also has density as it features a fade, preferably a low fade haircut.

Short Mohawk With Temple Fade

If you are fond of temple fade haircuts, you can combine this with the short mohawk, another style that is popular by LaMelo. This trendy mohawk for black men comes with short dreadlocks and frosted tips.

The temple fade is also an excellent addition to the style as it makes the highlights more nicely saturated, thereby preventing the mohawk from appearing uneven and messy.

Medium-Length Curls With Burst Fade

This style requires medium-length curls, promoting ease in maintaining and managing your hair. Adding the burst fade into this style also makes your curls more impressive. It provides incredible volume, fullness, and contrast to your hair, especially coarse.

You can also enhance the curls on top by adding highlights.

360 Wave Shape-Up

As the name suggests, this is one of the most impressively-looking 360 waves hairstyles you can sport. This style will let you rock your waves nicely and confidently, similar to what LaMelo is doing.

Improve the look of patterns in this style by integrating some bright copper colors. It is trendy but may not be among the perfect afro hairstyles for men who work on a 9-to-5 basis. The reason is that this style requires a lot of time for maintenance and styling.

Short Afro Featuring High and Tight Taper

LaMelo Ball wore the short afro when he needed an extremely short haircut due to the scorching heat in North Carolina.

He combines it with a tight, high taper that benefits coarse and fine curls. It is also low maintenance, so I’m sure you will love this style.

Lamelo Wearing Curly Mohawk Fade Hairstyle

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Dreadlocks With Skin Fade

This style showcases vibrant locks because it features caramel brown highlights. Use coils for styling to make this style look even more fun and bouncier. Also, instead of a skin fade, you may want to combine this style with blends that should be visible on the side.

Waves With Temple Fade

Many consider this the best out of the many hairstyles and haircuts played by LaMelo Ball. It features waves that are paired up with a temple fade. The waves in this style may require more maintenance than usual, like frequent conditioning, but it is worth it.

This style looks better when you use neutral colors, so expect the temple fade to work better than other fades.

Comb Coils

Another style from LaMelo that is worthwhile to emulate is the comb coil. It features comb coil twists that he could pull off with the help of a conditioner and holding wax.

If you prefer this style, you must use such products or some of the top pomades for curly hair available in the market.

Curly Blonde Hair

This is one of the unique variations of LaMelo’s mohawk hairstyles. Many even start to associate the blonde color with his curly hair.

Lamelo With a Blonde Curly Mohawk Hair

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How to Style and Maintain

Step 1 – Research the different haircuts

Narrow them down to the ones that suit you, your hair texture, personality, length of hair, and facial shape and features. You can then make your choice based on the mentioned factors.

Step 2 – Use high-quality spiral rods

You have to invest in this set, so you can perfectly follow the hairstyles of LaMelo Ball. This is possible even if your hair is straight. Look for a barber or hairstylist skilled enough to manage and maintain afro hair, too.

Step 3 – Visit your hairstylist regularly

This is even more important if you decide to get a perm. This will guarantee that your hair will be adequately taken care of.

Step 4 – Use a nourishing conditioner

This is necessary for your curls as this product will help condition your strands daily. You may also apply a leave-in conditioner, improving color saturation and making your curls look better.


Who is LaMelo Ball’s barber?

Philly Barber is the barber behind most of LaMelo Ball’s impressive haircuts and hairstyles.

Can I recreate LaMelo Ball’s hairstyle if I have straight hair?

Yes, you can. You can always seek the help of a hairdresser whose primary focus is maintaining and managing Afro hair for this purpose. It also helps to have a nice set of quality spiral rods in your grooming and hairstyling kit.

How to make my curls look like the curly top of LaMelo?

You have to condition your hair regularly. You can use a nourishing or a leave-in conditioner for this. It is also important to have hair pomades, wax, and other products to help shape your curls.

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