Khabib Nurmagomedov With an Amish Beard

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Khabib Beard Styles

Nurmagomedov has one of the most unorthodox goatee styles in the UFC. He is known to sport just two beard styles.


There are times when Nurmagomedov seemed to forget to shave his mustache so he would have a wispy mustache with a full beard. Many of his fans prefer this short beard style on him.

The reason is that it just looks more natural on him. It seems like a corporate beard style, which is why he wears it this way in most of his recent photoshoots.


The usual facial hair that Nurmagomedov wears is a bit hard to describe. It is technically a full curly beard, but he shaved off the mustache. It looks kind of like a thick chin strap. This is technically an Amish beard but cropped close to the skin.

It is similar to Arab beards, but he does not allow it to grow more than half an inch long. You can recreate this famous beard style using a simple beard comb, beard trimmers, and a safety razor.

Khabib Nurmagomedov With a Beard

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Nurmagomedov Without a Beard

There was never a time in his professional life when you could see Nurmagomedov without his trademark beard. However, you can find the next best thing, Nurmagomedov with a thin chin strap, almost like a peach fuzz beard, which you can see in his UFC debut.

Some people say that the reason why Nurmagomedov grew a beard is that he had a weak chin, but that is not true at all. He has quite a chiseled jaw and a strong chin.


Is Khabib attractive without a beard?

Attractiveness is subjective, so we cannot say if Nurmagomedov is more attractive with or without his beard. On the other hand, most of his fans prefer that he keep his signature Amish beard because he would not look like himself if he shaved it off.

Are UFC fighters allowed to have a beard?

The UFC has quite relaxed rules regarding facial hair, but it gets tricky if the UFC holds the fight in Ontario, Canada. According to the Ontario Athletic Commission, fighters must be clean-shaven or, at the very least, have a closely cropped mustache.

The UFC allows facial hair. However, the beard needs to be closely cropped. Many people think that the reason why this rule is in place is that the promoters believed that a big beard would absorb the impacts of punches and kicks.

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