Kevin Durant's Haircut

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Ever since joining the NBA, Kevin Durant has shown superstar potential.

He is currently seen as one of the best players the league has to offer and one of the best scorers that terrorize the defenses night in and out.

But what is up with his hair?

You’ve probably never given so much thought about his hair, and apparently, neither has Kevin.

At the age of 34 and playing for the Brooklyn Nets, Durant seems to concentrate more on how he appears on the court than how he does in the spotlight.

Most Popular Kevin Durant Haircuts

During his career, Kevin Durant has not opted for various haircuts. You mostly see him sporting a rebel buzz cut, which he has dawned on ever since he stepped foot on an NBA court.

His hair is classified as a 4C type at his ripe age, which is receding a bit. Durant does not care as much about hiding his bald spot as LeBron James does.

He resorts to hairstyles for balding men as the buzz cat he sports helps him hide it. He maintains it well, but once it starts growing out, you can see the patch where he loses his hair.

This is not apparent during the NBA season, but you may catch him in the off-season when there aren’t many cameras surrounding the practice courts. There was a picture of Kevin that surfaced of him having high-top dreads.

It was soon discredited as he could have never had time to grow them, even during the off-season. He did have enough time to sit on the couch and grow them out after being eliminated by the Celtics last season, but you can’t expect his hair to grow as fast as that.

Detailed Look at Kevin Durant’s Hair

People usually describe Kevin Durant’s hair as unkempt and unbrushed. He honestly does care very little about his hair and its receding.

His bald spot is noticeable even from the Moon, but he does genuinely care so little about it that it does not bother him at all, and he does not use any hair creams for men to hide it.

However, we think he does brush his hair from time to time, but it is due to its natural texture that it appears unkempt. He did confess that he prefers simply rolling out of bed and going to practice, not having to style the hair or anything.

If you genuinely want to be the best, you don’t need so many distractions rather than your game. If you look at some of the greatest players in the NBA, most are bald.

Michael Jordan, Charles Barkley, and Shaquille O’Neal all shave their heads. This is a potential future look for Durant rather than the blowout haircuts he is heading for.

Kevin Durant

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How to Get and Maintain Kevin Durant Hairstyles

Step 1 – Pick a hairstyle

If you have a bald spot like Durant, then a buzz-cut solution like his is the way to go. Or, if you want a low-maintenance haircut that can go in any situation, you can pick this one.

Step 2 – Create it

You only need a suitable trimmer and the appropriate guards to create it. Apply the 3-2-1 rule and trim the hair. Use the 1 guard for the sides, 3 for the top and the 3 blend things up in between.

Step 3 – Maintain

You should not allow your hair to grow too long if you want to maintain this haircut. You will need some touch-ups from time to time, but not as massive as other hairstyles.

One of the best parts about this style is that you will not require so many products to maintain it. All you need is an excellent natural shampoo that you will use 2-3 times a week.

FAQ About Kevin Durant’s Haircut

What kind of hair does Kevin Durant have?

Kevin Durant has natural hair and often sports a traditional buzz-cut style.

Is Kevin Durant balding?

He is. He has a bald spot on his head which gets more noticed as his hair grows longer.

Why did Kevin Durant grow his hair out?

Kevin Durant usually has short hair or, instead, a buzz cut. He does not grow it out and likes to keep it short. There have been a few occasions when he let it grow longer during the off-season.

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