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John Lennon was not just one of the most talented musicians of his era, he was a symbol of peace and hope for many.

His music and life made him popular, but his looks were what made him recognizable.

A lot of that is owed to the type of glasses he wore, but quite a bit also goes into his beard style.

Like all of the Beatles, who were regarded as trendsetters of that era, John started to gradually grow facial hair.

But instead of a mustache like most of them, he went with a full beard.

As was the case then and as is the case nowadays, what most people ultimately want is to copy the John Lennon beard style.

Having one would make you popular and it actually goes great with a set of long hair.

So if you were looking for a guide to help you create a John Lennon look, particularly his beard, you came to the right place.

We will help you copy and style your beard in the legendary way that John Lennon did.

Here is what you should do.

John Lennon’s Different Facial Hair Styles

So – John Lennon is iconic. But what’s even more iconic about John Lennon? His beard.

When you say the name John Lennon, most people immediately recall an image of him with long hair, round, wire glasses, a wide-brimmed hat and a full, big beard.

However, while he was just starting with The Beatles, he was clean shaven. Although he grew his big beard by the end of 60’s, he still changed his facial hair styles very often.

In the late 60’s he was rocking a horseshoe mustache. On the cover of Sgt. Pepper, Lennon has a walrus mustache.

That same year he grew bushy lamb chops, just to shave completely once again in 1968. The full beard he is mostly known for was part of his style in 1969.

Some people felt that his full beard gives him the mountain man look. However, he shaved it once again after The Beatles split up.

Many followers of fashion trends credit Lennon for popularizing this look during the 1970s.

As most trends do, this is one of the popular beard styles coming back into fashion. So what can you do to take your average beard to a John Lennon beard?

Follow our expertise, gather a few supplies, and in no time, you’ll be looking like Lennon.

Tools Needed to Maintain

With any beard, you’re going to need a few basic tools to maintain the shape and style that you’re trying to achieve.

Even if you decide that the John Lennon look isn’t for you, or if you change your mind in the future, you will be able to use these tools for any facial hair style.

First, obtain a beard shaper. This tool can be used with any stubble beard trimmer with attachments to carve out a strong shape on your cheeks of where the beard begins and ends.

Another essential tool you’ll need is a good beard oil. Beard oils are essential for maintaining a healthy beard; they can even help you grow a thicker beard.

Beard oils are made of a combination of carrier oils, like jojoba oil or coconut oil, and essential oils, like tea tree or peppermint oil.

Beard oils are made of a combination of carrier oils

The final tool you’ll need is a pair of clippers with various guard lengths. If you don’t know how to trim a beard, don’t feel intimidated.

It’s not difficult to learn. Just be sure to choose the appropriate guard so you don’t cut your facial hair too short or leave it too long.

Trimmer can be battery operated, plugged into the wall or chargeable. So, now that you have the right tools, how do you grow and style your beard to look like John Lennon’s?

Determine Your Desired Length

The key to achieving the John Lennon beard look is first having the patience to grow your beard long enough to match his length.

Depending on how quickly your hair grows, this may take anywhere from a few weeks to a few months.

While you are growing your beard out, don’t forget to keep it clean and well hydrated.

This can be done with a gentle shampoo, conditioner and a healthy amount of beard oil a few times a week.

You may also choose to exfoliate the skin underneath your facial hair to prevent any buildup of dead skin cells; this will help get rid of a patchy beard and make it easier for your hair to grow in evenly.

Grooming and Styling Tips: Keep It Trimmed and Combed

While John Lennon’s beard had a wild look to it, you still want to maintain some order to your facial hair to keep your beard’s style looking more rock star and less caveman.

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A little bit of intentional styling is all it will take to make it perfect. Take your new beard shaper and use it to trim any stray hair above the hollows of your cheeks; this will create a sharp starting point for your beard.

Next, use a beard comb to keep your facial hair free of any tangles. Note that a beard comb is different than your average hair comb.

Top beard combs are made of high-quality materials that protect the skin underneath your beard while gently removing tangles from your beard.

Let the Beard be Free

The final step in achieving John Lennon’s beard is letting it roam free. After you’ve trimmed down the hair on your cheeks, put the clippers down.

Resist the urge to trim any more. Lennon let his beard grow freely, and anything more constructed won’t resemble his iconic style.

If you want to tame your facial hair, take a small amount of beard oil and run it through the hair before leaving the house in the morning. This will keep it looking shiny and smooth without over-styling it.

Whether you’re a fan of the Beatles or just their style, you can’t deny that John Lennon is iconic in both the music and fashion world.

It’s not hard to look like one of the most famous bearded men on Earth. Follow these easy steps, and in no time, you’ll be looking like Lennon.

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