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Most girls either wash their hair in the morning or before bed at night.

The latter are usually riddled with problems of drying their hair correctly before bed.

They also need to learn how to sleep with wet hair and acquire some tips and tricks.

First, you are not advised to go to bed with wet hair.

All kinds of things could affect your hair if you go to bed with it damp.

Instead, we want to teach you the proper way of doing it and how to manage your time and sleep while still being able to wash your hair late at night.

Benefits of Sleeping With Damp Hair

Going to bed with a wet set of hair is ill-advised. There are more negatives than benefits for you to do this. Of course, going to bed with drenched hair is a massive no-no.

However, sometimes it is okay to go with damp hair, but even then, experts advise against it. You risk getting sick if you go to bed with damp hair. Also, there is a possibility of catching a fungal infection as it may thrive in a moist environment.

Finally, wet hair is much more prone to breakages. There is a greater possibility of damaging your hair when wet than when it is dry. Only a single advantage comes with going to bed with damp hair.

Research has shown that washing your hair at night cools the head and increases metabolic brain function. It lets you get a better night’s sleep and offers restorative ZZZs.

However, the same scientists also say that you should dry your hair as much as possible and never go to sleep with it completely wet, as it will definitely not help you attain a partial balayage style that way.

How to Sleep With Wet Hair

If you can’t avoid doing it and you simply must go to bed with damp hair, there is a proper way of doing it. It does not involve creating peekaboo braids while you sleep, you need to follow the appropriate practice to benefit from it.

Step 1 – Dry your hair before going to bed

It is best to let your hair air dry, but since that takes a lot of time, a hairdryer will do the trick. Don’t set the heat too high; drying it too much and with a lot of heat will also cause damage.

Step 2 – Protect your hair with a leave-in conditioner

Applying a leave-in conditioner as a cream or spray form will help protect the wet hair while you sleep. It will also benefit it as it becomes smoother and softer at night.

Step 3 – Tie your hair up

Gather your hair up and create a bun with a scrunchie. Do not tighten the hair and set the bun on top of your head, so it does not get tangled or cause pain while you sleep.

Tied Wet Hair

Step 4 – Wrap your hair up

Take a microfiber towel and wrap your head up. Gently towel off your hair and then pack it in the towel and secure it with a tie or clip. The gentle microfiber towel will also fluff your hair, so it looks healthier in the morning.

Step 5 – Use a silk pillowcase

Switching to a silk pillowcase is the best way to protect your hair, whether wet or dry. The lighter material will prevent any possible tugging and damage.

5 Quick Tips for Styling Wet Hair

Dyeing the hair while it’s wet may be good practice, but sleeping with wet hair is definitely not a good idea. To keep your hair healthy and shiny, we want to give you some advice that will save your head, hair, style and possibly your health.

  • Try a loose French braid: While opening up your hair while you sleep is the best and most natural way, sometimes tying it in a braid is also possible. A very loose French braid is a good solution. These braids come with layers, so the pressure is never in one place and spread out all over. Also, making it loose will alleviate any added stress.
  • Invest in a satin pillowcase: The type of pillowcase you usually use can have many effects on your hair. That is why it is good to invest in a satin one. They may be a bit expensive, but it is not a high price if you would instead protect your hair.
  • Don’t put your hair in a bun every night: While setting your hair n a bun is a solution, it is not advised to do it every night. Do it when you absolutely have to or pick some nights when you will unwrap your hair and sleep with it completely dry.  You will avoid the breakage of strands, curls, and ends. 
  • Never sleep with sopping wet hair: This is something that we can’t stress enough. While it is possible to sleep with damp hair, going to bed while it is completely drenched is not a good idea. You risk getting sick and damaging your head and body in various ways.
  • Use a leave-in conditioner: What many girls are facing is the frizz that will inevitably form while sleeping. To avoid that and get some nice fresh hair when you wake up, use a leave-in conditioner and place some on your hair before bed.

Mistakes to Avoid

If you are ever planning to have bleach-free hair lightening, you should also ensure that your hair is healthy. That means avoiding mistakes and knowing how to sleep with wet hair properly.

This means:

  • Never sleeping with drenched hair.
  • Do not tie a very tight braid or a bun that will cause tension on your scalp.
  • Never put the hair in a bun for consecutive nights when sleeping.
  • Not changing your pillowcase enough.
  • Use a very tight band when braiding your hair.
  • Avoid sleeping with a ponytail.

Young Girl With Wet Hair


Are there any risks associated with sleeping with wet hair?

Yes, there are and there are many of them. You basically risk getting sick, but there is also a possibility of getting a fungal infection. Not to mention that wet hair is more prone to being damaged.

When is my hair too wet to sleep in it?

If you have just gotten out of a shower and your hair is still sopping wet, then it is not good to sleep with it that way. Let it air dry or use a hairdryer to get it in good condition.

How to avoid damaging my hair?

Don’t tie it up too tight and be sure to have a silk pillow while you sleep. A silk scarf will also lessen the friction while you sleep.

How often can I sleep with wet hair?

It is not recommended to sleep with wet hair, but if you must, try to do it as infrequently as possible. Avoid doing it two nights in a row. This advice applies to all hair types, regardless of whether your hair is straight or wavy.

How to choose the right hairbrush for wet hair?

You should use a brush designed to detangle and smooth your hair.

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