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Starting to grow facial hair is an essential part of a young boy’s life.

During puberty, hairs will start to sprout on the chin, marking a clear sign of masculinity.

The earlier you start growing facial hair, the more mature you are perceived to be.

However, things don’t go as smoothly for everyone as you think.

Some boys will start to have a peach fuzz beard later in life, sometimes in their 20s.

Particularly in your teens, this can have a devastating effect on your self-esteem.

Since you don’t want to be the last to start growing a beard, we can help you learn how to develop a beard faster.

Here is what you need to do.

Growth Stages in Teenagers

As a teen, you will go through several stages of beard growth. Beard growing slowly is normal at this stage as you are still not as developed or mature as it can start sprouting faster.

You will most likely experience the following situations:

Upper Lip Corner Hair

You will first notice some hair on your upper lip when you hit puberty. It will then start to appear on your sideburns, then your chin, cheek, and finally, on your neck.

Pencil Mustache

As a teen, you will first get a thin strip of facial hair above your upper lip, also called a pencil mustache. You can start styling it and comb it any way you like after two weeks of growth.

Stubble Beard

A stubble beard usually appears noticeable after two weeks of beard growth in teens. You may start to exfoliate it to help it grow, add some moisturizing cream to nourish it, and eventually create cool teenage beard styles.

Thick Growth

Teens will start shaping and growing a full beard after about four to eight months of beard growth, depending on the person. You may even consider using electric razors for teenagers at this stage, so it doesn’t go wild on you.

Teenager With Curly Hair and Soul Patch Beard

Proven Ways to Grow It Faster

The best way to grow your beard faster as a teen is to incorporate some things that will allow it to naturally start sprouting quicker on its own.

Clean Your Face Daily

Be sure to use a mild cleansing soap and warm water to wash your face daily. You remove all the oil and dirt and improve your skin. You should also exfoliate it twice a week, as removing all the dead skin cells from your face will allow the beard to thrive.

Be Sure to Take Some Vitamins

Lack of vitamins C, A, and biotin significantly affects beard development. So consider adapting your diet to get some much-needed beard vitamins.

Devise a Balanced Diet With Enough Protein Intake

You have to listen to things your beard says and provide it with what it needs the most. Hairs are made of protein, so if you include more eggs and meat in your diet, you will give enough to get a thicker and stronger beard.

Massage Your Face and Let It Rest

Massaging your face will improve blood circulation and allow proper body function. Also, rest, as stress and worries are not suitable for beard growth.

How to Do It

To avoid a patchy beard, you must follow a specific regime to help your bald chin transition into a majestic beard. This is not easy for a teen, but it can be done with time and patience.

Step 1 – Exfoliate

Exfoliate your face from time to time to remove dead skin from your face. Clean regularly to unclog your pores.

Step 2 – Moisturize

Moisturize your skin, so you nourish it and enable proper ground for beard growth.

Step 3 – Avoid stress

Avoid stress and situations that can make you anxious.

Step 4 – Use supplements

Consider using some growth stimulants like Minoxidil to improve beard growth. Establish a healthy diet filled with vitamins and proteins to help grow your beard.

Step 5 – Don’t trim too early

Don’t start trimming and styling it too early. Try a face massage to allow better blood flow through your face.

Pensive Teenager Holding a Razor

How to Care for It

Once your beard starts going, you will still have to take great care of it. It doesn’t differ significantly from when you are an adult, but it is something you will have to get used to if you plan on having a beard as part of your style.

Beard Oil

This should be an essential part of your beard grooming set as it will enable you to feed your beard with the much-needed oils that will hydrate and protect it.

Beard Balm

Balms work similarly to oils, and they also include some nourishing oils within them. Most have shea butter and other essential ingredients that nourish your beard.

Scruff Cream

As the beard starts to grow and the bushier it gets, the more itchiness you will experience. It is an unavoidable part of beard development but something that can be avoided by using a scruff cream that will get rid of the itch and allow your beard to smell exceptionally well.

Beard Brush

Be sure to get a good beard brush and use it on your beard regularly. You are not only styling your beard but also removing the dirt and dead skin cells and detangling longer hairs.

Quick Tips to Grow It Fuller and Thicker

If your teen hair has started sprouting, you will more than likely want it to get as thicker as humanly possible.

Biotin for beard growth can help, but there are some things that you can improve to get it going naturally:

  • Start to exercise regularly.
  • Make sure that you are hydrated enough.
  • Get a natural beard shampoo and condition it when showering.
  • Incorporate a healthy and balanced diet.


Can a beard grow at 16?

Yes, it can. But, the facial hair teens start to grow at that age is usually very thin and light.

Can a 15 old boy grow a beard?

Yes, he can. However, he will not be able to grow a full and thick beard fast. It takes time and patience for them to grow a full beard.

How often can teenagers shave?

At first, it is fine to do it once every few weeks. You will need to do it much more frequently as you grow older. It will also depend on the rate your beard grows and develops.

Why can’t some teens grow a beard?

There are many reasons for not being able to grow a beard, and all of them are very natural. It is usually due to genetics. Some boys develop later than others, which is why they don’t start growing a beard early.


Don’t be afraid if your beard is still not growing while all your peers have one. Some teens develop a beard much later in their lives and it is natural for that to happen. Yet, there are ways to help you get a beard faster.

If you balance your diet and exercise correctly, you might get a beard sooner than you think.

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