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We all love Arctic Fox hair dye. It is one of the best and safest on the market.

We are sure you will fall in love the very second you try it out.

However, the question that a lot of people still ask is: how long does Arctic Fox last?

As a semi-permanent color choice, you can probably guess that it will not be there as long as a permanent color.

Nevertheless, you will want to know how long that span takes, and we are here to answer your question.

Hair dyes application and hair care is a tricky business, so you will want to get the exact and necessary information when using it.

How Long Does Arctic Fox Usually Last

Arctic Fox is a vegan, semi-permanent hair color dye from all-natural ingredients. You will not find parabens, phthalates, sulfates, or other harsh chemicals.

More so, Arctic Fox is a PETA-certified cruelty-free hair color choice, earning its award for one of the safest color variants.
With it, you can expect to create many vibrant alt hairstyles depending on your choice.

It offers you the possibility of choosing between many vibrant colors and some subdued ones. Nevertheless, people still wonder about how long does Arctic Fox color last.

We are dealing with a semi-permanent color here, so you can’t expect it to last longer than four to six weeks. It can last even longer, depending on the color and the times you wash it in between, but you can only extend its lifespan to six to eight weeks.

Taking care of the hair properly will get you to the whole six weeks without a problem, without the color fading. However, not taking care of it as advised will result in stripping color from your hair.

Shampooing the hair too much, heat treating it, and not moisturizing it enough are detrimental to the hair and its color. Doing all this will result in the color starting to fade and lasting much less than the mentioned six weeks.

How to Use and Maintain Arctic Fox Hair Dye

Coloring your hair with Arctic Fox is relatively easy and will take a few simple steps.

It does not differ so much from any other hair treatment process, but the result is getting vibrant hair and you don’t get to damage it as much as with permanent products, especially those with harsh chemicals.

Step 1 – Get your hair ready

You must wash and condition it as it is not wise to color dirty hair.

Step 2 – Lighten your hair

Depending on the color choices you decide, you can lighten your hair. Consider a bleach bath or even some methods that don’t involve bleach if you don’t want to lighten the hair too much.

Step 3 – Divide your hair into strands

Prepare the mixture as described in the box.

Step 4 – Start coloring

Start coloring each strand separately with the provided hair coloring kit inside the box. Leave the color for about 30 minutes, so it settles.

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Step 5 – Rinse the hair

Rinse the hair with lukewarm water, but never use hot water so you don’t get the color out or fade it. Dry your hair and apply some conditioner.

The only thing that you are left to do is to style the hair in any shape or form you want. Arctic Fox has so many color choices available that you can even easily create electric galaxy hair without much effort.

Quick Tips on Making Arctic Fox Last Longer

If you don’t want to color the hair so often and want to take a break before dyeing again, you will want to follow some best practices to help Arctic Fox last as long as possible.

  • Use a shampoo & conditioner for colored hair – A shampoo and a conditioner that is meant for colored hair and is not so harsh will help it last longer. Regular shampoos might be too strong for the color to bear and might fade away.
  • Avoid heat styling your hair – Blowdrying your hair or using a hair straightener does a lot of damage to your hair. Heat dries out our hair, making it brittle and weaker. It also deteriorates the color. Apply a heat protection spray if you really must use these tools.
  • Don’t wash your hair so frequently – Unless you plan to remove semi-permanent hair dye, we advise you to lessen the frequency of washing your hair with shampoo. You should do it two or three times a week as you risk washing away the natural oils in your hair and fading the color you’ve added.
  • Avoid certain hair cream products – There are various hair products out there that are meant to preserve our natural hair color. Using them on dyed hair will only do away with the new color and bring about the natural one back.
  • Regular touch-ups – Dyeing your hair repeatedly is not a problem, especially when using Arctic Fox. To help extend the life of the color, you can recolor it from time to time, especially when the roots start to show.


Is Arctic Fox permanent or semi-permanent hair dye?

Arctic Fox is a vegan semi-permanent hair dye devoid of harmful chemicals and is designed to cause less stress on your hair when coloring it.

Artic Fox Semi Permanent Hair Color

How often should you wash colored hair?

You can wash it as much as you like; usually, it is best to do it when you notice that the roots are growing out. Arctic Fox is a safe color variant, so you don’t have to worry about damaging your hair.

If you are wondering about can hair dye expire, you can check the expiration date on the box.

Is it safe to go swimming with dyed hair?

You can go out swimming, but not so close after applying the color. You should wait for a few days before jumping in the pool and it is also not a good idea to expose it to the sun so often.

How fast will Arctic Fox hair dye fade?

If taken cared of properly, Arctic Fox is meant to last for about six to eight weeks maximum.

How can you remove Arctic Fox hair dye?

You can remove it by washing it a few times with a strong shampoo. Frequent washes dissolve the color since it is a semi-permanent choice. So, doing it a few times will wash the color away.

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