Girl With a Wavy Pink Galaxy Hair

If you want to try a new and playful hair color, you should check out the galaxy hair trend that is getting quite popular nowadays.

Just as the name suggests, this hair color uses bright colors to make your hair look like it was pulled straight out of space.

To give you some inspiration, here are some of the most popular galaxy hairstyles:

30 Most Popular Galaxy Hairstyles

Colorful Butterfly Cut

The classic butterfly cut is a style that has always been relevant since it was made popular in the 1970s. You can give it a touch of modernity and fun by giving it galaxy colors. Ideally, at least 3 colors should come from the same tone range.

Futuristic Galaxy Waves

Giving your hair a galaxy color ombre treatment is already a trendy look, but if you style it using light, messy waves, the two-tone colors give your hair dimension and depth. This is ideal for people who have thin hair.

Aqua in Outer Space

This is a combination of colors that surprisingly work well together. Surprisingly, aquamarine works well with shades of purple, hence the name. The aquamarine works well as a highlight color for the dark purple background.

Cosmic Color Melt

This is a dazzling combination of colors. Starting from dark blue at the top, with purples in the middle, and ending with aquamarine at the tips. This hairstyle can be quite tricky as the gradient effect should be seamless, thus requiring the skills of a professional hairdresser.

Spiral Galaxy Lavender Magenta

Lavender and magenta have always worked well together and when used in galaxy hair color, magenta adds brightness and a bit of warmth. One great way to use this combination is to blend it from dark roots to light magenta tips.

Hidden Galaxy-Hued Highlights

If you want galaxy hair but something a bit discreet, you can use the hidden galaxy highlights. This is when you color only the lowest layer of your hair.

In most cases, the back and the top layers are left with natural colors. You can use galaxy color blends, colored streaks, or different colored layers.

Hidden Galaxy-Hued Highlights Hairstyle

Deep Dark Galaxy Hair

If you have naturally black hair, you can accentuate it by adding darker galaxy colors like navy blue, indigo, and violets. This is a discreet yet vibrant way to express yourself using your hair.

Interstellar Indigo Hair

Combining natural black hair with indigo and purple shades gives your hair a galactic look, like a gas nebula that you can see in deep space. Give your hair additional aesthetics by adding space-inspired accessories.

Star-Gazing Blue Hair on Black Roots

You can use galaxy colors, specifically blues and aquamarines, in a balayage to give your hair a dreamy and vibrant look. The color combination is reminiscent of the photographs taken by space telescopes.

Teal and Magenta Hair

When you talk about galaxy hair, you usually think of blues and purples, but teal and magenta also look nice. However, these colors might be a bit too bright for some people, but if you are a bubbly type of person, you will love having a teal and magenta ombre.

​Galaxy Ombre of the Future

This is a radical color combination, starting with a natural black base, then transitioning into shades of purple. It then ends with light blue tips. On the other hand, this color combination also looks excellent with a balayage.

Galactic Purple Hair for a Short Cut

If you thought that galaxy hair could only work with long hair, you thought wrong. Even short hairstyles like the bob cut can be colored with galaxy colors. The purples and blues look great with short hair when used as lowlights and highlights.

Unicorn in Space

This is not another hairstyle but a version of galactic hair for short haircuts. However, instead of purple, the lightest shade is pink.

Stylish Andromeda Braids

The nice thing about braiding galactic-colored hair is that you can braid different-colored segments to give your braids a look likened to the rainbow.

However, if you wear braids most of the time, you must plan out your galaxy hair so that the colors will be where you want them to be.

Stylish Andromeda Braids

Braided Peacock Galaxy Hair

This is a variation of the andromeda braids, but it has more colors, like blue, purple, magenta, and teal. The colors are reminiscent of the colors that you typically see on the tails of peacocks, hence the name.

Short Galaxy Waves

Short hair with loose waves is a perfect canvas for galaxy colors. You can use galaxy colors in ombre or balayage. However, since the hair is a bit short, you can sometimes limit yourself to using two colors. Using more would make it look a bit too busy.

Northern Lights and Galaxy Tones

The Northern Lights have a pastel aquamarine or teal color, which is why it looks great when combined with other galaxy colors. Using the Northern Lights as a base color and adding dark colors as lowlights creates a great blended hairstyle.

Muted Milky Way

Galaxy color hair need not be overly bright; you can use their pastel versions to give your hair a lot of colors. When used in a color melt, muted blues and purples look quite nice but not as vibrant as the usual tones.

Unique Neon Nebula Hair

This is the opposite of the hair colors mentioned above; there is nothing subtle about neon nebula hair. You will need to bleach your hair completely white to make all the colors pop.

Using bright blue as a base and purple or violet as a highlight color will make your hair look literally out of this world.

Blue and Pink Pastel Galaxy

This galaxy hair color may as well be called cotton candy, as that is what it is reminiscent of. The soft pastel blue and pink look great as they soften the hair’s appearance.

Bubblegum Galaxy

Bubblegum hair is obtained by giving your hair an oversaturated color. There is almost no shine, but the hair colors are very bright. Using innovative bubble hair dye to create galaxy hair is an extreme color option – that’s for sure, but it does look great.

​Fiery Red and Pink Shades

Red, pink, orange and plum-colored hairstyles are not the usual colors you would see in a galaxy hair color, but it is one of the simplest yet boldest color schemes. With a black base, the color starts with bright red and blends into pink and orange.

Retro Rainbow Hairstyle

This hairstyle will surely take your looks back to the 1970s, with your hair colored with all the rainbow colors. The colors are also saturated, making the rainbow-colored streaks so bright that you could swear they are painted on.

Retro Rainbow Hairstyle

Multi-Hued Streaks

This color scheme looks best on longer hair. The streaks of color start right at the base. You can still retain your natural hair color, which is recommended, but you can also change the base color to a light blonde so that the colors contrast nicely.

Milky Way Pastel Bob

The Milky Way colors include blue, purple and their variants. You can add more colors if you want, but these are the basics you should stick with. However, if you want to use this color scheme for a short haircut like a bob cut, the fewer the colors, the better.

This hairstyle looks like what your hair would look like if you dye wet hair.

Chic Rainbow Galaxy Hairstyle

You can make the rainbow galaxy hair color look chic by dyeing just a part of your hair with the rainbow colors and leaving the rest your natural hair color.

You can style it however you like and make the streaks of color the center of attention. If you want something more discreet, you can style it into trendy peekaboo hair.

Forest Green Galaxy Hair

Galaxy hair does not necessarily need to use the usual space colors; you can use different shades of green. The emerald galaxy color effect works excellent if you have a cool skin tone and a matching green eye color.

Warm Galaxy Tones

Galaxy hair typically uses cool colors, but you can also use warm colors and get a different effect. You can use reds and oranges. Just make sure that they are bright but not too saturated. The color effect is still mesmerizing, but the colors are pretty warm.

Grungy Galaxy Look

If you like living the grunge lifestyle and getting a different alt hairstyle that is common in the culture, you can also give it the galaxy treatment. You can color just the front section or just one side of your head and leave the rest of your hair your natural hair color.

Warm Bright Galaxy Hair

This is a version of the galaxy mentioned earlier, but the colors are overly saturated, almost to the point that the colors look like they are painted on your hair.

Warm Bright Galaxy Hair

How to Style and Maintain Galaxy Hair

Step 1 – Choose the right galaxy hair

The thing about galaxy hair is that you do not need to consider your skin tone. This is mainly because galaxy hair is not supposed to look natural, allowing you to use whatever colors you want. However, you should choose colors that complement each other.

Step 2 – Style

Most galaxy hair color schemes look great on long hair, but some also work well with short haircuts. Choose your hairstyle first, then pick the colors you will use next.

Step 3 – Maintain properly

The problem with galaxy hair is that it is difficult to maintain. You will need to wash the hair after coloring significantly less often as it can wash the color out of your hair. You should also use a color care conditioner to ensure your hair colors can last longer.

Step 4 – Use the right color care products

You need to use the right hair care products to help prolong your hair’s colors. This means you need color care shampoo and conditioner, UV-ray-resistant hair protectant products, and more.


Will galaxy hair suit me?

It can be hard to tell if galaxy hair, or whatever fashionable hair color ideas, will suit you. However, if you do not want to make a huge commitment, you can try using semi-permanent or temporary hair dye first to check if the colors suit you well.

How long does it take to get galaxy hair?

Depending on the colors you will be using and the complexity of the galaxy hair, it can take three to five hours to finish, and that is when a professional hairstylist does it. It would take you significantly longer if you were doing it yourself.

Is getting a galaxy hairstyle expensive?

It will depend on the products used, the length of your hair, and the base fee that the salon charges. Prices start at $350 and can go up to $600, so yes, it can be pretty expensive.

Does having galaxy hair have some meaning?

Hairstyles do not have any inherent meanings, but you can put meaning to your hair if you want to. Some people just like galaxy hair because it looks nice. Others do so to express their advocacies.

Is galaxy hair damaging to the hair?

All hair coloring techniques can damage the hair. Some galaxy hairstyles can also be more damaging than others. It depends on the extent of the hair bleaching and dyeing done.

On the other hand, hair bleaching and coloring products contain ingredients that counteract excessive damage, so you can use those.

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