Glitter Beard

For many men, a glitter beard is a facial hairstyle, which strongly expresses their uniqueness and individuality. As the name suggests, a glitter beard is a beard style decorated with glitters. It has become a trend nowadays, especially for men who would like to bring out their unique side.

Technically, it is not a new style considering that it has been around for several years. However, it only became a trend recently when the famous facial-haired duo known as the Gay Beards and Milk, the Drag Queen Superstar, showed their versions of it. It got so popular that you can find many men started attempting to use glitters in decorating their beards and demonstrating their unique take on the beard style.

Are There Benefits of Glitter Beard

What benefits can you get from having a glitter beard? Here are the most fantastic ones that will definitely entice you to try styling your beard with glitters:

Shows Your Fun and Unique Side

One thing that makes a glitter beard so impressive is that it can demonstrate your fun and unique personality. It is unique because only a few can dare to decorate their facial hair with glitter. Also, not all can pull this style off, which means that you can impress others if you can wear it. Aside from that, it can make your fun and exciting personality come out.

Ideal Style for Festive Occasions

It is also beneficial during festive occasions, like the holiday season. For Christmas, wearing your beard with glitter can be synonymous with items related to Christmas, such as Christmas trees, Santa, ornaments, and reindeers. If you plan to attend festive parties, you can add some decorative glitters to your beard to make you feel the event even better, plus you can impress other attendees of the party.

Allows the Use of Different Decorations

This means you have several choices when it comes to decorating your glitter beard. You can add actual glitters or make your facial hair shine through beard ornaments and lights. A beard relaxer will straighten your beard, so make sure you have it so you can keep your facial hair well-organized no matter what glitter decorations you decided to use.

How Does Glittering Beard Works

A glitter beard works by adding more fun and character to your beard. Unlike before, when adding glitters causes others to raise their brows, most men nowadays are secure that they do not worry about the glitters, making them look less manly. Most of them know that this is just a style that will make them more fun to look at, especially when on festive occasions and holiday celebrations.

Short History of Glitter Beard

Short History of Glitter Beard

Glitter beard was already a facial hairstyle back then. It already existed a few years ago. However, it was only recently when the public started recognizing the style and embracing it.

The reason behind this new trend in beard style is the duo known as Gay Beards. Composed of Johnathan and Brain, both of whom have beards, the Gay Beards started the trend of adding glitters to facial hair last 2017 when they decided to style theirs that way and posted it on their social media pages.

The fact that the two are fun-loving and happy people who are not too concerned about conventionality is one reason why others also started to follow their examples.

Pros and Cons 


  • Shows your fun and exciting side.
  • Adds more character to your beard.
  • Provides several choices for styling your beard, including lights and ornaments.
  • Makes you stand out at parties and festive occasions.
  • Demonstrates your confidence about yourself, knowing that you don’t care too much about what others will say about your style.


  • Not that easy to take off – You may need to spend several minutes removing everything depending on the amount of glitter you decided to use and your beard’s thickness. You may even need to do another shower to remove every trace of the glitter.

How to Achieve Fabulously Glittered Beard

Achieving a glitter beard is not that hard. As a matter of fact, there is a pre-packed kit containing all the things you need. Alternatively, you can buy the items you need individually. For the glitter, you have the option to use just one color or more than one.

It is also available in various sizes, with the smaller one providing even coverage but causing difficulties in the removal. It is also advisable to use a hair gel or beard oil to make the glitter stick. Quality beard oil has a rich texture, and it can also moisturize your beard to make the glitter stick.

Once you have everything, you can start creating a glitter beard with these steps:

Step 1 – Apply the beard oil to your facial hair

Get the glitter you have decided to use. Sprinkle the glitter in your beard, then decorate it based on your preference.

Step 2 – Put some hair spray

This is an optional step, but it is important to ensure that the glitter stays in place. Just spray it lightly and carefully over the glitter added to your beard.

How to Maintain Your Beard Health

Maintaining a beard involves using many different products, and you may have to do the same if you want the glitter added to your beard to stand out and do its intended purpose. The following are some essential steps for effective beard maintenance that will let you show off the perfect glitter beard:

Step 1 – Wash beard regularly

Do the washing twice or thrice every week. This can help in fixing your bad beard, thereby making it properly organized and ready to receive the glitters. Apply only a bit of shampoo as excessive amounts of it may cause damage and dryness to your facial hair.

Step 2 – Use scissors when trimming and removing split ends

Lessen your use of electric shavers and trimmers and focus on using a pair of scissors. Scissors or the best hair cutting shears in the market are more effective in getting rid of split ends, thereby promoting ease in styling the short beard the right way using glitters.

Step 3 – Don’t touch

Do not tug and touch your beard too much. It may cause damage to your facial hair, making it harder to style. Touch your beard only when you put on the beard oil.

How to Remove Glitter From the Beard

When a tapered beard style is very different from a fade, a glitter beard is also a facial hairstyle, which is extremely different from the usual ones. It goes beyond the norm, which may also be why the glitter is challenging to remove. You can still do so with these simple steps:

Step 1 – Take a shower

Focus on removing the glitter from the beard with warm water and soap. You may need to do this for ten to fifteen minutes.

Step 2 – Remove the remaining glitters

If there are still glitters left, you should remove them again by taking another shower the following day. Ensure that you remove all of them during this second shower.

Do’s and Don’ts

  • Use a hair spray or beard oil. You can put on either of these products before you add the glitter. It helps make it stick. Note that even a thin beard can be very attractive when you put on nice-looking glitters that perfectly stick on them.
  • Cover only your beard with the glitter. You have to put on the glitter carefully using your hands. Your goal should be to cover only your beard without including the skin surrounding it. Doing so will make it look spectacular, not unkempt and messy, even if you are trying to grow a thicker beard.
  • Trim your facial hair. You also have the option to shape it into something unique and based on your preference before adding the glitter. Beard beads provide multiple styling options, and the same is what you can anticipate from the glitter beard. This assures you that you can choose any shape, style, and trim you want for your beard.
  • Do not combine two colors of glitter. Note that it is possible to improve this style’s depth by adding another layer of glitter with a different color. Avoid mixing two colors, though. As mentioned, you have to do it in layers – one color on the first layer (below) and another one on the second layer (above).
  • Do not add the glitters indoors. If possible, do the entire process outdoors. Just make sure that no strong wind will affect the process. You should avoid doing it inside your home to prevent glitter from spreading all over.


FAQ About the Glitter Beards

Why is glitter so hard to remove?

Glitter is hard to remove because it tends to stick to almost everything. This is especially true in areas with moisture. In the case of glitter beard, you may have a more difficult time taking them out once you no longer need them since you have to let it stick using moisture.

You have to use a premium beard wax or oil during the glitter application, which may cause them to stick too much because of the moisture available on the surface. With that, removing the glitter may be a challenge.

How do I get the glitter to stick to my beard?

As mentioned earlier, you need to use a beard wax, beard oil, or hair spray to make the glitter stick to your beard. It will provide the necessary moisture that the glitter can use to attach and look great.

Is beard glitter expensive?

No, a beard glitter is not that expensive. As a matter of fact, what you need for this facial hairstyle is usually around your house. You can buy a beard glitter kit often offered at an affordable price, complete with everything you need – a hair spray, beard oil, and the glitter you will have to use. However, if you already have these items at home, you can eliminate the need to spend on the kit.

Where can I buy beard glitter?

There are several places where you can buy a beard glitter, specifically a pre-made kit. You can shop for it in physical stores offering beard grooming products. For convenience, you may also want to check them out in online marketplaces, like Amazon.

Why is glitter dangerous?

One thing that makes glitter dangerous is that it causes harm to the environment. The reason is that it is microplastic. Glitter is constructed from plastic and the small sizes of its particle turn it into a microplastic that could be an ecological hazard, especially in water bodies. The adverse effects of it on the environment are the things that make it dangerous.


A glitter beard can add more life to your facial hair or beard. It is even one of the best ways to decorate your beard during festive occasions and celebrations. You can sport the same style but make sure that you are fully aware of how to wear a glitter beard and remove it, so you can genuinely enjoy this style. 

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