Black Man With a Thick Beard

There is an endless choice of black men’s beard styles.

More than ever, black men are embracing their hair structure and setting the stage for creative beard trends from classic stubble to the eye-catching goatee and chin straps.

A beard emphasizes your best features, shows off your personality, and takes you to the next level.

A good beard, combined with one of the long hairstyles for black men like dreadlocks or a Samoa-inspired braided hairdo, is one of the most attractive things.

However, the thing about beards is that you’ll always want to change things up.

Maybe you want something else that will make you stand out, like a ginger beard, or you want to reverse the effects of a graying beard.

Beard dyes have become a popular choice for bearded black men, but not all products on the market will work for your beard.

Beard products for black men are usually unique because of their unique hair texture and skin type.

The wrong beard dye can leave you with a yellow or orange tint that is hard to get rid of or, worse, that might damage your skin.

What Are Beard Dyes

Beard dyes are a coloring used to camouflage gray hairs or other facial hair color differences. You can also use a dye to blend the existing color to look more uniform. Beard dyes are also applied to patchy or thinning beards to make them appear fuller.

There are a few advantages to using beard dyes. Most beard dyes offer permanent results that last a couple weeks before the next application.

Another advantage is that beard dyes excel where other products are ineffective, like on extra long beards with a lot of discoloration or gray hairs.

On the other hand, some dyes can cause allergic reactions or permanent damage to the skin or hair. Therefore, dyes are not recommended to be applied directly on the skin or very short beard hair.

How to Choose the Best One

Rocking that killer bleach beard means getting the best beard dye, but suitable beard dyes are hard to find.

Some contain harmful chemicals that might do more harm than good to your beard and skin underneath, while others don’t last as long and will require you to reapply in a week or so.  Here are factors you should consider when you are buying beard dye.


Since you’ll apply the dye close to your skin, go with a natural or organic dye like Henna. Avoid dyes that contain harsh chemicals or high levels of ammonia. You also want to avoid beard dyes that contain alcohol, sulfates, parabens, and fragrances.

If you have sensitive skin, your best bet is a natural dye, which won’t cause any skin irritation.

Dyes For Beard

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While blonde beard styles are bold and something every man should try at some point, a good choice would be to go for a beard dye that makes your beard look as natural as possible.

Most black men choose a color like jet black, but it all comes down to your preferences and your goal. If you’re buying beard dye to camouflage grey hair, a dye that enhances the salt-and-pepper look would be perfect.

If you are trying to cover up a patchy or thinning beard to make it appear fuller, go for a color that matches your beard.

Beard Dyes Type

There are three beard dye types – permanent, semi-permanent, and temporary. Permanent dyes don’t wash out quickly and will last a long time.

Temporary dyes are a good choice when you only want to dye your beard for a few days or weeks or hide the appearance of a patchy beard for a few days. The choice comes down to how long you want the dye to last.

However, remember this, temporary dyes usually have natural ingredients, while permanent and semi-permanent beard dyes contain harsh chemicals.

How to Use

If you decide to dye your beard at home, here are six steps to follow for the best outcome:

Step 1 – Prepare your beard for application

First, if you have a long beard, well and good. If you are sporting a stubble beard, give it a little time to grow. You don’t want to apply beard dye only to repeat the process in a few weeks because the coloration is uneven.

When your beard has reached the right size, start by exfoliating it at least two days before you apply the dye. On the day you plan to dye it, skip your daily face wash. Your skin will have had time to replenish some of its natural oils.

Apply a little Vaseline on the skin around your beard to prevent chemical burns and staining when you apply the dye.

Step 2 – Mix your dye parts

Most beard dyes come with a color base and a color developer. Wear some gloves and then mix the two in a small bowl using the brush that comes with the dye.

Preparing Beard Dye Mixture

Step 3 – Begin the application

Once your dye is well-mixed, use an up-and-down motion to apply it to your facial hair, making sure you coat all hair strands. Run a comb through the beard for even distribution.

Step 4 – Leave the dye to sit for a while

The manufacturer will have specified how long you should leave the dye on. Do not exceed this time; otherwise, you risk chemical burns or over-dyeing, making your beard appear unnatural.

Step 5 – Wash off the dye

Wash off the dye in the shower. Use quality beard shampoo at this stage. The best shampoos for black men contain natural ingredients and help moisturize the beard and the skin underneath. After shampooing, use a beard conditioner and then rinses off.

Your beard will appear darker at this point, so don’t panic. Over the week, the dye will begin fading, and your beard will start looking more natural; if the color isn’t what your expected, wait a few days before e-applying.

Otherwise, you can now style your beard any way you want. If you are looking for something edgy and exotic, for instance, there are a variety of black men’s goatee styles you can test out.


What is a suitable beard dye for black men?

The best beard dyes for black men should contain natural or organic ingredients.

How long do beard dyes last?

Permanent beard dye can last until you shave off your beard or your facial hair grows out. Semi-permanent dyes last 3 to 6 weeks, while temporary ones last about 2 weeks.

Should a black man dye his beard?

Black men can dye their beards. Do what makes you happy; after all, it’s your beard.

Can you use hair dye on your beard?

Beard hair is coarser than head hair, so while you can use hair dye on your beard, it won’t be as effective as using beard dye. You also risk irritating the more sensitive skin on your face.


Anyone growing a beard will tell you every day is a learning opportunity. There is a lot you can do to your beard to stand out as long as you have the right tools and products.

Beard kits for black men contain beard combs, brushes, balms, oils, aftershaves, and shaving creams. Add a quality beard dye to that, and you’ve got everything you will ever need to tame your beard.

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