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Facial hair, especially a strong bead, exemplifies masculinity and power. But, growing facial hair can be somewhat challenging for trans men as they are making their transition.

After getting the necessary surgery, they will get the body of a man but will not be able to sprout any facial hair that way. Luckily, they can embark on a beard growth journey that will allow them to get a magnificent beard to match their body.

Hormonal therapy is not all, as various tips and tricks can be utilized for you to get a beard as a transgender man.

Why Are Beards Important to Trans Men

Men have a choice to either grow a beard or shave it off completely. Transmen don’t get to choose, as they can’t grow a beard as a regular male can. Therefore, being able to sprout a long beard will also mark their complete transition to the male hood.

In the same way, as a woman cherishes her hair, men view their facial hair as part of their identity. A man who can grow a thick beard or a long mustache is regarded as an exemplary person. This is the reason why transgender men want facial hair.

They want to be viewed as real men and their bodies to look and feel like a real man does. Once a trans man can grow a full beard, they will consider this a final step of their transition and view it as wholly successful. It is like the crown jewel of the entire process.

How to Increase Growth

Most people advise taking minoxidil for a beard, but for a trans man, other things need to be considered initially before being able to grow a nice beard.

Step 1 – Be patient

Growing a beard is a waiting game. Even real men struggle to grow a beard. If you do everything correctly and follow the prescribed therapy, beard hairs will start protruding.

Trans Man With Beard Applying Lipstick

Step 2 – Work with your HRT team

You are probably already on your hormonal replacement therapy. Being sincere to them and explaining your goals will help you get the required dosage to grow facial hair.

Step 3 – Change lifestyle

Leading a healthy life affects the entire body as well as our hair. If you want to start growing strong and firm facial hair, start changing your habits and daily routines.

Step 4 – Use natural supplements

Always opt for natural supplements that are meant to nurture a beard. These will also help with irritation of the skin as well.

Step 5 – Try different styles

Mixing things up and going for a new beard style will not stimulate beard growth, but it will make it fun for you and help you determine which way to go when it comes to your beard growth.

Trans Man With Beard Applying Mascara

Beard Transplant 

Trans men can also explore getting beard transplants if the old-fashioned way does not work. Using a derma roller for beard growth is not as effective as getting some transplants and certainly works faster.

This procedure is a type of hair regeneration method which involves taking hair from one part of your body, usually the scalp, and planting it on another.

Harvested hair usually comes from the back and the side of the head, meaning there is minimal risk of rejection as the samples come from your own body.

Two usual methods are used when doing this procedure and they involve either follicular unit transplantation or follicular unit extraction.

Quick Tips for a Perfect Shave

Once you start getting a beard, you must shave it and groom it properly. You will have to obtain a safety razor, a blade, and perhaps even some shaving brushes to devise your shaving routine.

We propose to you an example of how to start and you can choose to follow it and start shaving as soon as your beard starts growing.

  • Pick a good razor for the job. It can depend on the type of beard or skin sensitivity.
  • Apply some shaving cream to the parts that you want to remove. You can opt for shaving gel or anything that feels suitable for you.
  • Shave in the right direction. Shave downwards at first and then move the bread upwards against the hair.
  • Establish a daily routine. Besides shaving, you will have to take care of your face by washing it regularly.

Regarding maintaining your beard, you can opt for various balms or oils that will help nourish your beard and allow it to get glossy and neat.


Can trans men grow a beard?

Trans men can’t grow a beard on their own. It depends on the hormone treatment therapy and supplements they are using. They can grow a beard if they use the right products and routines.

How long does it take for trans men to grow a beard?

It depends, as even regular men that are not trans sometimes cannot grow a beard. It depends on genetics and a lot of personal preferences. The same goes for transgender men, as the speed a beard grows depends on a variety of factors that they go through.

What do trans men take for facial hair?

To grow facial hair, trans men go through an established hormonal therapy routine. It is not the same as male balding.
They can consult with their physicians if they want to grow a stronger beard or if they want to grow a longer one.

How do trans people get rid of their beards?

They can change the supplements and the therapy they are on to get a thinner beard. Or they can do it the old-fashioned way by shaving it.

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